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AdohrSpirit Numerology: Taylor Swift


In 2006 at the age of 17, Taylor Swift released her debut single “Tim McGraw” followed by her self-titled debut album, which subsequently went certified multi-platinum. Her second album “Fearless” was released in 2008 and it earned her 4th Grammy Awards, including the Album of the Year, at the 52nd Grammy Awards. Her third album “Speak Now” was release in October 2010 and sold over a million copies in its first week. Additionally in 2010, Forbes ranked her the 12th most powerful celebrity with earnings of $45 million. Needless to say, Taylor Swift has made a “swift” and impressive rise to the top of the entertainment industry in just a few short years.

Let’s take a look at how her numerology blue print has influenced her amazing success.

Taylor Swift’s name vibrates to the number 40/4. The number 40 is known for making things manifest on the physical plain because it is amplified by the God-Power of the number 0. Additionally, the number 40 energy helps with advancement and completion of her goals and desires. The number 4 energy indicates that she is someone that doesn’t mind working hard, because she understands that her hard work will lead to a firm foundation and a secure future. And for the number 4 vibration, nothing is more important than a solid and stable foundation.

“Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but it’s about how to dance in the rain.”
-Taylor Swift

Taylor was born on 12/13/1989. The number 13 in her birthday reinforces the number 4 in her current name. For Taylor Swift, the number 13 represents the self (1), using its creative talents (3), to put her ideas into form (4). The number 13/4 is also about transformation and allowing the old to fall away so the new can come forth. A person that carries the 13/4 energy isn’t afraid to be courageous and lead the way.

Taylor Swift’s life path number, which is derived from adding all the numbers in her birthday together, vibrates to the number 34/7. The number 34 represents her ability to bring life to words written, spoken, or sung (3) and then make manifest the form in which the words are seen (4). The number 7 energy indicates that she cannot accept anything at face value and that everything must be scrutinized. She is a student of life and is never satisfied until she has found a way to link the known with the unknown. The 7 is the number of specialization, therefore, she probably has a strong desire to delve deeply into her chosen area of interest.

Because of the repeating 4 vibration in Taylor’s blue print, it is clear to me that she has endurance, dedication and discipline. And these elements are all vital for her to continue her rise in the entertainment industry.

Love, Light, and Blessings


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