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Nine5four is all about supporting innovative Musicians that push the boundaries of their craft. Jasent is an artist that is taking traditional reggae and roots music to a new plateau. He took the time out of his busy recording and tour schedule to shed light on his journey in the music business, after this Interview it will be crystal clear on why Jasent will be the Future Of Reggae.

Let the People Know who you are and where you from? Reggae Crossover artist from Trinidad, residing in South Florida.

How did you get the name Jahsent? Actually got the name from the "Bobo Ashanti" rasta group residing in Maracas, St Joseph, Trinidad while growing up...I would visit the rasta community frequently...often would chant amongst members..one day, an elder said I had powerful lyrics, like I was Jah Sent. However, I preferred to spell it JaSent because I acknowledge that I was only man and was not worthy to carry the name of the Most High..so I stuck with JaSent.

How long have you been making music? I have been making music since I was 10 years old, started writing to reggae instrumentals and freestyling on the street corners with friends...officially recorded my first studio song "Cyah Take Dis Fire" by age 14.

Who were some of your favorite artist growing up? Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Capleton, Sizzla, Notorious BIG, KRS one, Mad Lion, and Method Man.

Do people often mistake you for being Jamaican? Yes, happens all the time..especially when I'm working in the studio. Doesn't bother me though, It takes 2 seconds to differentiate.

Do you feel that its more challenging being a Trinidadian artist in this business? Yes and no, yes because I am often assumed to be a Jamaican. No, because Trini now has a lot of recognition in the business, especially with artist like Nicki Minaj, Aaron Fresh, Marlon Asher and Redlyte.

What is the music scene like in Trinindad? Music scene is crazy, Trinidad a a huge appetite for great music! there are many upcoming powerful artists in all genres ranging from R&B, Soca, Reggae and Hip Hop..on any given weekend in Trini, there are 4-5 concerts or musical events going on.. Trinis love to support great music.

What do you say to the non believers who might say that you are just another "conscious rasta singer"? Listen to my music..my material speaks for it self. I believe we are living in new times and so traditional rasta conscious lyrics don't hold the attention of the people anymore, Sizzla already exhausted that avenue..this is how my style have come to be, by relating to this daily change of events and life's issues.

What sets you apart from other Artist? My versatility, strength of my voice, writing skills, deliverability and stage presence.. As a musician, my mission is to be able to relate to as many people as I can..I believe my style allows me to do this easily.

How would you describe your sound? New age rebel music, there is a revolution going on throughout the world. My sound is the vehicle that drives this revolution..From spreading a roots culture to living the American dream, JaSent Represents for the innocent.

What is your writing process like? Crazy! I hear a beat, riddim, or version....feel the vibez....and go st8 to the booth to record. I often wrote in my head, however i love penning up a nice tune as well. If the vibes call for it then I do what I feel.. Following my inner vibes is all I do.

I understand that you have been recording with Maybach Latino? How did that come about? Yes indeed, well I been putting in my work in the music business here in South Florida and so have alot of mixes out and around.. Actually an artist called Rezzy V whom I been working with is a Maybach Latino protege and he played on of my mix for UB da underboss..they like my style and so had me come thru to do some works...I really love the opportunity and have a lot of respect for the entire Maybach Music Movement.

What Projects are you currently working on? My second album, I been put out four mixtapes this year since my first album which was released last November, "Pray to Jah Only". I think I have progressed alot with my style and lyrics this year and so I am looking forward to releasing my sophomore album and getting back on stage.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the Music Business? It has gone thru a state of change, for a while it has been watered down by quick production which results in poor music..it seems as though everyone was rushing their craft. However it is coming back to good quality material, I believe producers got fed up, and so have been workin on high quality material to guide us back into the correct direction.

If you could collab with any artist Dead or alive, who would it be? That is a tough question, well I would currently like to do something with Rick Ross, my material currently appeals to those trying to make it to the top, I feel like the game is missing a solid reggae artist that could convey this..a collab with Rozay on this struggle would be epic.

What Producer would you like to work with dead or alive? I would have to say Dr Dre. I have been longing to make some Cali Music.

What is the best advice you have gotten so far while in the business? Practice makes perfect.

What do you want to accomplish in the music business? Recognition for my work.

How can Fans or Promoters get in contact with you? Facebook.com/JaSentMusic, Twitter.com/JaSentMusic, Soundcloud.com/JaSentMusic, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you have Any Final Words? Stay focussed, we are living in some crazy times, we have to focus on our goals as it is easy to get caught up in the system.

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