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Name: Newsance

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“I aint tryin’ to be someone I aint, The conditions I was raised in made me who I am,” Says Newsance.

Newsance was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in a time where murder you can say was a style. Finding himself moving from ghetto to ghetto as a child was just as common as those murders. Newsances’ family finally realized they needed to better themselves and young Leonard Daley if ever wanting to escape there lower class life. Agreeing Florida was the best option, they packed there bags and found there new home in Liberty City Miami. “I was too young at the time to see what was really going on, but I don’t think Liberty City was what my Dad had in mind”. Unlike the sound of your mothers’ voice, Newsance went to sleep with the sound of gun shots and breaking glass.

It wasn’t to long before they moved out of Liberty city to Opa-loca due to a man being gunned down right next door. “When we finally moved to Opa-loca, it was the same thang going on; it didn’t make any sense to move”. Around 93-94 crime in Dade was high.Newsances’ family packed there bags one last time and headed to Ft. Lauderdale. Despite spending sometime in Dade County, Newsance grew up in the streets of Lauderdale where he met his life long friend and co-artist Bam Starting at an extremely young age Newsance started free styling and writing lyrics in 4th grade. “Back then I was young, so becoming a rapper wasn’t really in my head just something fun us kids would do”.

Even though Newsance had no dreams of making music his life long career, he continued to write rhymes to pass the time. “One thing about me that I think gave me an advantage over these other rappers is that I never stopped writing lyrics. I don’t even know why I was writing them I just did; it was like a hobby of mine”. It wasn’t until the age of 15 when Newsance made up his mind and decided to make music his career. “I feel like I am better than these dudes I know I am, listening to me and listen to them you can hear the difference”. Upcoming artists in todays time don’t rap how I rap, they sound unsure of themselves. They don’t feel the music like I do. You have to feel it first.”

In high school Newsance had to prove himself by battling other rappers when ever he was able too. While battling throughout high school, Newsance came across Tone C. and started rhyming together. At this time Newsance started to Rap real seriously and knew it was time to start making moves. He introduced his Lauderdale artists Bam to Tone C. and everything just fell in place. “When street value came out I was surprised with how many people loved it, all we were trying to do is let the industry know that we coming and we’re coming hard.”

Now with interviews on, tracks with C-Ride and Dunk Ryders, and a song with Dre form Cool & Dre it’s been getting a lot easier to get out there. Newsance and the rest of the artists have had performances at some of the hottest clubs in South Beach and all over Florida. One show got them their hit single “Pretty Lil Thang” on 99Jamz, one of the biggest radio stations in South Florida.

“At the end of the day when it’s all said and done and I’m no longer living, I will be remembered as one of the most talented rappers that ever touched a mic. I have yet to see how good I can get. Every year I get better and better as an artist, music is my life I will get my respect I don’t care who’s at the top. Who ever it is isn’t going to be there for long. I’m better than these other rappers and they know it, it’s only a matter of time now, I won’t be denied.” “What ever I say in my lyrics I either seen it or been through it, I was born in the hood and raised in the hood I feel like I can reach people that are going through the same situations I’m going through.” Newsance is one of the best, if not the best in all of South Florida.

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