Isabel Aurora

Written by D. Francis
Isabel Aurora

Interview by: D. Francis
Photos by: Nine5Four Photography

Name: Isabel Aurora
Age: 26
Birth Place: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Occupation: Multimedia Arts & Entertainment Broadcaster
Nationality: American
Favorite Place: All of Jamaica
Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 130
Measurements: 34-27-37
Favorite Sports Team: Lakers/Steelers
First Job: McDonalds as a birthday party hostess
Tattoos: Both wrists, upper back, both sides, lower and mid back…. Piercing’s - nose, dermal (face), cartilage

Hi Isabel, let me start by saying I had an awesome time working with you. You bring so much personality, life and energy to the shoots which make you exceptional. Thank you for taking the time to work with us and of course allowing us to pick your brain a bit.

Just a little insight, I have been trying to catch up with this busy model/business woman for three years and once we connected, the connection was nothing shy of perfect. Look at the images and see for yourself. Isabelle is a professional and a very serious model and does not take her career and business lightly. She was a joy to work with and we are looking forward to working with her again. OK OK enough with the Blah blah Blah hahaha… Let’s get into it…

What trait do you like most about yourself? I can talk to absolutely anyone. I’m extremely personable and I love that people love me and love to talk to me….all kinds of people from all kinds of life - almost every place I go I always have conversation (whether small or large) with someone I don’t know….a lot of great things can come about from having a magnetic personality :)

What traits do you dislike most about yourself? I am a terrible procrastinator….I’ll leave it there lol So tell us Isabel, how long have you been modeling and what got you into this business? I began in 2003 doing shoots for hair magazines (Hype Hair, Black Hair Sophisticates, Universal Salons, Hot Hair)…from there to now, I’ve shot with over 50 different [talented and great to work with] photographers in several states and even in Jamaica. Almost all of my portfolio (which you can see at were shoots that were simply creative collaborations between me and the photographers :) Beyond my portfolio images/works, I’ve been on 4 published books covers :) Been in several online publications

Besides modeling, what are your other passions and ambitions in life? Goodness where to start lol. As a talent I love doing television and radio. Behind the scenes I am a photojournalist, videographer, creative director and producer. I also work VERY closely with *all* forms of arts and entertainment (visual, performing, and creative arts) on many different planes and while usually wearing at least a few hats at once :) Additionally, I facilitate collaborations for artists (I’ve taken on an A&R role) so I link people who’s sounds/visuals collectively would create some awesome magic :)

Confused yet? Lol I gave myself a “job title”: Multimedia (radio, tv, web) Arts and Entertainment Broadcaster. I think you could relate also to the term mogul…… ;) ULTIMATELY….lol….I want to do it all in all of those fields.

ALSO - I own an art gallery in the Greensboro School of Creativity called the Aurora Gallery (, as well as my business where I sell natural rock and crystal body adornments, home adornments, and gifts.

BEYOND THAT (yes…there’s more)…..I work with non-profits and am creating community healing and development programs through performing, creative, and spiritual arts. One such program will be my Rap Mentor program for the children that are showing talents for rap. I’ll link children with rappers/entertainers or “big brothers” from the area to mentor them in the development of their music/lyricism/style …I’m very worried with all the children who are SO creative these days but only have mainstream music to “influence and inspire” them (Nikki Minaj, Lil Wayne, you know).

I’m also working with spiritual artists ….thai chi….qi gong…meditation….creating workshops with crystal healers (YES!).

I’m not done….but I’ll stop there :) If you go to you’ll see just about everything…including some unbelievable health products, book series you NEED to see, and more hot pictures of me :)

How do you maintain your physique and what do you feel is the most important thing in maintaining your beauty? Well I haven’t hit the gym in at least 6 months…I know that’s absurd. I used to do 2 a days at the gym up the street and love working out…I just haven’t made time for it in the last 6 months lol But I’m getting back in the routine asap - I miss it and loved how I felt when I was working out.

But let me say that --- I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life :) 26 years and I’ve never tasted/tried/eaten meat (including poultry and seafood)….so I eat a pretty great for my body diet. I’m not vegan and I’m not a health freak -- I just know that you are what you eat, think, and drink….and I try to put as many good things in to my body as possible and limit the crap….I absolutely love organic foods…and even better is live/raw foods :-D But I also eat a lot of sweets.

Of all the styles of modeling you do, which is your favorite and why? I love when I get to shoot with animals...I’ve done several shoots for an on-going series of mine (personal portfolio work) called “Each Species is a Masterpiece) and so far I’ve shot with an amazing deaf pit bull, an arctic wolf hybrid, a bearded dragon, goldfish, a pomeranian, and a python….coming up and over time I’ll be shooting with birds, insects, horses, and who knows what else! I’m really looking forward to these because they’re really going to be my works and some pretty awesome collaborations with some cool photographers (and sometimes makeup artists).

