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Vulcha Smooth
Today Nine5Four Magazine brings you Da Crib Entertainment and North Miami’s own Vulcha Smooth. In this exclusive interview with Nine5Four Magazine, Vulcha Smooth breaks down how he decided to become a rapper, his new mix-tape, what his plans are for 2011, and plenty more in his own words.

Nine5Four Magazine: I would like to say thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us for this exclusive one on one interview. Let’s start this interview off by introducing yourself to the people that don’t already know who you are.

Vulcha Smooth: Eeehyea! This me Vulcha Smooth Da Crib Entertainment I signed to Da Crib Entertainment you know Mr. Hard Work Pays Off, Mr. Get Off aka The North Miami Vulcha Eeehyea!

Nine5Four Magazine: For those that are reading this interview can you share with them what made you wanted to become a rapper?

Vulcha Smooth: Well, what made me want be a rapper I always wanted to rap since I was a little kid you know when Lil’ Romero and Lil’ Bow Wow they came out with their singles they took my little girlfriends and all that. I always thought I could spit harder than them and so I always wanted to do it and you know when you get older you see that everything get realer you know what I’m saying. You know you have to some type of option at first I tried playing ball you know that ain’t work out it wasn’t like I got too little lazy I wasn’t on it like that so you know what I’m saying it was either that or that. So I started rapping and I seen I was good at it I notice that I start getting better so it was like my main option my plan a.

Nine5Four Magazine: With Miami being one of the hottest cities in “The South” that has the spot light on it, can you tell the people who you listened to growing up? Who influenced you as an artist?

Vulcha Smooth: Well, when I was growing up I listened to a lot of music you know I listened to a lot of Pac. You know if you from Miami everybody listened to Trick growing up and you know Slip-N-Slide, No Limit and all that. I still listen to the same music a lot of Pac, Soulja Slim, and a lot of different music that help me get my swag together.

Nine5Four Magazine: What is the process that you take to create a song?

Vulcha Smooth: It’s a lot of process to make a song sometime I just hear the beat its like a siren it just talk to me like that and I just go in. Then sometimes I just need to get in my zone go behind the building and smoke on a blizzard and just chill and get in my zone let the beat play and go in. Sometime I start free-styling off it or maybe something will pop in my head during the day I write it down and find one of those Phat Boy Beats that it fit well on and it happens like that. You just have to get in your zone.

Nine5Four Magazine: How did you hook up and signed with Da Crib Entertainment?

Vulcha Smooth: I recorded my first song at Da Crib Studio I was with a group back in the days called “Vulcha Status” and a person I was in the group with he knew Phat Boy from school so he just got the beats and we went to the studio and we pay for it. I meet Phat Boy ever since then I recorded there cause when I go to other studios they be on some other stuff one person can’t mix the other got me in the closet and stuff like that. I just knew where the good sound was at so I kept coming here. I did whatever I had to do to get my bread then to get some studio time and after a few years maybe two or three years Phat Boy seen that I was getting better and consistent and he gave me a lot of game and I took it and he seen I ran with it and then after a while. I always say “Ima do what I got to do to get some studio time for free well something like that so I can have a nice situation”. Eventually Phat Boy seen what I was doing and he was messing with it so he signed me to the label ever since then we been working.

Nine5Four Magazine: You’ve released your latest single “Get Off”. What is the feedback you’ve been getting from it?

Vulcha Smooth: People receiving the record good. It got over 2k plays in just a few weeks that’s a lot when there no video and coming from the ground up. A new artist it showing signs it getting there and shouts out to all the DJ’s playing it. You know you got one when you play it the first time and the crowd moving it’s still a brand new song it still got time to heat up. That record right now looking good so far.

Nine5Four Magazine: You’re planning to drop you new mixtape in a few months. What can we expect from you this time around? What would it be called?

Vulcha Smooth: Just go around it finna be a lot of in your grill music all up in your chest. Everybody can relate to it from your nine to five to that boy on the block getting it. A lot of good music thou cause that what come out of the Da Crib Entertainment good music. No matter how gutta or however it still going to be good music at the end of the day. We going have a little warm up for you the mix-tape is talk about a lot that. So the name of the mix-tape you can found that on “New Mix-tape on the Way”. On that mix-tape we going to give a sneak peek to you can expect to be on the mix-tape mix-tape. On “New Mix-tape on the Way” you have to get that so you know the name of the mix-tape mix-tape.

Nine5Four Magazine: Its 2011 what are your plans for this year?

Vulcha Smooth: Well, my plans for 2011 is really just these two mix-tapes, keep grinding, and give the streets what they want that top quality street music and put everybody on the map. Make sure that “Get Off” really get off so you know what I’m saying for it can get to that #1 spot where it need to be at.

Nine5Four Magazine: What is the best way that producers, promoters, DJ’s, and other artist can contact you?

Vulcha Smooth: The best way to get in contact with me hit up my manager 305-710-1343 @PhatBoyBeats on Twitter email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nine5Four Magazine: How can people get at you on Twitter, Facebook, etc..?

Vulcha Smooth: If you want to holla at me at a personal level hit me up on Twitter @VulchaSmooth YouTube: VulchaSmoothTv or simple Google Vulcha Smooth

Nine5Four Magazine: Any shouts out or last words for the fans you want to give?

Vulcha Smooth: I want to give a shout out to Da Crib Entertainment, Phat Boy Beats, L-Tech Da Teck, and staff. All my DJ’s that mess with me, all my fans just know I’m not going to let you down Eeehyea!

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