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One Man... Against All Odds... Backed against the wall... is ready to stand and deliver... Matched only by his awesome skill and determination to succede, The one known as Sensei is ready to take the world by storm. He is a fighter, Actor, Musician, Nutritionist and overall, a role model to the people who come in contact with him. He is the one and when you see him or meet him you better give him his respect...

How did you get involved with music/modeling/acting/mixed martial arts?

I was given birth into it all. What I mean by that is, we all have it instilled within us but some exercise the privilege to set them free. Both my parents at the time were Black Belts in the Arts so I had no choice but to follow the lineage being that I was the 1st born. My music career started in 1985 along with childhood friends. My acting was put in the form of my martial arts when I and other members of one of the martial arts schools I attended was asked to star as a group of NINJAs in a 1996 movie called ULTIMATE MASTER. My modeling career came last after being noticed in 1998 while employed at a top notch gym in NYC as a Fitness Manager. I was asked to shoot for a Calvin Klein and Gap ad which led me to other gigs throughout the next couple of years following just to find myself on the Ricki Lake Show.



What motivates you to keep doing what you do?

I have a series of motivations. First and foremost is my daughter who I look to keep the path as clear as possible for her so that she doesn’t struggle as much as I did. My mom has a lot to do with my drive as well. Watching a woman raise four boys when my dad passed away, by her self, with no ones assistance is pretty motivating!!! Lastly, my ancestors and direct lineage lives through me and how can anyone not want to be the physical representative of their spiritual past?


Who or what are your biggest influences?


Spiritual Cultures of all types are my influences to what I represent in the NOW. Cultures such as the Nigerian Yoruba tribe, Khametic/Egyptian, Buddhist, Rasta, Hebrew, just to name a few. I especially appreciate the music groups which represents such wisdom through their sounds and lyrics and share it to the masses that take notice of it.


What are the key things you are trying to cover? What point are you trying to make?

I would have to sum that up into “UNITY” or “ONENESS”.  Let me explain further. Hip Hop is a Movement and Culture and bares many types of people and not one single race runs it. Sure it was introduced to the world by Black people but it has influenced every race world-wide. That is POWER! Our mission is to bring it back to where it was. These days it is ran mostly by gangster rap, big booty chicks in videos, bling bling, and negative influences not only to our culture but to many others that follow it.  MISSION: SAVE HIP HOP.


What are some of the things you see yourself doing in the near future?

I see myself doing a lot of traveling. For teaching purposes, motivating others, modeling, and now I find myself seriously working on my music compilation and is now meeting with certain industry heads on traveling on the road with them. It’s been a dream and it time to fulfill it.


What kind of affect do you feel you have on your community, family, and friends?

I am very well known for what I do in my community. I run and own LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS University of Mixed Martial Arts in South Florida where I thoroughly educate not only in the self defense aspects of the arts but mainly in the self awareness of an individual. Nothing is sugar coated or watered down here at my school. It is given to you in the RAW.  My family supports all that I do and are my “Physical Elders”. My mom come from a family of fifteen and nine of them are established black belts between Haiti, Canada, and New York. They see the lessons they have engraved in my being and continue to polish me as I go along (smiling). I am always there for my friends regardless of situation and I continue to advise, assist, and provide for them if willing. They feel comfortable to approach me (most of the time). I don’t judge or jump to conclusion. I am fair and balance out what it presented to before I express the logic.




What would you change if anything about yourself?

Procrastination (at times).


Do you feel you are bringing a positive message to the youth?



What are some of the things you are looking to achieve with your career path?


I look to meet and maintain good connections, affiliations, and friendships throughout my journey. I look to establish mixed martial arts schools in different states, organizations which give back into their community, and opening the doors to those who look to start an acting or modeling career by giving them the opportunity to do so.


What things have you been a part of (TV, Film, Ad’s)? What are you doing to get more exposure?

As I mentioned before I’ve been on Ricki Lake, Did full blown ads (billboards) for Calvin Klein and the GAP, I’ve worked with Glory Production “Ultimate Master”. Did a full interview and demonstration on KOMPA TV at my Martial Arts Dojo. Currently I am working with UNDERLAB STUDIOS doing a series of movies (short and full) and we are now writing the scripts to two music videos for my personal group. For exposure, I am constantly on my grind. Networking through the internet, maintaining good contacts through phone conversations, business meetings, and industry events.


