Lyrikill 2011

Written by D. Francis

Name: Lyrikill

Video Channel:


The radio is playing as the jockey speaks in German with DJ Young Rome who is introducing’s “I Love My Hooptee” to his hometown of Landshut, Germany. Although, the listeners may not understand the lyrics, the music speaks to them. The buzz starts the song leaks into the German hip hop scene playing clubs around town such as Bahaus.

From the streets of Fort Lauderdale all way across the world to Germany, the takeover begins. But this is a small task to as he utters “Challenges are not to be met…they are to be killed”. This is’s take at the music industry. Whether it is writing a song, producing the track or brand presence at Calle Ocho, attacks everything with a killer instinct.

The music sounds like a science experiment mixing a melodic flow with 4 ounces of funk to spawn just what the people need. MD’s and PD’s have already started prescribing to their audience. The hard part is keeping the streets from becoming addicted to his sound. Maybe that’s why he sell’s his CD’s in Ziplocs. Yes, Ziplocs! His new mixtape is on the way.

Originally would look to purchase production, but disappointed in his search began to do it himself. His production sounds like a neon green Lamborghini reaching BPM’s of 130 all the way down south to 70. Nothing represents this better than “You Done Messed Up” and “Party Animal”. His production and writing has even been recruited by Beluga Heights which is the record label responsible for Sean Kingston and JR Rotem.

It’s a special situation when the music can back the buzz in the industry. Whether you’ve seen him in the club with a square foot neon sign around his neck or promoting in the back of a LIVE NBC or FOX news broadcast, the point is you will see him everywhere. Not only is his street team a beast with guerilla marketing, but his viral marketing is sick (No pun intended)! In addition to Co-directing his music videos, he gets them placed on the biggest media outlets including,, VideoMix, UPN33’s Mike Sherman Show, MTV/VH1/BET commercials and Promo Only’s nationally distributed DVD series. is online and on grind! The streets of Florida are flooded with posters, flyer and CDs. You can see wrapped vehicles on tour in every hood and major event. Every week he has a different show throughout Florida. Whether it’s a performance with Plies, Power96, T Pain, Rick Ross, DMX, Calle Ocho, Sistrunk Festival, Miami Peace Fest, Low Rider Car Show or FAMU/FSU Homecoming, is always in the mix with the biggest names and concerts.

This music phenom also handles the executive work. He owns his own record label 95 4 Sho Ent., LLC which is distributed by iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, and Napster. He filled out the paperwork while attending FAMU in Tallahassee and finalized it before graduating from FSU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. While in Tallahassee, he interned with Cumulus Broadcasting’s Hip Hop station Blazin 102.3. He also worked with Record Pool and Music Promotions while simultaneously holding a spot at FAMU’s radio station 90.5 The Flava.’s love for music comes as no surprise as his father was a rock artist/producer and mother was a vocalist. After their split when he was 5, he left North Miami and shared time between apartments in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale. From a young age found ways to make money. In addition to working at a job, he always had a hustle.

From selling throwbacks, sneakers and hats to selling his $1 Ziploc Mixtapes outside clubs, Lyrikill always had a way for extra income. In fact, he bought his first 2 cars cash out of his pocket.

The industry needs something new and refreshing. has a unique sound that intertwines Hip Hop with threads of R&B, House and Electro-Funk. He also has the advantage as the producer to really control the vibe of the song and specifically hit different audiences. Between the music and his outlandish promotional stunts, the world will catch up with


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