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Brooke Dienemann



Name: Brooke Dienemann

Age: 29

Birth Place: The Jersey Shore

Occupation: Stay At Home Mom

Nationality: German

Favorite Place: My Favorite Place Was At The Boardwalk When I Lived Up North..

Favorite Food: Hmmm I Would Have To Say Sushi

Favorite Music: Anything I Can Dance Too.. So Hip Hop Or House Music

What Is Your Best Physical Feature? I Would Say My Legs Are My Best Physical Feature...

How Do You Keep In Such Great Shape? Im Not Where Id Like To Be Yet But When I Do Get There I Owe It All To Cardio Kickboxing

Do You Have Any Pets? If So What Kind? Yes My Daughter Has A Bird And 2 Turtles That We Found In Our Pool Almost 2 Yrs Ago

On What Occasion Do You Think It’s Okay To Lie? Unless Its Life Threatening There Is Never An Excuse To Lie..

What Is Your Idea Of Perfect Happiness? Perfect Happiness I Dont Really Think Is Possible.... Nothing In Life Is Perfect...

What Three Things Would You Take With You To A Deserted Island?I Would Take My Family, Some Drinks And A Radio..Lol

If You Could Have One Wish, What Would It Be? If I Could Have One Wish It Would Be That My Kids Could Grown Up Without Having Any Disappointments Or Sadness In Their Life...

If You Could Change One Thing About Your Life, What Would It Be? I Would Change Where I Live... Psl Has Not Given Me Much To Enjoy About Florida

If You Could Spend One Night With Anyone In The World, Who Would It Be And Why? It Would Def Be Eminem..... Lol.... Ive Always Been A Huge Fan Of His.. And I Just Think He Is A Very Empowering Person.. His Last Cd Was Like Therapy..Lol

What Was Your Worst Childhood Experience? Hmmm I Dont Remember Alot About My Childhood... But Id Have To Say The Worst Thing Ever Was Losing One Of My Very Close Friends...

What Do You Like To Do For Fun? I Like To Go To The Beach, I Like Getting Tattoos Out Of Nowhere.. Lol Anything That Gives Me Some Me Time..

Describe The Perfect First Date. Im Not To Picky When It Comes To A First Date... Dinner And Movie Is Good For Me.. Im A Very Down To Earth Girl.. Im Not A Very Picky Girl...

What Do Find To Be The Sexiest Thing About The Opposite Sex Or Same Sex If That’s Your Thing? The Sexiest Thing Is How The Guy Dresses... And Has To Have Some Hot Sneakers... Lol It May Sound Shallow But If A Man Cant Take Care Of His Shoes And Keep Em Clean Then He Cant Take Care Of Himself...Also Straight White Teeth Is A Must..But If He Comes On To Strong Its A Def No Go

What Quality Do You Admire Most In The Opposite Sex? Honesty And Fidelity Is A Must!!

How Long Have You Been Modeling? Well I Started About 2 Years Ago And Then Stopped For A Little... But Have Been Back On The Modeling Scene For About 4 Months..

What Got You Into Modeling? I Have A Friend Who Is A Photographer Who Said To Me One Day Lets Do A Shoot... So I Said Lets Do It... And It Landed Me One Job... So I Saw The Response My Pictures Had Gotten And I Thought I Would Try It Out And I Love It ...

What’s The Best Thing About Being A Model? Any Achievements Or Accomplishments Yet? The Fact That I Have Gotten To Work So Many Great Photographers And Nice People Is An Accomplishment Of Its Own..

What Do You Like And Dislike About Being A Model? I Like When I Get To Work With An Amazing Photographer Who Enjoys Working With Me... What I Dislike About Modeling Is The Haters... The Girls That Think You Want To Be Like Them Or Your Copying Then Just Because You Used The Same Photographer... As You Can See In My Pics I Have My Own Style... And I Love It...

Have You Done Any Strange Or Weird Photo Shoots? No No Weird Shoots Yet, But Ive Learned I Have To Be More Careful There Are Alot Of Dishonest People That Will Do Whatever To Try And Take You Down.

Who Are Some Of Your Role Models? My Role Models Hmmm Ive Never Had To Answer This Question...Id Have To Say Nicole Scherzinger... She Is Beautiful In Every Way And Seems To Be A Very Sweet Person As Well..

What’s The First Thing You Notice About A Man? The 1St Thing I Notice Is Teeth And Sneakers... Lol I Know I Know Thats Horrible..

What Sets You Apart From The Other Models In The Game? What Sets Me Apart Is That I Strive To Be Different... I Dont Want The Same Old Shoots Everyone Else Has.. Typical Bikinis On The Beach.... I Enjoy Doing Things That Are Comfortable For Me... I Also Dont Wear As Much Makeup As Alot Of These Girls. I Mean I Have My Flaws But I Feel That I Work Within My Comfort Zone.

If Anyone Is Interested In Using Your Model Talent Or Working With You, How Can They Find You? I Can Be Emailed.. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it... Find Me On Facebook.... Http://Facebook.Com/Jersey0830 And Model Mayhem. Http://Modelmayhem.Com/Jerseyisback.... And I Have A Website Coming Soon !

Any Final Words Or Shout Outs? I Would Like To Shout Out D. Francis... He Is An Amazing Photgrapher And I Appreciate All The Help And Direction He Has Give Me!

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