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Street Connect DJ's is by far one of the most impacting coalitions in the state of Florida right now, and is currently expanding their roster across the East and West Coast. Headed by DJ Krunch One, a historical figure within the Miami Music Movement, breaking a variety of artists in the southern most city of the south, Street Connect has a solid foundation of music history to base its expansion. Involved with a series of DJ's skilled in underground radio play, major club play, mixtape game and street promotion, Street Connect has continued to show their capability to break upcoming and major artists.

One of the more organized coalitions in the state of Florida, we have chosen to dedicate this issue to them as they have consistently proven their ability to break unsigned and upcoming artists. DJ Krunch One makes it a priority to show artists how to build a buzz for themselves utilizing their services through relevant consultation, rather than just throwing the artists on the scene. Street Connect shows genuine intrest in breaking  the artists they work with as they stress the importance of maintaining a positive brand name.

As one may have already figured out, the goal of Street Connect DJs is to connect the artist and their music to the streets. Street Connect DJs promotes a wide variety of music, but believe music fundamentals in hip-hop begin with the streets. So it is important to maintain a connection with the streets while pushing your music. DJ Krunch One expresses that this is one of the most important steps in building the structure of an artist.

Street Connect DJs is currently working Triple C's as their Miami-Dade project and Vickey Vendetta as their Broward Project.

Street Connect DJs offers a wide variety of services starting with record breaking and continuing all the way through local and state wide promotion, advertising, events, media production and more.

To learn more about Street Connect DJs, their services, their coalition and their upcoming projects make sure to visit



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