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Written by D. Francis

Name: Tone C. "The Mayor"

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Antonio Alexander Simpson, better known by his stage name “Tone C.” was born May 29th, 1988, in Panama City, Panama. At the age of 5, he and his parents decided to immigrate to Miami, FL in search of a better future and opportunities. By the age of 11, his parents divorced and “Tone” was sent to New York to live with an uncle to stay free-minded of the divorce, which also gave his mother ample enough time to get re-established.

Living in Brooklyn, New York was a beneficial experience for the pre-teen. New York was well known for its “hardcore lyrics” and “battle-rapping”, with Tone being from the south, it was a new and exciting experience. Local rappers from the neighborhood would often battle and freestyle on street corners and Tone made sure to always be a spectator and kept a close ear. Soon enough he was exposed to music in such a way that he developed a deep passion for it and embraced it, so much that he decided he would pursue a career in it.

Tone attended I.S. 302 in the East New York section of Brooklyn, where most of the local rappers attended. In a matter of time, Tone starting battling some of the locals and slowly started making a name for himself. Battling helped Tone increase his vocabulary and assisted in his word play. By the time Tone graduated middle school, he participated in over 150 battles, in which he won in most cases.

In 2002, Tone migrated to Miramar, Florida where he re-united with his mother and little sister. Residing in Miramar would soon be the best thing that happened to the new found MC. Attending Miramar High School, Tone noticed that a large percentage of the school’s population were migrants from New York just as he was, and all had the same interest “battling”. Miramar is a small city so students were not too familiar with “battling” other than 106 & Park, so that benefited Tone. At 5’2 he was just a freshmen battling juniors and seniors, and defeating them. Every grade he got promoted to, the win margin and amount of challengers and crowd attendance increased.

By his junior year, Tone had fellow students skipping classes to see him battle. With over 100 students at every battle, school administrators were fed up and threatened to “ex-spell” Tone for causing safety hazards. Facing suspension, he stopped battling but never stopped rapping.

While in school, he was always a great writer so it was easy for him to organize his thoughts and put them on paper. Tone saw writing as a better opportunity anyway due to the fact that “battle-rappers” did not succeed in the music industry.

In his mid-senior year, Tone broke through any fears he had when he experienced his first studio time and laid his first couple of tracks. Once in the studio, he realized recording was nothing like battling. Tone wrote and recorded song after song, perfecting his craft, to the point where he felt comfortable releasing his recordings.

Before senior graduation, Tone linked up with other local rappers and released a compilation mix-tape called “Men Of Honor” which sold over 800 copies in the Miramar area. The mix-tape gave Tone center stage and an opportunity to display his versatility. It also showed people that the young MC had more to offer, other than his slick metaphors and gut-wrenching punch lines.

In the spring of 2006, Tone became a Miramar High Alumni and a full time artist. After graduating from high school, Tone attended a local community college but dropped out a short period later to fully pursue his music career. With disappointment and disapproval in his mother’s eyes, Tone knew he had to succeed and prove his mother wrong.

Tone then formed a rap trio alongside two local rappers from neighboring cities and called themselves “F.I. Ent.”.The group dropped their first mix-tape “Street Value” in mid 2007. The project was a success and features appearances from Trick Daddy’s group “The Dunkryders” & J Records Artist “C-Ride.” This helped the group generate a buzz and local respect. The group’s lead single “Pretty Lil Thang” earned them radio time and numerous spins on WEDR 99 Jamz, home to the world-known DJ Khaled.

In a matter of months, the trio became popular throughout the county and were being booked for gigs from South Florida to the Pensacola, but the dream was short lived. Local success and egos drove the group into destruction and everyone parted ways.

After the break-up, Tone was more determined than ever and got back in the studio. He started working on his debut project “CSI: MIRAMAR” which was released early 2009. Tone independently printed and pushed out more than 1,000 copies with over 600 online downloads. This mix-tape officially set the tone of his career and stamped him as a solo artist on the rise. The project received an abundance of positive feedback. Atlanta native “D.j Drama” named it the “Underground Mixtape of the Year.

After releasing “CSI: Miramar”, the 20 year old wasted no time working on his upcoming project. Three months after his debut release, his sophomore project was ready for the market. While working on his new project Tone felt as if he was the hottest in his city and no other local rapper was moving at his pace or even matched his work ethic. The cocky MC labeled himself the “Mayor Of Miramar” to let everyone know that the city was his. Funny enough that became the name of his upcoming mix-tape. Tone knew he had to defeat his own expectations and exceed those of others. Mayor of Miramar mix tape sold more than 3,000 copies and over 1,700 online downloads.

Tone has been showcased on,nine5four magazine,, over 20,000 youtube views and more. Mayor also founded “Take Phlight Music Group” alongside business partner Keith Poole in the fall of 2010.Tone C. the Mayor is so talented with his music he also raps in Spanish which is very difficult to accomplish and actually make it sound good and make sense.

The Mayor of Miramar is currently working on his new mix tape called “Election Day” and debut album called “T.O.N.E” (Trendsetta of the New Era) due out in early October 2010.

Tone explains his life today in one word…..MOVIE!


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