Nicole Michelle

Written by R. Banks
Nicole Michelle

Your first love is poetry, do you still write? Yes, I write poetry pretty's kind of my own version of having a diary.

Did you find It difficult to transfer your words from poetry to music? No not at all. At first it was a little tricky because when you sing, it's hard to narrow down your words and still tell the full story. But after a couple years, I've gotten pretty used to it. Most of my music now starts off in song though, and I can keep my poetry more of my personal thing.

What inspired you to turn to music? Through all the hard things I've gone through in life, the one and only thing that never let me down was music. I knew I could turn on certain songs to get my mind right and I could relate. I was never judged by music and my own music became my way of communicating.

Who are some of your musical inspirations? Classics like Etta James to the O'Jays, to Lauren Hill, India Arie and Aaliyah and modern day Keri Hilson, Alicia Keys and the dream. I love when an artist presents themselves with truth and honesty and is multi talented and appreciates music!

It seems like everyone is an artist these days, how do you plan on being different? Music flows in me like oxygen and when something acts as a necessity to your being, it shows and people really hear you. My music is honest and my music has no boundaries. It speaks for itself.

In 10 years where do you want your music career to be? I want to be on top of the industry, worldwide. Surrounded by genuine people i love and inspiring people to live their dream whatever it may be through my song.

You competed in classical and opera competitions what was that like? I loved it! It was an incredible way to train my vocals and get used to constructive criticism. I got the chance to learn different languages too, so it was definitely an awesome experience.

When you do a show with your current music do you go through the same preparations as you would the classical competitions? Not really. With the classical competitions, I had to major warming up drills and practicing pronunciation a lot. With my music, I am more so in my element so I focus more on my background singers and band members.

Was it difficult to adjust your style when you started pursuing your music career? Ive actually had complete freedom over my music I create. I co-produce m music alongside people like The Visiders, Joseph French and Christopher Kelly and write my music so I'm able to put out exactly what I want.

Its very rare these days for artists to write their own music would you ever allow someone to write for you? If so if you had your choice of any writer that's out who would it be and why? Yes, I'd love to collaborate! I appreciate other talented writers and love learning new ideas. I'd love to work with someone like the dream, because he's an incredible writer and amazing at arrangements, so I know itd be hot!

Are there any artists out there you would like to collab with? Yes, I'd love to collaborate with Miguel and Marsha Ambrosius.

What are the life plans for Nicole Michelle the person? What are plans for Nicole Michelle the artist? The person, to continue to grow and prosper while keeping happiness as a priority. The artist, to keep writing from the heart and staying a huge part of the process and product. Also grow into other industries like fashion, home decor and beauty.

Where can our readers hear your music? Readers can find my music on itunes and,, and youtube under nicole michelle.

Is your poetry also available to the public or is that your own personal deal? My poetry isnt public as of yet, but its definitely going to be eventually. I'd love to come out with something no one has ever done before, so stay posted =)

Are There plans to let anybody hear classical or opera music from you?? (haha) wow, now that would be some trust right there lol. I'd love to include it in live shows and even throughout future songs. Its such a unique sound and it would add so much more to the current music world.

In learning different languages from your competitive days are there plans to do an album in a different language? if so which? Yes!! I'd LOVE to do a Spanish album and a french album. I want my music to have no boundaries especially just because of language.



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