Renee Tayler

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Renee Tayler

Interview & Photos by: Paul Venomous

Name: Renee Tayler
Birthday: August 8th
Nationality: Scottish/Irish
Zodiac Sign: Leo
City: Midland, ON

When did you start modeling?
I started modeling 6 years ago

What was it that got you into modeling?
What got me started was working at Hooters. I remember getting a phone call saying they wanted me to shoot in Niagara Falls for a poster. I went and from that day I was hooked!

Do you remember the first photographer you ever shot with?
I remember he was very friendly, round and bent the rules ;)

What was that like?
My experience is something I will never forget. I will always remember feeling sexy and flirty and turning blue while posing in the Niagara River.

Have you ever shot with him/her again?
No, I have never seen him again

What was it like shooting with Paul Venomous?
Shooting with Paul Venomous was so much fun!! We pretty much were on a gorilla shoot driving around to different locations with an entourage of 9! LOVED the part when they bought us pizza!

What does it feel like seeing yourself in a magazine?
It feels great, a sense of accomplishment!

Have you ever been published in any other magazines yet? If so, which ones?
Just online in Single Men’s Magazine

What are your goals in modeling, where would you like to see modeling take you?
My goals in modeling would be to be published as many times as possible! I would like to be a household name within a couple of years.

Are you currently in school or working outside of modeling? If yes to either, what are you studying/where are you working?
I am currently working as a bartender and as a go-go dancer on the weekends

What do you like to do in your spare time?
What is spare time?? Honestly, I really just enjoy hanging out with my girlfriends and watching a good movie. I do like the occasional shopping spree as well :)

Do you have any hidden talents?
Making men fall in love with me

What would be your idea of the perfect first date?
I’m a really down to earth girl, the perfect date would be doing something exciting like going to a hockey game or watching a motocross race...of course you would have to feed me but I would be content with a burger and a coke

What is the best and the worst pick up line you have ever had used on you?
The best and the worst pick-up line ever used on me were at the same time. I had a guy walk across a parking lot and try to lay one on me. I was a little taken back but at the same time it got my attention. It did help that he was hot though!

What are a few of your turn on’s?
A nice back and big shoulders

What are a few of your turn off’s?
Ugly shoes, bad teeth and big egos

Describe yourself in 5 words, go!
Sexy, Loyal, Ambitious, Warm-hearted and Funny

What is one thing most people do not know about you?
That I used to suck my thumb for longer that I should have

What song would you be embarrassed for people to know is on your iPod right now?
Baby got back

What does the future hold for you?
I’m hoping to have a few major magazine publications under my belt and a good name made for me in the industry.

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