Written by D. Francis

Name: JOB95

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Job95 is a group that combines r&b with hip hop over professionally developed, heavy baselines, elaborate uses of synthesizers and sequencers, catchy hooks, and creative metaphors. Originating in south Florida, each of their 6 foot physical statures exemplify their uniqueness, demanding the attention of all who enter their presence.

Jefeth L Frankson, also known as J. Sharp, found his appreciation for music during his senior year of high school. Originally planning to major in Business Administration, the lure of music distracted him, compelling him to further expand his musical career.

When asked to describe J. Sharp, friends mustered the adjectives humble, hungry, and loyal, fascinated by the idea of creating something out of nothing, like his passion for making beats. As a sixth grader in West Palm Beach, J. Sharp found his niche while struggling to make music with a basic keyboard. He would play around with the machine after singing in the church choir whenever he got the opportunity, but it was his older brother’s belief in his ever-evolving talent that encouraged him to further explore the addiction that lured him to invest in time at the studio.

The piano, baritone, alto saxophone. bass guitar, and drums are instruments that this multitalented humbly places on his resume for credentials of music, and with an immaculate understanding of such, one can expect no less than perfection from his musical expertise.

Olen L. Whitley, or Juso, is originally from Manchester, Jamaica, but made his way to Boynton Beach at the impressionable age of four. Like both of his group members, Olen saw himself blossoming at a career in the NFL, but found interest in a more promising future.

With his outgoing personality and dedicated drive, it was inevitable that when his feet touched the stage at his first talent show, his thirst for lyrical success would propel him to defy the odds, something he has set out to achieve.

Through a philosophy that only one person can stop him, which happens to be himself, he’s is more than motivated to let his charisma impress the masses, and with his southern charm and flawless lyricism, he plans to do just that.

Boom or Mr. Blake Thames is the foreigner to this group. Moving to Palm Beach at ten from Dayton, Ohio, Mr. Thomas developed an affinity for writing when depression overwhelmed his happiness. This unsettled feeling of discontent forced him to search for positive forms of release.

Inspired by the likes of 2Pac, Andre 3000, and his parents, Boom, puts his reservations to the side to focus on developing his career with a pristine ability to focus on details and balance the group.

This group of friends from high school has combined their numerous talents to give the world a taste of their best. They are convinced that they will accomplish their goals of doing just that as they hustle to create a demand for their products. Look out for them! You can find them on under Job95 you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. follow us at job95everyday on twitter and be a fan on facebook


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