Da Boy Bake

Written by ESTAXX
Da Boy Bake
Da Boy Bake is an example of a true MC, with raw talent, coming out of Southern New Jersey. Bake has a very diverse style that makes it hard to distinguish his true genre of music which he considers to be KNARLEY! With singles ‘In Da Building”, “Snap Back On”, “Cant Be Yo Man”, and “When Its Time” expresses Da Boy Bakes’ diversity and musical talent. Bake has a coveted style that reminds listeners of hip-hop featured in the early 90’s. With the drive to stay relevant, Da Boy Bake mixes the old school with the new school and creates an original sound.

Currently, Bake is awaiting some “BIG” events which should establish him as an elite unsigned independent artist. A tour in the UK, an International Music video featuring artist from 6 countries, a mix-tape release party for his “Highly Anticipated” project “Cassette Music”, a show performance in Miami, Germany, and Philadelphia are just a few of these big events planned for Bake. With this incomplete schedule, Bake will have the attention of the world.

Finally, Bake has an INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH PROGRAM known as “YAUW” (Young Adults United Worldwide) that will expand urban American culture to different parts of the world. The tour is set to stop in numerous countries during 2012-2013.

Outside of music Bake understands the concept of being a BRAND. In doing so Bake has established a few items that have grasped the consumers attention. The “Knarley” Chain which is currently being negotiated with various retailers, has grown to be a fan favorite of Bakes’ Knarley movement. The “U Gotta Love Me!” T-shirts have been generating sales since 2007 and seem to never get old with its flashy colors and self enhancing phrase “U Gotta Love Me”! To add to Bakes branding abilities he is currently negotiating with independent clothing companies to sponsor him and act as a marketing face for other companies.

In conclusion, Da Boy Bake is a different type of artist that the game is in desperate need of. Bake posses the ability to market, brand, and expose himself in the same manner as major labels for their artist. Focusing on being Independent and being a brand Bake is on a path to greatness and much success. Check for Da Boy Bake on every social network and music site as Da Boy Bake. www.DaBoyBake.com, www.ReverbNation.com/daboybake, and www.youtube.com/daboybake are the best sites to keep up with Da Boy Bake.

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