Jessica Muniz

Written by D. Francis
Jessica muniz

Jessica Muniz
Photos by: Brian Cardenas

Name: Jessica Y. Muniz

Age: 26

Birth Place: Sun Valley CA,

Occupation: Professional Model and Sushi Nightclub Server

Nationality: Hispanic American

Favorite Place: Las Vegas

Favorite Food: King Crab

Favorite Music: Beyonce/Hip Hop

Most Embarrassing Moment? I don’t get embarrassed by much. I will say that there are some photos of me (non-nude) on the internet that I despise. I look horrible in them and they are there for the world to see. That is embarrassing to me. Not every photographer has a sense of what a good image is or is not.

Craziest thing you have ever done? I used to drive like a mad woman. 120 mph on the Freeway. 80+ in the canyons of Malibu CA..That’s pure craziness

Have you ever been arrested? If yes, Why? No never been arrested..I’m a good girl…ok well not a good girl but not a bad girl…ok not too bad of a girl..

Have you ever been in a fight? If yes, Why and what was the outcome? Yeah I have been in fights mostly up against women who think they are the alpha female and have that bully mentality. I hate bullies and I have always defended the girls who got picked on or defended myself from women who are that aggressive type. The outcome? Let’s say I have been taught to throw a punch properly and I have won my fair share :)

What is your favorite body part and why? My favorite body part on my own body are my legs. I like the muscularity and shape. My favorite on a man are his Arms...

What do you love most about yourself and why? I think I have heart. I am not a mean spirited person and I have compassion for people

What do you look for in the opposite sex and why? Of course sense of humor, a strong sexy confidence, a good athletic body and a hidden sensitivity that only a few people who are close to him get to see.

What are your turn-offs in guys? What are your turn on’s? Oh my cheesy-ness. That typical cheesy style that a man can get when he thinks he is THE MAN but in reality he has no game. Bad breath is not great either. My turn on’s are a man who is quick witted and high energy. A guy who is down for anything and keeps me guessing…

What is your biggest fear? Bed Bugs...I lived in an apartment complex once that was infested with that nightmare and it changed my life. I had to move and leave all my clothes and furniture behind and start over. Not only that but you can’t kill them with modern pesticides...The worst fear EVER is to get them again.

Have you ever cheated on your partner? No I have never ever cheated. It’s the ultimate betrayal.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done on a first date? Sex..Lol..Hey in today’s day and age sex on the first date is crazy.

What is the most uncomfortable situation you have ever been in? Someone tried to abduct me once..That is pretty damn uncomfortable...I got away though..I told you I can throw a punch.

How would a guy impress you on a first date? Don’t try to hard. Don’t try to be romantic with me on the first date. Let’s just have fun and be relaxed. If you don’t try to hard I will think you are confident and I will be impressed

What do you look for in selecting a partner? I look for someone who is self sufficient. Someone who when there is a problem they have the ability to plan through the problem and resolve it efficiently. Someone who is quick witted. Someone that everybody loves and wants to be around. I don’t like introverted men.

Do you have any special skills or hobbies? Yeah, I can sing very nicely but nobody know it but family and friends. I can build things. I have a interesting ability to be able to build say a desk or piece of furniture that did not come with instructions on how to put it together. It just makes sense to me.

Do you approach men that you like or do you let them come to you? In the old days I would be aggressive and approach me but nowadays I let me come to me. If you don’t have to gall to come to me then you probably don’t have the mental strength to handle me

What do you do on the weekends? I work at my sushi nightclub. I keep my weekdays open for shoots and castings but on the weekends I work a the club. I get my workouts in on the weekends and I try to get out dancing at least once a weekend. I also live by the beach, so weather permitting I love to hit the beach for some sun and a seafood house for lunch.

What are some of the things that relax you? Working out really relaxes me. Going to a movie or watching some TV relaxes me too. I love a bath, a glass of Merlot and candle light.

What is your relationship status? Single

What can be found under your clothes? Always a G-string or thong. No granny panties here…And a Victoria’s secret bra. And lean Muscle…lol

What do you find Sexy in the opposite sex? Quick witted humor. A guy who owns a 1960’s muscle car. A guy with a job, any job will do, but a job none the less.

What do you like to drink when you’re out? Mostly Vodka drinks and the occasional shot of patron.

