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Written by ESTAXX

Interview By: ESTAXX- Today Nine5Four Magazine brings to you Miami’s own and Lakeside representer’ Oddity…

Nine5Four Magazine I would like to welcome you to Nine5Four Magazine and to our viewers also, I would like to say thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us for this exclusive interview. Let’s start this interview off by introducing yourself to the people that don’t already know who you are.
Oddity: We three individuals who’s purpose is to spit and make wild beats and just do what we want

9Stein: Yea my name Kerb call me Kay-9 or 9stein the producer of the group oddity I love to laugh whether im listening to jokes or creackin on people to sum it all up I just like to chill

Noble Da Genius: Yooooo!!!!!!!!Wow explaining me of course ima say everything good bout my self mmmh… okay I could say I am sane, outspoken in a belligerent way, love to chill smoke drink wtf you know the regular stuff, I love to see fights and watch tv oh and I love money and the hoes haaaaaaaaa

Nine5Four Magazine Can you tell our readers how did you come up with the name of the group and artist names?
Oddity: kay-9 and Noble was playing around

9Stein: I called myself kay-9 because when I was young I thought every artist had a name with some type of animal name such as Lil Kim The Queen B, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Bow Wow lol I just recently named my self 9 stein why? Cuz I’m a genius…

Noble Da Genius: well to be honest I named my self all types of names as a jit shit I been rapping since the third grade and my name was shorty cuz of my height then I had people call me shorts. But one they in class my Z.C 3 homeboy Luben said I should name myself young noble which I ran with for like a couple of years but then one day I hit a joint and realized hold up that’s that outlaw nigga name I’m like oh shit I gotta change this shit so what I did was kept noble because its part of my last name “Destinobles” and I compared my rhyme skills to it so I just said fuck it Noble The Genius so you could say I’m in both worlds noble the out law and GZA the genius a Wu Tang member fuck it but mainly I Just say noble on tracks

Nine5Four Magazine Can you share with the world what made you decide to get into the music business?
Oddity: we were all making music but we were three blocks apart and when we got together through hood circumstances we got together on tracks

9Stein: I know how to do a lot of things but music is the only one I can tolerate I really just enjoy making beats but I’ll rap if I have to its just writing feels like a chore( lazy voice)

Noble Da Genius: Man since I was a kid I been on this rap shit since the 3rd grade me and Miami artist P.A Teezy always used to sit there and write songs together with another artist name Lizzy Liz who goes by the name of Sweet P and its weird cuz we was a group and because we was so talented we got the opportunity to joined a label but that came out doe-doe so we went our ways. But in my head I was like damn that’s the only thing I’m good in is writing and putting words together and saying it in different ways so I’m a stick to writing and spitten . Shouts out to P.A Teezy and Sweet P we need to bring back the outrageous ones

Nine5Four Magazine Can you tell the people as you were growing up who did you listen to? Who influenced you as an artist and as a group?
Oddity: Noble say Mystikal, Kay-9 say Eminem and Ether say Lil Wayne

9Stein: I was always listening to Eminem growing up that nigga was just so creative and he was white on top of that to me that shit was amazing. Other then that I was always into 80’s music that what really influenced me I just like the synthesized sounds. Phil Collins, queen, David Bowie I could name a lot.

Noble Da Genius: My influence…wow that is a wide range of people well to be honest who really influenced me is Jimmy Dade(dreadwood) and Shady K of the crown boys Miami based rappers that I got to know personally and watching people from my neighborhood out here doing what they gotta do to make a name had me interested and when I asked questions them boys stay schooling me ya feel me….other then that I always listened to them Tupac,Biggie,Mystikal (that’s that nigga), Hotboys, Geto Boys, master P, Eminem (that boy open up my mind to all sorts ideas), Luda, Busta, N.W.A, Trick daddy Uncle Luke,man you could say every rapper got love from my ears…..!!!

Nine5Four Magazine With every new artist, they always say what separates from the next, but keep it 100 with us. What really separates yourself from the next new hip-hop group coming out?
Oddity: You got three different styles in one group and when we come together we bring up a topic and we put our own personal opinion on the topic. Noble is the most aggressive but lyrical he would tell you everything harsh on a intellectual way Ether is punch lines after punch lines so in order to know if he is on the same topic you would have to listen through the punch lines to get his message and kay-9 lol he is the slick one out the group so he in between because he acquire both styles in one

9Stein: We could actually rap and that’s saying a lot….!!! Did you hear the beats we got shits crazy……!

