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AdohrSpirit Numerology: KEVIN HART


Comedian Kevin Hart has recently been experiencing a whirlwind of success. It seems that everywhere we look he’s there. He’s appeared in national commercial ads with a major NBA player; he’s had roles in major Hollywood movies and has even hosted several stand-up comedy specials on Comedy Central. And most recently, he’s even hosted the 2011 BET Awards show. Needless to say, Kevin Hart is riding an incredible wave of success.

Let’s look at how his numerology blueprint has affected his success.

Kevin Hart was born on 7-6-1978 which makes him an 11/2 life path. With this 11/2 master number life path, he has a very charismatic and magnetic energy. The stage is meant for a person like this. The 2 in his life path gives him an excellent sense of timing, knowing just when to bring up a delicate issue. He has a finely tuned sensitivity and is excellent at mediation and bringing situations together for a peaceful resolution. His birthday vibrates to the number 6. This number is very responsible and when they set their mind to doing something they pour their hart and soul into it nurturing it to success as if it were a child.

“Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.” ~ Bruce Barton

Kevin Hart’s name vibrates to a 6 soul number, 3 personality number and 9 destiny number. This combination of numbers is what we call the “3-6-9 Trilogy” in numerology. People with this combination of numbers tend be very drawn to the creative arts. They have a strong desire to uplift and motivate others. They are also very dependable and make great friends.

When we look at each number separately, we see that his 6 soul number indicates that he is happiest when he is needed and appreciated by his friends and family. His 3 personality number makes him very witty and fun to be around and he also has an amazing gift for communicating with others. Finally, his 9 destiny number gives him a very intentional energy which allows him to command a room or situation and not be easily influenced by the opinions or persuaded by others.

Kevin Hart is experiencing an 8 personal year in 2011. The 8 year means it’s time for him to be thrust into the role of the leader, boss or authority and to tend to business. This year is about him learning about his own personal power (to become the master of his own ship so to speak). People will be looking to him for his leadership ability. This is the year where he will be challenged to take the lead and to stand up as an authority in his field. By doing this, he will begin to see the extent of his own personal power.

Love, Light, and Riches Blessings


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