The Young Stunnaz 2011

Written by D. Francis

Name: The Young Stunnaz

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The Young Stunnaz consist of four entrepreneurs, (Patrick “Doc Dollaz” Mason, Perry “Dirty M.F.” Mason, Jaron “Supa Jin” Felix & Travis “Lil Trav” Robertson) who used talent as well as intelligence to team up to convert dreams into reality by putting their career into motion.

The group Young Stunnaz was formed in 2002 in south Broward County Florida to represent the first music artist of PMP (Power Money Property) records, a independent label created by Doc Dollaz, that gives talented hardworking music artist the local promotion and tools they need to give them a jump start to show and prove to major labels and distributors that they have much talent.

The name Young Stunnaz Was chosen because the word young in Young Stunnaz reflects our ambition and attitudes are as young persons would be, for example most youth I have encountered have an, I can do anything/never give up mentality, and the word stunnaz comes from the word stunner which means: a person or thing of striking excellence, beauty, achievement, etc. Every member of the group plays different roles in the construction of our music foundation. Doc Dollaz is the owner of PMP records, he’s also a excellent lyricist, chorus/songwriter, promoter and event planner who is a jack of all trades science guru. Dirty M.F. is co-owner of PMP records, an extravagant producer, lyricist, chorus/song writer, singer, promoter and a consistent musical genius. Supa Jin is a extraordinary lyricist, chorus/songwriter, promoter, ghost writer and also a witty wise guy. Lil Trav has a intriguing style of singing, chorus/songwriting, promoting and he is also a swagged out lyricist.

The Young Stunnaz have constructed industry ready songs that are up to date and meaningful. We consider ourselves artist rather than rappers because we paint a perfect picture through words expressing life situations and emotions through songs. We have been labeled some of the best underground artist in Florida on and other sources. We are responsible, easy to work with entertainers who put business before pleasure when it comes to our career. If we were to get managed, get a distribution deal or even a record deal the person or people who believed in us will be extremely impressed not only with promises that we have fulfilled but the success, hard work and dedication that we put into making our legacy come to light.

We have accumulated a formula to consistently make hot music that is equivalent to if not exceeds what they call a hit. Many years of recording great songs that have high potential of being mixed, mastered and re-recorded to perfection gives us the advantage of having lots of tasteful material to work on and use without recording new material for a while. We have been labeled a package deal because of our multi talented skills. The best way to prove it is to let music speak for itself. Thank you for your time.

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