Noble Da Genius: Well every thing I spit I actually do research in it and I make sure I analyze my notions when I spit you feel me. I call my style of rap look it up muzik …lol go listen to the lyrics and revaluate what we saying or look up the names mentioned and you gon be like o shit…!!!

Nine5Four Magazine How did you form Oddity and how did you become a part of the group?
Oddity: We just dropped a few tracks together we dropped “where we at” and we were like we sound really good together as group and there you have it up’s and down’s but we still here cant nothing brake the bond we have when we are cooking something together in stew(studio).

9Stein: I helped come up with the name!!!

Noble Da Genius: Shit I told 9stein lets name the group “us and them” playing around and he was like that’s buzzard then he said lets find a way to say we are different and I was like shit

Nine5Four Magazine As an artist, do you utilize YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to promote your music?
Oddity: Facebook, Reverb nation, hiphop 305, tunecore, youtube

9Stein: of these social network do all the work for us once we get paid from it I’ll have more to talk about

Noble Da Genius: yea but I let kay-9 and ether handle that truthfully I need to jump on it heavy myself

Nine5Four Magazine So what projects have you been working on? Can you clarify your current label situation?
Oddity: We are under Face Clean Records and we are working on the Spaceside mixtape
9Stein: we are currently trying to get our Spaceside mixtape up and running the only thing is every time we make a new song it feels to old for it after a while and we would just end up with all these songs and have no where to put’em and oh yea………Face-Clean records!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We do what we want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noble Da Genius: you know we all dropping mixtapes ether working on some solo shit, kaynine moving the beats and me I’m trying my hardest to get our record label out here..FaceClean records I’m the C.E.O Also G aka Geno Brown is the C.E.O managers Roach and Sigma what it do yall boys we trying to get this building.

Nine5Four Magazine If you were able to choose to sign to any label who will it be and why?
Oddity: Nappy boys, Young Money and Aftermath

9Stein: Nappy boys them boys loose I think we would fit right in.

Noble Da Genius: Man to be honest I would love to sign with aftermath cause they still doing lyrics, and it would be nice to join cash money or young money but them boys don’t know how to chill steady murdering everything I would lose my mind kid trying to keep up With them niggaz lyrically lol but shit I would fucks with Kanye label he’s style of music is the beast in me that I need to release and I feel Kanye would push me to that level….!

Nine5Four Magazine For those who never heard of you what can we expect to hear from you?
Oddity: Kay-9 said it best there isn’t nothing to expect cuz we are unpredictable

9Stein: You cant expect anything,if we do what is expected we wouldn’t be oddity shit we fucked around and made a song sounding like the family matters theme lol and I ain’t lying….

Noble Da Genius: expect from me…? I don’t know what they could expect cause I don’t know what to expect myself who knows what I’m capable of doing……..I ain’t stable minded!

Nine5Four Magazine How would the fans get in contact with you, if they wanted to listen to new music or even book you?
Oddity: Facebook and other social networks such as reverb nation, dat piff, hip-hop 305, twitter and plenty plenty more or simply just meet us in the hood lakeside or hit up “786 237-1572” hit up noble the genius

9Stein: FaceBook is always the best place for now but just search oddity music group that’s where you can get our latest news

Noble Da Genius: internet through social network but mainly in the streets fool I’m everywhere and I ain’t hard to find.

Nine5Four Magazine Thank you for providing Nine5Four Magazine with this exclusive interview; do you have any last words for your present and future fans?
Oddity: awww lord nigga you scared, end up in the jaws, of a beast…boy…………. kidnap your husband, stuff’em in a oven, then serv’em for a feast….boy, im getting kinda hungry you ain’t nothing but lunch meat, R.I Peace……………….boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beast boy track by oddity

9Stein: yea I heard this on south park. What do you see when the Pilsbury dough boy bends over?.................Dough nuts lol that shit stupid………………….

Noble Da Genius: “Yea………. I am not a Crook” Richard Nixon voice

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