Written by R. Banks

Alright friends I have a very special treat for you, with me today I have the very beautiful very talented Ria!!!

First off let me thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to be here with us.

Lets Get into this... You went to Berklee college of music what was your goal in going to that school? Being a trained musician. I also knew the value of respect I would have from other musician because I wasn't just a singer who performed and was uninformed. I wanted that knowledge =)

How long Have you been singing? If it were up to my grandma, she'd say since I was 3 months old! She still remembers me singing before I could talk.

Was singing always your career choice? Always. I had some pebbles in the road that made me doubt myself here and there..but that was then

How would you describe your sound to our readers? Fresh. Authentic. Passionate....Worldly.

Pretend im a first time listener, What can I expect when I listen to your album? you can expect a fusion of sounds that reflect who I am . These genres are my beginnings as a vocalist and songwriter - pop, soul, dance, world & latin rhythms...and I'm just getting started ; )

Have you always written your own material? Not always...I started writing in high school. Even though my mom would tell me to write music because I'd probably be good at it, I believed that to be great/famous singer I didn't need to write. But then I got my heart broken...and now I can see that that was one of the best things that could've happened to me...I discovered my songwriting talent =)

Where does your inspiration for you songs come from? All over...in the beginning I was writing just love & heart break inspired songs (which in my opinion will never play out because people will always continue to fall in love, we just have to be fresh & clever with it). Now, so many more things inspire me like family, friendships, self-confidence, countries & places, world issues, women's emancipation etc!

Lets back track to your college years, you get an opportunity to preform in front of the iconic Melissa Ethridge what you were feeling before that performance? I felt like wanting to pee the whole time! No, but as soon as I hit the stage it was another ballgame =)

After you performed she came up to you and said "You rocked my world" What was that like? Unforgettable. I became mute for a sec because I was so blown away from just having so close to me! And then in seconds I realized what she said and I immediately thank her for being such an inspiration to so many, that it was an honor for me to perform her song for her.

You've had opportunities to sing with quite a few big name musicians what have you learned from that experience? To be frank, every experience has been unique and lesson-filled, from Dee Dee Bridgewater to Ruben Blades to John Mayer.

Any one particular experience that stands out for you? Speaking from my most recent experience, I know that I will make sure that when I am a world-renowned award winning artist touring the country I will show my support & appreciation every which way I can: on the mic, in person, via email etc to any artist that participates in my show, independent or not.

At what point in your life did you decide ok, this is it I want singing and performing to be my life? In fourth grade, when I hit the cantor podium in church and began singing solo for the first time.

I've had the opportunity to see you perform live in a club setting and was pretty impressed with your ability to hold the crowds attention, what are some keys to doing that and has it always been that way for you? Thank you! Well taking you're clothes off always works but I'd rather use eye contact, sexy but classy dance moves that engage/captivate the viewer and dominate my entire stage area. But that's just me!

Your fans are always raving about your acoustic performances do you have a preference for club or acoustic? You know, they're two completely different shows and I truly LOVE them both. On one side you got the glammed-up, dance-filled performance with lights and a room full of people who are ready to party so you can never really go wrong with that. Now on the other hand, you have me and a guitarist, stripped from all visual and audio enhancements. I love to perform how I write and when I get to show my audiences that side if me I'm letting them in to a very special place and that is an irreplaceable feeling. I guess, in the end, I would want to have both because too much of one would make me miss and desire the other... I just like balance =)

I hear you're getting ready to leave and do some performing where are you going? and who will you be performing with? I'm heading to Europe! I've got a couple offers I'll be looking into so that will be my main focus. But as always I'm planning for some venue & festival bookings in countries like Germany, Italy, and possibly France....so I can't wait.. I am very excited =D! I will def keep everyone posted.

What is your opinion on the reality shows looking for singers like American idol the voice etc? It's not just a talent show, it's a business and behind every business there are interests along with people with their own histories/past experiences...all of that influences every decision made from the very first audition to the last. There are so many factors that play an important role besides real raw talent that it really is the luck of the draw. I do however believe that it takes a lot of guts to audition and live through one of those experience and I tip my hat to all those who have ; )

As an artist do you feel like the internet is hurting or helping the industry? Well I guess it depends on what side of the industry you're on...but on my side of the river....it's helping! It's helping in ways that used to be unthinkable for independent artists. We have now become the creators and controllers of our music. It is still very challenging, but the opportunities really do exist now. I can't imagine 10 years from now..

If you couldn't sing what would you be doing now? Probably acting. I love the stage and the freedom one experiences when playing the role of another. It captivates me. It would def be that or I might be some sort of activist empowering others around the world.

Where can our readers hear your music? just type in 'RIAmusiconline' and you will find ALL my sites- my official site, FB, MySpace etc. There you can listen and purchase anything you like =)

Shoutouts: To all my USA fans! Thank you for all the love & support with my very first baby-my album...Stay tuned for my Europe kick-off Show LIVE via internet from wherever you are!! I will be announcing time & date VERY SOON!!

To my South Floridians!! You've kept everything spicy and exciting in my career until now..I owe you so much! Stay tuned for the kick-off show!

And lastly but def not least, to my Family: you are my strength, everything you are reflects in me and my music. You are the real witnesses to my life and music...so, get ready to witness and share a lot more!

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