What are you bringing to the game that is different? What is so unique about you or your style?


I’m a trendsetter (the one that sets it off where others are afraid to).  I’m bringing all that I have been blessed with into the industry and fuse them into ONE. My music, my martial arts, my acting, and my modeling. With it, will come an educated approach but yet I keep a realistic hardcore setting dealing with the reality of the streets. I am what others see as the ultimate balance. A Lyrical Messenger preaching positive views as LORD PHOENIX and a Lyrical Street Watcher expressing the hustles of real life as MASTER JUICE. I am YIN & YANG as we all are. So don’t judge me for what you hear because I’m REAL TALK!!!


Are you getting love from the home front? How does that make you feel?

I’m getting MAD LOVE!!! Some of my boys feel why I got to model but it’s my preference and they won’t understand because of the mentality they were raised in the streets. Remember….TRENDSETTER. I’m getting even more love from all over the world. It’s a part of my motivation I failed to mention earlier that keeps my spirit constantly elevating. It keeps me constantly creating for the energy they are feeding me builds the Man within.


 Do you have a crew you run with? If so, who are they and how do they help with the music? If not, how do you manage to come up with all of your music?

MOST DEFINITELY!!! My crew is TIGHT and breaks down into chambers. My immediate crew is DA LAST SUPPAH (Lyrikal Lost Soul, Da 7 Divine (RIP), Jay Da Villan, & Maizon). They are the Brooklyn NY Chapter and Originals of my circle. We are constantly in contact and come up with great concepts to not sound like the typical messenger/conscious group but to give it a real ghetto feeling to it just as well and show there’s nothing thug gangster about us just revolutionary realness. Which brings me to the organization I am strongly affiliated with, the BLACKWATCH INFORMATION ALLIANCE. That is my world-wide chapter. This is an organization lead by Brother J of X-CLAN Mil Cipher which brings together many cultures and organizations from each part of the globe which keeps each other abreast of what’s happening within their community and in that way, we can see if we can assist certain situations by traveling to them. My Florida Chapter is HIP HOP ELEMENTS ran by DJ TRAILS & SPEEDY LEGS (I love those brothers). Peace to my REVERSE POLARITY Studio family.



Do you produce your own tracks or do you have a producer. If so, how do you get inspired to produce your tracks? If you use a producer, why did you choose this producer and what is so unique about him/her?

Yes I do but I also collaborate with Jeff Holland alias Moon Dog of NOCTURNAL MUZIC. Also head of the WOLF P.A.C.K. He’s the next big thing. Remember that I’m the 1st to tell you readers this! His music is a lot like my own production…moody, energetic, and it tells you a story without someone spitting on top of it!! The other producer is Ol Durty Balla of SHORTY LOVE PRODUCTIONS. She’s the hottest female producer I know so far and her music speaks for itself. Mad LOVE to her!!!

I’m inspired by moods and attitudes so that is what my music’s foundation is based upon.  Look out for the “muzikal fiyah” to hit your ears soon!! The underground album will be titled LORD PHOENIX & DA LAST SUPPAH Compilation Mix tape Vol. 1 hitting the streets in mid March 2007. Stay posted by visiting and reading about the next steps and features of the album and listening to the “Verbal Vibal” grooves.


Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers? Any words of motivation or encouragement?

I wear many hats and is a ROLE MODEL for many that come across my path. They expect me to stay and be a specific way from the positive influences they witnessed me to do. I, in no way consider myself fully righteous and I don’t look to paint that image in any one’s eyes. I am Man but not the average man. I balance through positive and negative energies and choose to lean more towards the positive than the negative. This is the choice in every ones life.  I feel if you present yourself in a certain way and continue to follow that way, then that is who you are. So in saying that, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes in ones life. Expect a lot of controversy from LORD PHOENIX and even more from MASTER JUICE!!! Be yourself. Become a leader, and don’t be afraid to take chances. Anything else, F@&K IT ALL!!!!!  PEACE.

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