Tea Cowin

Written by
Tea Corwin

Name: Tea Cowin
Birthday: March 24th
Nationality: Manx- from the Isle of Mann- English Irish and Scottish
Zodiac Sign: Aries
City: Toronto

When did you start modeling?Not too long ago, unless you consider posing in front of the camera for Christmas pics when i was a child.

What was it that got you into modeling? A hope to get into acting, my dream career.

Do you remember the first photographer you ever shot with? I can't recall honestly.

What was that like? I remember it was a fun shoot.

What was it like shooting with Paul Venomous? The most professional yet relaxed experience I have ever encountered.

What does it feel like seeing yourself in a magazine? An honor lol.

Have you ever been published in any other magazines yet? If so, which ones? No, but hopefully there will be more to come ;)

What are your goals in modeling, where would you like to see modeling take you? Right into acting.

What do you like to do in your spare time? In my spare time I enjoy drawing, cooking and I'm a complete neat freak, so cleaning and organizing completes me. Spending time with my animals and when I can make it to the country, beers and campfires with friends.

Do you have any hidden talents? I am amazing at art, fashion design, a great MUA and hairstylist, and decorator and organizer. Damn, What don`t I do

What would be your idea of the perfect first date? A man who actually is himself and isn`t too conceited or shy. A good mix makes for a perfect date no matter where we are or what we do.

What is the best and the worst pick up line you have ever had used on you? No good ones ever...but "Does this smell like Chloroform?" is a sure fire way to pick up a chick.

What are a few of your turn on's? Humour … make me laugh and I'm all yours.

What are a few of your turn off's? Men who Boast ...your fancy car wont benefit me none, so don't bring it up. ;)

Describe yourself in 5 words, go! 1. Hilarious.....oh yeah... 2. Blunt 3. Random (and up for anything) 4. Considerate 5. Well-rounded

What is one thing most people do not know about you? If most people don't know it why would I tell EVERYONE? lol... I always act calm in front of a camera... But I am completely self-conscious... Who isn't?

What song would you be embarrassed for people to know is on your iPod right now? What's more embarrassing...I don't own an iPod. ;)

What does the future hold for you? The Sky is the limit....

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