Courtney Lee

Written by D. Francis
Noemie Tremblay

Photos by: Alphonso Edmond/alfonzphotographics

Name: Courtney Lee

Age: 27

Birth Place: Fayetteville NC

Occupation: Hair Stylist

Nationality: Caucasian

Favorite Place: The Beach

Favorite Food: Thai

Favorite Music: All types

Most Embarrassing Moment? It’s honestly very hard for me to get embarrassed but if I had to pick a particular time it would be when I was younger and sat on the escalator and it chewed my shorts off and left me screaming in my underwear!

Craziest thing you have ever done? That I can recollect? Haha jk...I actually have to keep this one to myself!!

Have you ever been in a fight? If yes, Why and what was the outcome? Yes, I won of course!

What is your favorite body part and why? Lips...Big juicy lips make everything better right?

What do you love most about yourself and why? My personality. I can literally get along with anyone and make the best of any situation.

What do you look for in the opposite sex and why? A good personality and the ability to make me laugh. If you can’t make me laugh then it’s pretty much a no go!

What are your turn-offs in guys? What are your turn on’s?

Turn offs would be wimpy, boastful, prideful, and I can’t stand a liar or a disrespectful guy, those are the worst. Turn ons would include a great personality, being funny, able to get along with anyone and have fun no matter what. An open person is a huge turn on!

What is your biggest fear? Being alone. I love the company of others.

Have you ever cheated on your partner? Yes

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done on a first date? Went skinny dipping!

How would a guy impress you on a first date? Taking me somewhere very unique and actually planning an awesome evening instead of a boring dinner!!!

What do you look for in selecting a partner? I honestly don’t have a type. The main thing is conversation and obviously the attraction has to be there. As far as looks go, you can be Brad Pitt but if your personality sucks I’m completely turned off.

Do you have any special skills or hobbies? I’m pretty good at golf for a girl!

Do you approach men that you like or do you let them come to you? I approach everyone, what’s the point of waiting? You only live once might as well cut to the chase.

What do you do on the weekends? I try to get out of town! I love to travel.

What are some of the things that relax you? A good song, glass of merlot!

What is your relationship status? Single

What do you find Sexy in the opposite sex? Lips and eyes!

What do you like to drink when you’re out? Jameson shots with a pickleback and redbull vodkas! I swear I should a spokes model for them!!!

What do you like to sleep in if anything? Underwear and a white tee

What types of foods do you like? I love Thai food! But honestly there’s nothing I won’t eat! I love food all types!

What do you do for a living?

I’m a hair stylist

How did you get into modeling and where has modeling taken you thus far? I started modeling when a friend introduced me to a website and insisted I join. I wish modeling could pay the bills but we all know it’s about WHO you know not what you know! I’ve had a few well paid jobs.

What do you like most about modeling and why are you pursuing it so vigorously? I like the freedom of modeling! You can call the shots and do pursue whatever aspect of it you want to. I would love to land a good modeling job that’s beneficial to me financially and is fun!

Tell us, who are some of the models you look up to as a guide? I adore Carmen Electra!

What was your first shoot like? How did the pictures turn out? My first shoot was amazing! I was a little nervous but that soon passed! The pictures were awesome!

Besides NINE5FOUR, Have you been approached by any other magazines or agencies? I have been but I have turned some down. I am no longer with an agency, I found that I could get more done without one.

During a shoot, what is running through your head? It depends on what type of shoot it is. Modeling is like acting...You have to sell a certain look so you have to mentally be there.

What type of model would you want to be labeled as in the industry? A good one hahah! I have been told I am able to pull many different looks off so I think it’d be cool to be known as a chameleon!

What types of modeling jobs would you consider doing and what jobs are off the list completely?

-I am open to anything as long as it’s tasteful.

On a typical shoot do you need to hair and make-up artists or are you out the box ready to go? I do my own hair and makeup so that helps out a lot!

If anyone is interested in using you for their product, how can they find you?

They can find me on modelmayhem/court lee

Besides modeling, what other things do you like to do?

I love to cook, play golf, travel, meet new people and I really enjoy music festivals!


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