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Mike Will

Mike Will Made It: Coming Out Your Speakers

Interview By: ESTAXX - With the popularity of Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back” featuring Rick Ross, Atlanta producer Mike Will seems like he has definitely “made it”. He isn’t just a producer that produces a popular beat and disappears off the scene like a few producers. He has been killing the mixtapes scene since 2007 with Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka. He currently has produced A1, Freebands, and Atlanta’s own Future new single “Turn it up” featuring Sean Garrett. In this exclusive interview with Nine5Four, Mike Will Made It speaks on Swizz Beatz used the same theme for his shoe line commercial “Reebok Back”, what made him decided to become a produce, and what his plans for the future.

Nine5Four: Let’s get into this interview… How does it feel to be the man behind the popular song “Tupac Back”? Mike Will Made It: Feels great, its a blessing. Its a great feeling to know that all my hard work that I have been putting in is finally paying off, and the goals and dreams

Nine5Four: At the age of 14 you bought your first beat machine. At such a young age, what inspired you to make beats? Mike Will Made It: The fact that I could play songs that I heard on the radio back by ear. And watching my uncle Al make a whole beat from scratch no loops using the keyboard, guitar, and doing the drums for it off his beat machine.

Nine5Four: You produced “East ATL 6” for Gucci Mane, which appeared on Gucci’s “No Pad No Pencil” mixtape. How did you feel to produce a song for Gucci Mane?
Mike Will Made It: It was cool I had already been a fan. At that time I was only 17 and hearing a major artist rap on my track and seeing the streets go crazy about something that I produced showed me that it was real. At that point it was like a pit bull that tasted blood I wanted more and that’s what I did.

Nine5Four: Do you feel with the hard work you have paid your dues?
Mike Will Made It: To certain extent, its all about building and you cant build anything without a foundation so I cant say I paid all my dues. I am also trying to produce in other genre’s but I feel like I made a pretty solid foundation for myself. seeing that I worked with the hottest in the south such as Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Oj the Juicemane, Lil Boosie, Soulja Boy, 2 chainz, Rocko, Future, Yo Gotti, Shawty Lo etc. I felt like now it is time to build on from mixtape records and start with a bigger sound and start producing singles and Tupac Back fell right into the plan.

Nine5Four: People are saying that Lex Lugar beats are sounding the same and even some other producers copying his style as well. As a producer, do you make your beats sound different, which keep people guessing what’s next?
Mike Will Made It: I like what Lex is doing, he made his lane and they loved his sound. He stuck to it and there’s nothing wrong with that… but yeah, always, that’s one of my techniques is to make everything come on sounding the same so people just sit back and scratch there head like whats going on? Sometimes you might not even know its produced by me if you don’t hear the tag or if someone didn’t tell you so. I think that’s very important to keep your sound fresh and stay in your own lane at the end of the day production is about creativity. if you sound like the next man you will always be in competition with him instead of creating your own lane.

Nine5Four: You produced A1 and Atlanta’s own Future latest single “Turn It Up” featuring Sean Garrett. How did that came about?
Mike Will Made It: Future is like my big bro he hit me let me know he needs a smash for him and Sean Garrett to hop on I shot it to him they made history it wasn’t too hard. lol

Nine5Four: What is your process on making a beat in the studio?
Mike Will Made It: Don’t think just go! I start with the drums and let everything else fall in place. If I run into any issues I start on another beat or I leave and come back to it.

Nine5Four: Can you give us a day in the life of Mike Will Made It how it is getting up in the morning each day?
Mike Will Made It: Wake up praying, thanking God for another day. Then my phone starts ringing text start going off with people trying to buy beats or get me in their sessions. I go to my mentions on twitter to see if something new is out. Everyday I go to the studio and create something new whether its a beat or a song. Which ever one it is it has to be GREAT material or I’m just not done for the day.

Nine5Four: Swizz Beatz used the same theme in your “Tupac Back” record for his shoe line commercial “Reebok Back”. When you heard about it what was your opinion about it?
Mike Will Made It: It was my beat, that’s a blessing. I always wanted to branch out and do production for movies, commercials, games, etc other than just regular songs. when I heard that Swizz was using the beat I saw that it was possible to do all the things I ever imagined with my music. I would’ve never guessed to be the first to branch out.

Nine5Four: You’ve produced records for Starlito, Meek Mill, Gucci Mane, Future, Sean Garrett, Tity Boi, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka, and many others. What artist you love working with? What artist that you haven’t work with would you like to work with?
Mike Will Made It: Love working with everybody and I look forward to working with everybody. I’m a fan of all music because everyone is in their own lane bringing their own creativity.

Nine5Four: Where you see yourself in 5 years? What are your plans for the future?
Mike Will Made It: To be a Super producer/CEO or executive producing artist projects making their project great, dropping other producers and making them as big or bigger than me. Having an empire.

Nine5Four: Who are some of the artists that you are currently in the studio working with?
Mike Will Made It: Can’t spill all the beans but I’ll drop a couple names like Sean Garrett, Jerimih, Waka, Yo Gotti, Rocko, Future, because you all have already seen those names in this interview but the other names… lol stay tuned

Nine5Four: How could artists get in contact with you, if they wanted to purchase some beats?
Mike Will Made It:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., text beats to 6784631363, or twitter @mikewillmadeit either way you come you have to come correct.

Nine5Four: Thank you for providing Nine5Four with this exclusive interview. Anything you want to tell the fans of Nine5Four?

Mike Will Made It: Stay tuned and follow the movement, I appreciate every fan that took time out to read this salute!



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