Dashius Clay2011

Written by D. Francis

Name: Dashius Clay

Video Channel: http://www.unsignedtube.com/users/DashiusClay


Introducing Dashius Clay, a genre-jumping songwriter, artist, and producer out of Miami, FL. One listen to a Dashius Clay creation and you understand why “unique” is such a perfect word used to describe his sound. With a Latin background and a family full of musicians, Dashius was already exposed to various styles and variations of music and instruments. Over the course of his teen years, his days would be filled with endless nights of being alongside some of todays greatest artists and producers. With an already magnetic personality, it was only a matter of time before he broke out on his own. In 2008, he became 1/2 of the dynamic duo TRAX (C DASH/OTTEY) whom were awarded the 2009 “Hip-Hop Group of the Year” at the Status Quo Awards. TRAX had a highly-successful mixtape called Radioheads they released shortly after, with the hit single “S.O.S” leading off.

In 2009, Dashius Clay broke out on his own again to begin working on his debut album tentatively-titled DASHOMNIA. Long-time manager Steve Wess says “DASHOMNIA” promises to be one of the most cutting-edge albums of the year, its a complete 180 from what we usually deliver but 100% him”. With only a couple special appearances from Pretty Money (Trina/ Pink Diamond), JW (CTE), and Ottey, you are to receive the full Dashius Clay experience from start to finish. Although being highly sought after for his songwriting, his production has become just as popular and desired amongst todays biggest artists. Many say Dashius Clay is the true definition of an “Passionate Artist”. “You can tell that he gives every bit of his soul to everything he touches every single time”, says long-term collaberator and latin artist Over Dos.

As a music graduate from the School of Audio Engineering in Miami, Dashius has been able to take his passion to every creative level imagined. Being a native of Colombia has given him a clear advantage of having a worldlier ear for music as well. He has taken the head-producer slot for new Dominican-sensation Mohiganga with their F.A.M.E LP, as well as many other up and coming artists. In 2010 Dashius Clay gained worldwide recognition through all of his features and remixes. Whether for MSTRKRFT, John Legend, Madcon, David Guetta, or Kid Cudi, he always seems to capture the essence of every record and enhance it to a next level. Whether his witty worldplay or energetic flow, you cant seem to resist loving every record he is a part of. Midway through 2010, Dashius Clay landed himself on the remix to “Filthy Pop” with the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga. With over 500,000 downloads and plays worldwide in a few weeks, Dashius Clay gained over night International recognition and briefly after became a common name in the playlists and mixtapes of hundreds of DJs all around.

His latest project has been a collaborative mixtape with iBlog126.com whom were recently placed on “The Top 100 Music-Affiliated Blogsites”. Titled as The Highlights of The Most Interesting Man in The World, this debut mixtape from Dashius Clay has already received praise within its first few weeks as a “must” for everybody to have in their catalogue. With DASHOMNIA on the way, Dashius Clay released the first single, “Love Warning” that only strengthens his already viral reputation as one of todays greatest up and coming songwriters. With an every-day and rapidly growing fan base, expect Dashius Clay to become more than your average household name.

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