DJ Got Now: Miami’s #1 Mix-tape DJ

Written by ESTAXX
DJ Got Now
Today Nine5Four Magazine brings you The Cartels and Miami’s own DJ Got Now. I’ve been following him since his blend mix-tape called “Disturbing the Kings” with Ludacris and T.I. In this exclusive interview with Nine5Four Magazine, Got Now breaks down how he decided to become a DJ, the process of doing a Got Now mix-tape, what his plans for 2011 are, and plenty more.

Nine5Four Magazine: I would like to say thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us for this exclusive one on one interview. Let’s start this interview off by introducing yourself to the people that don’t already know who you are.

DJ Got Now: I go by DJ Got Now and I hail from Miami, FL. I am a part of the Cartel DJs – which consists of myself and DJs Folk from Georgia, Digital Product from California.

Nine5Four Magazine: For those that are reading this interview can you share with them what made you decide to become a DJ?

DJ Got Now: My passion for music overall is what made me want to get into it but events like watching ‘Juice’ for the first time definitely inspired me.

Nine5Four Magazine: You’ve been in the mix-tape game for awhile now. What’s keeping your name DJ Got Now relevant?

DJ Got Now: I like to make the mix-tape as clean and smoothly mixed as possible. Not too cluttered with tags or talking. Also the fact that a lot of my mix-tapes now are official mix-tapes for big named artists.

Nine5Four Magazine: What is your process for createing a mix-tape?

DJ Got Now: I like to listen to it first and get a feel for the music then put the track list in order. Then go in from there – some of the equipment I use is Technic 1210, Pro Tools, and Serato.

Nine5Four Magazine: How did you join The Cartels? Can you name the DJ’s that are currently apart of The Cartels?

DJ Got Now: I’ve known DJ Folk since about 2003-2004 and at first designed mix-tape covers for him. Then as time went a long and I started to mix my own tapes he decided to co-sign me when we dropped our first collab.

Nine5Four Magazine: You had the opportunity to host mix-tapes with artist like Rick Ross, The Game, Lil Boosie and many more. Recently you did a tape with DJ Folk called “CTE Or Nothing”. What more can we expect from you this year regarding mix-tapes?

DJ Got Now: I can’t let all the magic tricks out the bag just yet you’re just gonna have to stay tuned! All I can say is I plan on dropping bigger projects and developing better techniques as time passes.

Nine5Four Magazine: Its 2011 what are your plans for this year?

DJ Got Now: To stay consistent as well as develop new skills. I have been messing with production and would like to incorporate it more in my mixes. As well as trying to get into the club scene much more.

Nine5Four Magazine: What is the best way for an artist to contact you about hosting their mix-tapes?

DJ Got Now: They can hit me up on or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nine5Four Magazine: How can people contact you? Do you have Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc..?

DJ Got Now: @DJGotNow,,

Nine5Four Magazine: Any shout outs or last words for the fans?

DJ Got Now: Yeah I’d like to personally thank everyone who has shown support and I’d like to shout out DJ Folk and the Cartel. We got now!

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