Anavic Garcia

Written by D. Francis
Anavic Garcia

Photos: Nine5Four Photography

Name: Anavic Maria Garcia

Age: 22

Birth Place: Miami, FL

Occupation: Licensed Radiographer

Nationality: Cuban American

Favorite Place: During the day: Beach! During the night: the backseat of a motorcycle.

Height: 5'6

Weight: 103 lbs

Measurements: 32C, 23, 35

Favorite Sports: Motocross

Favorite Movie/Actor: Fast & Furious… Corny, I know!

First Job: Rotelli's Italian Restaurant

Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?): None, Just my ears

What trait do you like most about yourself? Extremely Ambitious

What traits do you dislike most about yourself? I stress too much.

Hi Anavic, let me start by saying I had an awesome time working with you. You bring so much personality, life and energy to the shoots which make you exceptional. Thank you for taking the time to work with us and of course allowing us to pick your brain a bit.

So tell us Anavic, how long have you been modeling and what got you into this business? I've been modeling since 2006. I met my step father and he told me I was beautiful enough to do it if that's what I desired. He took me to agencies and provided me the support I needed to get started. I was always the ugly duckling growing up so he really helped me gain the self confidence I needed to present myself to clients.

Besides modeling, what are your other passions and ambitions in life? Traveling… beaches or snowing mountains I strive for the next undiscovered destination. I also have a need for speed. Cars, motorcycles and dirt bikes take all the stress of life away.

How do you maintain your physique and what do you feel is the most important thing in maintaining your beauty? My body… I eat… I eat a lot! No soda and I recently quit drinking coffee on a daily basis. My face … I wash, exfoliates, moisturize and the whole 9 yards…. My hair is 100% natural with no dyes just a trim every other month.

Of all the styles of modeling you do, which is your favorite and why? Sporty stuff with attitude because I don't like to prance around in a bikini all day… I like having fun with props like cars and bike.

What advice would you give to any young up and coming model trying to get into this industry? Set your boundaries and stick to them. Don't let anyone convince you into doing anything your not comfortable doing.

Who are some of the celebrities and personal people that influence you and help motivate you to continue doing what you do? Celebrities don't really influence me. The local people around me in the same financial struggles I'm going through and still trying to make it on their own influence me. I'm an advocate for my local artist trying to make a living out of this field.

Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years? Maybe I could have answered this in 2010 but now I'm moving to Alabama with my boyfriend who is in the coast guard. We will be restationed in 5 years from now and no longer live in Alabama so… who knows? I'm up for the adventure. Hopefully married is all I can say.

You have accomplished so much in your career so far. What is next on your list and where would you like to see yourself when you are finally done? I'm going to enroll in the University of South Alabama and pursue my bachelors in Sonography. From there I'll see where life takes me and continue modeling on the side.

Describe your happiest moment in your modeling career? What led up to that moment and how did it impact your future? Modeling has been a hobby for me since I'm only a inch shy from acceptable height for agencies… I've had fun working runway shows for Ocean Drive and my personality on the runway lead to me being featured in the Sun Sentinel.

Who are some of the industry individuals that you look up to and how have they helped guide you along your path? My personal friends, Jesse Preston and Brandi. Jesse went to high school with me and really pushed her way to the top in modeling. Brandi I meet at a shoot. Both girls have always been so kind and helpful.

What is the biggest misconception about you? That I'm a bitch. I have a tough exterior when I first meet people but after people get to know me they love me. I don't know why I'm like that I guess that's what South Florida does to you.

What are something's in this industry that you will not do not matter the pay? Porn… really!?!? I don't think so.

If someone is looking to work with you or use you for a project, how do they find you and what types of terms do you accept? Due to the move the website shut down but I'm still reachable at Terms depend just hit me up. Now, you will probably have to fly me round trip lol.

Anavic you have such a diverse look and I am glad we were able to work together, is there anything else that you would like to share or add? Yup, Thanks Jose Alegre for letting me borrow the NSX. You've been such a great friend to me. Thank you Stephanie Hidalgo for being my best friend and my creative director, you're the best in every aspect of the field. Oh, Good-bye South Florida… see ya when I see ya!

Thanks for your time Anavic and I am definitely looking forward to working with you again in the near future. Keep up the awesome work and again thanks for taking the time out to chat with us here at Nine5Four The Magazine.


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