Unique G

Written by D. Francis
Unique G


It has been a little while since I have been this excited about an unsigned artist. Not because there is a lack of talent, that would definitely be wrong to say but because there has been a lack of “QUALITY”. Let’s just face it, the Major labels and the entertainment industry has been spoon feeding us what we “like” for years now and I for one am finally glad that a handful if individuals still stay true to the game and their fans but most importantly, true to themselves. With that said, this brings me to Unique G!

Unique G is not above the standard, he is THE STANDARD. While some of you have probably never heard of him, just know that this young fellow is indeed a solution to the R&B music scene. His music transcends all age group boundaries, gender limitations and race prohibitions because it is quite simply THAT GOOD!

The first time I heard Unique G, my ears and mind for that matter went to work absorbing the sounds, production, lyrical content, and Uniqueness (no pun intended) of the music. Unique G comes off as a blend of Ginuwine and Usher with a taste of Trey Songz rolled into one.

Ladies will definitely go crazy over his tantalizing “She Bad” & the sexy “No Room” both produced by the mastermind and Producing Guru/Genius J-Sharp ”shooter”. These two together is a toxic combination as Sharp composes nothing but straight BANGERS, and Unique G is DANGEROUS just about INVINCIBLE!

You don’t have to take my word for it, in fact I want you to contest my words and hear for yourself what is cooking in PALM BEACH. Unique G–The NEW Taste of R&B!

Find Unique G socially and connect with him and his camp to keep up with all the latest. Unique G will be in a city near you soon so keep an eye out!





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