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Sean Teezy

Sean Teezy: It’s Konvict

Interview By: ESTAXX - Nine5Four Magazine brings you Konvict Musik, BuVision and Arrogant Musics’ own Sean Teezy. He is a talented artist from Atlanta that deserves attention. A major factor in Sean Teezy’s recognition was due to him establishing the biggest open mic competition in Atlanta, along side Hot 107.9’s E.T and Northside Legend Big Blade. This made Sean the youngest and only Artist to promote, perform & host an open mic event of this magnitude. In this exclusive interview with ESTAXX, Sean Teezy speaks on his situation with Akon’s Konvict Musik, what he is on and with, and what his plans for the future are... Check it out...

Nine5Four: For those who aren’t familiar with you, let our readers know who you are...

Sean Teezy: Mr. 2cocky Himself, Sean Teezy!

Nine5Four: I read back in 2009 Bu which is Akon’s brother saw you at your open mic event and signed you to a recording deal with Konvict Musik/BuVision. How has it been since you signed to Konvict Musik and BuVision?

Sean Teezy: Being Signed to The Label Was & Is Most Definitely a Stepping Stone! They Gave Me My 1st Experience Of The “ Industry “ Ins & Outs! ShoutOut Bu, Timah, Lee & Jr!

Nine5Four: In the 11th grade you performed in front of your whole school for its Black History Month festival. Was becoming an artist a dream of your’s as a kid growing up?

Sean Teezy: I Wouldn’t say it was a Dream Of Mine, I Always Wanted to Compose My Own Music No Matter if It was an Instrument, Sing, Rap or Write Poetry. So as the years went by, It was more like my reality took Its place!

Nine5Four: How things over at Arrogant Music?

Sean Teezy: Stronger Than Ever Over at AM. I Have a Strong Team, All With Genius Minds! By Ourselves We’re Fierce But As one We Are Unstoppable! DownLoad AM’s Da Kid “ UltraSound “ On LiveMixtapes!

Nine5Four: You’re running the biggest open mic in Atlanta, along with Hot 107.9’s E.T and Northside Legend Big Blade. How it feels to have the biggest open mic in Atlanta? Do you really promote, perform and host the open mic?

Sean Teezy: It was Most Definitely a Pleasure W/ The Help Of My Team, E.T & Big Blade, It Was A Perfect Formula For The OutCome 2 Be a Successful One! And Yes I Promoted The Party, Hosted The Show & Performed! Youtube: Sean Teezy!

Nine5Four: We all know that Rock City is no longer with Akon’s Konvict Musik due to the fact their debut album never came out while they was there. As an artist signed to Konvict Musik does this affects you being with the same label that Rock City was on which they didn’t drop their debut album out?

Sean Teezy: That Doesn’t Affect Me. You Determine Your Journey Which Create Whats Destined 4 You In Future!

Nine5Four: Your big single “2 Da Max” featuring Waka Flocka, Roscoe Dash, Travis Porter, Slim Dunkin & your label mate Da Kid. How did that came about?

Sean Teezy: Super Producer Lex Luger Had A Bangin Beat In My Gmail, Me & My Label Mate Da Kid Had All The Connects & Creativity Behind It & Wala... Magic!

Nine5Four: Not so long ago you released your follow up solo project named “Redemption” which was featured on the front page of What are some feedbacks you have been getting?

Sean Teezy: Go See for YourSelf Under My Mixtape Comments!

Nine5Four: Any new projects you’re working on?

Sean Teezy: Who Knows what the future Holds... Just Stay Tuned Into Arrogant Music

Nine5Four: Where you see yourself in 5 years? What are your plans for the future?

Sean Teezy: 5 Years Is Too Far away from NOW. I Don’t Worry About tomorrow cuz it’s Not here Yet n I don’t Worry Bout Yesterday Cuz it’s Gone. I’m Always Focused On Doing all that I can Today... NahMean!

Nine5Four: How could producers get in contract with you about submitting beats?

Sean Teezy: All Producers Send Beat Submissions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or Whikey 404-574-8501

Nine5Four: Thank you for providing us with this exclusive interview. Anything you want to tell the fans of Nine5Four?

Sean Teezy: Thanks For Tuning In And Supporting My Grind As Well as My Team, Arrogant Music! We Have More History in The Making To Do So Stay Tuned... By The Way I Say Stay Tuned Cuz My Life Is A NeverEnding MOVIE... Sean Teezzzaaayyy... God Bless & GoodNite America. ShoutOut Nine5Four Magazine!



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