What do you like to sleep in if anything? I sleep mostly in a cut off wife beater and booty shorts. I also always sleep in a bra. Gravity can be a son of a bitch so my bra prevents gravity from getting it’s ugly hands on my boobs.

What types of foods do you like? Seafood, Sushi, Big steaks, and Pizza with lot’s of Parmesan cheese.

What do you do for a living? I make most of my income nowadays from modeling about 4-5 times per week and a few days per week I am a server at a sushi nightclub in Redondo Beach CA

How did you get into modeling and where has modeling taken you thus far? I was friends with a guy who owned an online auto parts store and he rented a booth at the SEMA auto show in Vegas. He asked me to spokes model for him and I fell in love with the attention and the flash bulbs. Modeling has been good to me. I have been able to travel a bit, meet some talented people and put a little money in my savings as well as pay my bills. I am still however looking for that one residual job that I can count on to make my name more known and allows me to be more selective in the jobs I take on. At this point I take 95% of the jobs offered to me and I want to be able to pick and choose a little bit more.

What do you like most about modeling and why are you pursuing it so vigorously? I love being the center of attention. I love showing off the body I work so had in the gym to develop. I like experimenting with posing and expressions. I love shooting in different wardrobes and at different cool locations. I love traveling and model allows me to do that quite a lot. I am pursuing it because I want to accomplish my dreams in this industry before I have kids and focus my time and energy on having a family.

Tell us, who are some of the models you look up to as a guide? Jamie Eason. I just love her! Her fitness is exceptional, and I love the types of images she produces.

What was your first shoot like? How did the pictures turn out? My first shoot was odd. It was to build my portfolio from scratch. The photographer was a newspaper sports photographer and he was learning how to shoot models as I was learning how to pose…so the shots came out as good as you could expect from a shoot with bad lighting and two inexperienced people trying to create something for the first time.

Besides Nine5Four, Have you been approached by any other magazines or agencies? I get approached by magazines quite a bit. I have been in many publications and I also have a very exciting shoot coming up in early 2012 for a national publication in Detroit…I get some agencies approaching me but there have not been any who I would consider to be well established. I don’t mind getting involved with an upstart agency, as they would likely give me lots of attention due to their small client list but I need to feel positive about the agency as a whole and to this point I have not found what I am looking for. I do however really want to be signed.

During a shoot, what is running through your head? It’s funny you asked me that question. I do this wrinkle thing with my chin that I have to mentally focus on not doing. I focus on not being too pouty with my lips. I focus on being elegant with my hand positioning and placement, and I focus on keeping my muscles and body somewhat flexed without showing strain on my face. Also depending upon what the shoot is for and who the client is I focus on what type of energy and emotion I want the viewer of the image to feel from seeing it.

What type of model would you want to be labeled as in the industry? I want to be a fitness model first and foremost but I get much more work as a swimsuit model with some Fashion work here and there.

What types of modeling jobs would you consider doing and what jobs are off the list completely? Well I do some implied topless work but I don’t do nudes. I have had some very high paying offers come my way for that as well as a very well known publication offer me and I just can’t bring myself to do it. I am not really into the whole bondage shoots either. Other than that I am open to all types of shoots and I love creating special images so if something interesting comes my way I am always very open to new ideas.

On a typical shoot do you need to hair and make-up artists or are you out the box ready to go? Well I am out of the box and ready to go at all times but lot’s of shoots have hair and make up being provided. That being said I make sure that I have a large amount of different makeup styles handy and I always purchase new wardrobes for potential shoots in case wardrobe is not provided. You just can’t be shot in the same attire from one shoot to the next.

If anyone is interested in using you for their product, how can they find you?

You can reach me on Model mayhem

Or on my website on facebook

Or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.... Hope to hear from you

Besides modeling, what other things do you like to do? I’m really active. I workout 5-6 times per week for 90 minutes per day. I roller blade a lot. I go hiking in the local mountains. I go to the beach a lot and I love to shop and Eat at the local beach restaurants and shops. I love to go to clubs and dance. I like traveling to San Diego, Vegas, San Francisco and wherever the wind takes me. I love to watch movies on my down time and spend lot’s of time with my family.

I love to hang out with the girls. Once a week girls night is important to me because I am so busy with work that I need that friend time to balance me.


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