AdohrSpirit Numerology: Heavy D

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AdohrSpirit Numerology: Heavy D


This month we pay tribute to Dwight Arrington Myers, the self-described “Overweight Lover” and rapper known as Heavy D. The Jamaican-born American rapper was a skillful performer that could dance, sing, produce as well as act. As a rapper, he made a conscience afford to make music that his parents could listen to. In the 80’s & 90’s, Heavy D had hit songs that revolved around his love for women and he made and effort to avoid lyrics that would degrade women in any way. After achieving success as a rapper, Heavy D went on to become the first rapper to head a major music label and later crossed over into television and film, paving the way for other rappers to do the same.

There are three numbers that are very prevalent in Heavy D’s numerology blueprint. The loving, artistic generous, responsible number 6 and the dependably, hard working numbers 4 & 8 that are also known as the numbers of Fate and Karma. The number 6 show up as his destiny, birthday and personal year, and the numbers 4 & 8 showed up as his current name, personal month, his age and the day he passed away.

“Responsibility is the price of greatness.” -Winston Churchill

His birthday 24/6 indicates that he may have had a no-nonsense approach to life that would have come from his unique blend of hard work and fairness. It would also indicate that he was determined, which sometimes shows as stubbornness. And because of his responsible nature, he didn’t mind picking up where others left off. Also, he was probably very creative and had a deep love and appreciation for his home.

His destiny number 6, which is derived from his birth name, Dwight Arrington Myers, indicates that his mission in life was to be of service to others. With a 6 destiny, he knew at a core level that his purpose was to nurture his family, all the while using his love of beauty and community to create harmony in his own life.

As he was experiencing his 6 personal year, the universe was demanding that he balance his personal life with his work life, and he was probably shown many opportunities to get his life in balance even if it meant saying no to new projects..

His name Heavy D vibrates to the master number 22/4. This master number is known as the master builder, master planner and visionary. This vibration has the unique ability to see the larger picture, the details and the spiritual principles needed to execute a plan.

Heavy D passed away on the 8th of November and was also experiencing an 8 personal month. The number 8 is a non-nonsense number. It is the number that asks you to take control of your life and to lead with your power and strong authority. The vibration of the number 8 is very certain of its direction in life and will assume command so that everything goes the way it should.

At the time of his death he was 44 years old, which break down to the number 44/8. The number 44 is also a master number and is all about developing self-control and perseverance through hard work while organizing time and talents. At this age, he was being tested to make the best spiritual use of the material abundance that comes naturally when you are born with this powerful vibration.

Rest in Peace my brother and my condolences to your family! You will be missed!

Love, Light, and Riches Blessings


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