What advice would you give to any young up and coming model trying to get into this industry? The FIRST thing I would tell them is to visit and read over most of it. That site is worth it’s weight in GOLD for those who think they are interested in modeling….especially because (and let’s be real about the situation) there is an *epidemic” of “models”…especially internet models -_- So I would say for a new model to look at the site and really think about HOW THEY COULD BE SUCCESSFUL IN WHAT WAY (realistically). I see way too many people claiming to be upcoming models but they’re in places where they absolutely can make no real money “modeling” and all they’d be doing are underground shoots here and there and just for maybe a little shine in the community….basically a waste. But to each his own….all I’m saying is know what the “modeling industry” even really is, know if you can actually fit in it (it’s a vain as hell industry - “they” might not even like how you look), and don’t expect that just because you’re pretty or hot that you deserve shit --- amazingly beautiful women are a dime a dozen these days so take a number --- if you want to model be serious and smart about it.

Who are some of the celebrities and personal people that influence you and help motivate you to continue doing what you do? Well the only celebrity that kinda resembles what I’m doing is Oprah :-D And even then I’m gonna be cooler and hotter then her lol

Our Wiki pages wouldn’t be too different:

Oprah Winfrey an American television host, actress, producer, and philanthropist, best known for her self-titled, multi-award winning talk show, which has become the highest-rated program of its kind in history.[1] She has been ranked the richest African American of the 20th century,[2] the greatest black philanthropist in American history,[3][4] and was once the world’s only black billionaire.[5][6] She is also, according to some assessments, the most influential woman in the world.[7

“Isabel Aurora” Caldwell is an American television host, actress, producer, and philanthropist, best known for her multi-award winning talk and variety show, which has become the highest-rated program of its kind in history. She has been ranked the richest woman entrepreneur of the 20th century, along with Oprah as one of the greatest black philanthropists in American history, and helped several other notable artists and performers gain success in the entertainment industry.

So yea - Oprah is pretty cool. I look up to her because I know I can do just as much as she does :)

What do you feel is your biggest asset as a model and business woman? As a model I’m versatile as hell. I always look different in each of my pictures…I could tell you 10 different ethnicities and you’d believe I was a mix of any of them lol I’m like a chameleon. As a businesswoman my biggest asset is my hustle…I have a great underground grind and hustle, know how to talk *versatile* BUSINESS (street business to corporate) and am respected by all kinds of businessmen in all kinds of industries but specifically the entertainment - because of how I carry myself….I demand respect…and I give respect to get respect. It works pretty well I’ve found out :)

Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years? Way too many places to talk about lol Traveling, working, living, socializing, loving, learning, exploring….producing these shows that I’m playing over and over in my mind. Having the entertainment umbrella company I might as well have and call myself now lol I really can’t say where I think I’ll be in five to ten years other then probably somewhere amazingly happy and soaking up all the abundance the Universe has given me :)

You have accomplished so much in your career so far. What is next on your list and where would you like to see yourself when you are finally done? Whoo another tough one. I can’t wait til I get more waves on because that really is my baby and now that I have it as a MEGASITE with SO much stuff on it, I want it to really be a GO-TO WEBSITE….like if you go to mediatakeout every day….you should go to AllThingsIzzy every day….if you visit WorldStarHipHop or SandraRose or NecoleBitchie….you need to be going to AllThingsIzzy….that site is the MECCA of all that I do and is MY VOICE to the world - while promoting other amazing people, places, and things…..when AllThingsIzzy becomes successful I will be one happy camper (like I’m not already but you get the idea lol).

Who are some of the industry individuals that you look up to and how have they helped guide you along your path? No one truthfully…I’ve been one-man-banding it since 2003 and haven just been…doing what I do :)

What is the biggest misconception about you? That I’m high maintenance…”Cali girl”…and not smart lol I’m actually LOWWWWWW maintenance (but I do like nice things don’t get it twisted)…I’m rarely in the salon, I get $13 trims at Great Clips and a color or two a year and you won’t catch me in the salon otherwise unless I’m doing a shoot or something special. I like designer clothes but can ball on a budget and to be real I haven’t even really been shopping since last winter….I’m also very earthy and LOVE nature and animals…I would rather do something outdoors any day any time…I’m also, like I said, much more intelligent then people would flash judge me to be ;)

What are something’s in this industry that you will not do not matter the pay? I don’t know that I can answer that lol “No matter the pay” is a big thing to throw in there lol #keepinitreal

If someone is looking to work with you or use you for a project, how do they find you and what types of terms do you accept? Hit me up on Twitta :) @IsabelAurora or through my website …I’m down for a good collaboration/network/idea/proposition so just shoot :) I have an AWESOME AWESOME executive assistant now Chris “VA Slim” (@VASlim804) so if you wanna politic with me you’ll be meeting and speaking with my fearless sidekick too ;)

Isabel you have such a diverse look and I am glad we were able to work together, is there anything else that you would like to share or add? I LOVED working with you as well and can’t wait until the next time! I want people to really visit because they will find something of everything on there:
Dope underground music, Dope underground art, Rock Bottom News (What the other news don’t want you to know), Health and wellness products that’ll rock your world. Plus I also LOVE meeting/collaborating with ANY artists/entertainers/performers…people in the scenes or behind the scenes….I’m passionate about everything in the entertainment industry and love connecting with individuals who are on the same frequency so hit me up if that’s you :)

Thanks for your time Isabel and I am definitely looking forward to working with you again in the near future. Keep up the awesome work and again thanks for taking the time out to chat with us here at Nine5Four The Magazine.



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