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Interview by R. B. Jones – Photos by Nine5four Photography & JOB95

Do you work at the job of your dreams? Does your 9 to 5 pay you the money you deserve? Does your boss treat you with the respect you deserve? The answer to these questions by most people would probably be NO! But, I think we have found a job that everyone is going to really enjoy. There is a Hip Hop/Rap group out of Boynton Beach, Fla. that goes by the name of J.O.B 9-5 that’s setting the music industry on FIRE! These three young men are looking to bring new flava to the game with their brand of music. They are hungry for success and will not stop until they reach their goal. Tight beats, crazy flow, sick punch lines and energetic performances have built them a great following in South Florida which is now starting to branch out. Music is their job from 9 to 5 (thus the group name) and to be able to do what you love most as your job is the most rewarding feeling anyone could have. Here’s your chance to get to know the members of the group (J Sharp, Juso & Boom) and find out more about what they have in store for the listeners and the music industry.

What’s up fellas, how ya’ll doing today?

[J.O.B 9-5] We feelin good…feelin great! Thanks for having us!

Let’s begin with your group’s name. How did it originate?

[J.O.B 9-5] We initially called ourselves “JBJ” but there was another group out there making a name off of it already. So we sat back and J Sharp threw out there that we use the initials of our nicknames (J Sharp, Juso & Boom) and that’s what we did…J.O.B 9-5! It also plays off the fact that making this music is our 9 to 5 job and we work hard at it!

Very cool concept…and how did each of you get your nicknames?

[J SHARP] My name came from an old client Ray Goody out of ATL and his group 50/50.

[JUSO] My name came from a dream back in 2002 where I envisioned fans were screamin “Just O” which is short for my real name Olen.

[BOOM] My father gave me the name when I was younger.

How long has each of you been in the Hip Hop/Rap game and what sparked your interest?

[JUSO] J Sharp and I have been doin music since elementary school doing talent shows which is where our grind began.

[BOOM] I found music 4 years ago when I was introduced to J Sharp. The rest is history!

Each of you brings something different to the table with your talent to make this group click. Describe each of your styles?

[J SHARP] I’m behind the madness as the producer/artist. So besides being a group member, I have to keep the wheels spinning at all times.

[JUSO] I bring that charisma! I’m a wild man and no stage can contain me!

[BOOM] My style is very detail oriented with animated add libs. My style of delivery and timing makes me unique.

I’m interested to know who are your Top 3 artists/groups that you feel are hot in the game right now (male or female)?

[J SHARP] Imma go with Niki Minaj, The Dream and Drake.

[JUSO] Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan lol… Andre 3000, Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane.

[BOOM] For me I’d have to say Eminem, T.I. and J.O.B 9-5.

I know you all rep 561 (Boynton Beach) to the fullest, but where were you guys born as I hear a hint of the Islands in some of your voices?

[J SHARP] I was born in Black River, Jamaica.

[JUSO] I was born in Manchesta, Jamaica.

[BOOM] And I was born in Dayton, Ohio. But we were all raised in South Florida!!!

What are your takes on the industry right now? Is it moving in the right direction or do you feel that change is needed?

[J.O.B 9-5] We feel the industry is movin in the right direction. You got artist really saying something again and it’s starting to cause a domino affect. So J.O.B 9-5 is right on time because our music has a realness to it that’s unique.

You guys have been killing the club scene in your home town. How does the feedback from the streetz make you feel right now?

[J.O.B 9-5] Just makes us want to go harder, because this is the beginning of our journey and it is far from over.

OK, now let’s get to the meat n’ potatoes. Big thangs are poppin’ for this group. Talk to me about this mixtape you’re about to drop. What do you have in store for the listeners?

[JUSO] The mixtape is called, “The Application” and it has a nice mix of original and industry tracks, but with our J.O.B 9-5 touch! Lol

[BOOM] We just try and stay true to ourselves and have fun you know…gotta give the people what they want!

I’ve heard a few tracks off the CD and its BANANAZ…real talk! But there’s one in particular that’s drawing a lot of interest. Talk to me about the “Waste Champagne” track concept and why so many people are buzzing about it.

[J SHARP] It’s us anticipating that moment when champagne is everywhere and due to success, we just keep it coming…drinking it, sharing it, spraying it and wasting it…you know. It’s a celebration type vibe for when you achieve your goal like winning a championship.

I understand a promoter is trying to put a tour together for the group because of this track. Give us the 411.

[J.O.B 9-5] That’s still in negotiations so we don’t want to jinx it, but just know it will be BIG! So go to in a couple of weeks and some info should be posted.

Now J-Sharp, you are known as one of the hottest up-n-coming producers in FLA. I’m hearing that you got some people on the West Coast feeling you too. What happened on your latest trip to L.A. my man?

[J SHARP] The last trip I took to Cali, I went on business to represent J.O.B 9-5. I had a few business meetings and closed the compilation deal with World Star Hip Hop. We convinced World Star to put us (an unsigned group) on the album along side such artist as E40, Too Short , Big Boi, OJ Da Jucieman, Snoop Dogg and many more. The overall trip was good and a lot of business was handled.

I also heard that you had an opportunity to go to the B.E.T. Awards while you were out there, but you skipped the show to fly home and finish a project you were working on with an up-n-coming female artist. Is this true?

[J SHARP] Well, God blessed us with the opportunity to be apart of the Compilation DVD for BET and World Star Hip Hop, but I did have some unfinished business with up-n-coming female artist Tranea Cannon whom I have been working with that need my immediate attention back in Florida that couldn’t wait. Staying would have been more about fun and partying but work comes first…while they play, I work!

That was very commendable of you and speaks a lot to your character. You’ve worked with many artists I’m sure, so give me some names of the one’s that are about to or already doing big thangs.

[J SHARP] Of course there is “Ms.Swagg On Full” Tranea Cannon, Aces High, Garfield Vibes, Beky Glacier, 50/50, Miraj, Somong, Kevin Writer, Unique G, Triple Jay and Maxamillion. There are many more people that I know I’m bad in advance.

Which do you enjoy more, being a producer or artist?

[J SHARP] It’s like asking a parent which one of his kids is his favorite I enjoy both equally!

Boom and Juso, what other talents do you guy’s posses outside of your lyrical prowess?

[BOOM] We get things done, constantly grinding, we are like the foot soldiers of the movement. Sharp has a lot on his plate with the producing side of things, so it is up to us to feed the streets this hot music. We true go gettas!

[JUSO] The other talents are not related to music so we will save them for now and surprise ya’ll later in the game.

Ya’ll already know the ladies are gonna wanna know if you guys have that someone special in your lives right now. Let’m know what’s good.

[J SHARP] Juso and I are single and waiting for that right woman!

[BOOM] I’m already involved with someone…sorry ladies. lol

What else can we expect from J.O.B 9-5 in the coming months?

[J.O.B 9-5] Bigger and better things like tours, a clothing line, more music etc. We just trying to stacking this paper!

Let the people know where to go to snag a copy of your mixtape and how they can hit you guys up.

[J.O.B 9-5] The mixtape will be on,, iTunes,, and you can hit us up at ya girls house…lol! Naw but, check for us in the streets and when u see us act like u know us!

I’m looking for more major moves from you fellas in the very near future. Keep making great music and it was a pleasure interviewing you all. Go ahead and drop ya shout outs!

[J SHARP] We all would like to shout out family and friends!!

[JUSO] I would like to shout out all the future J.O.B 9-5 girls!!

[BOOM] I would like to shout out my psychiatrist and my street medicine provider!! lol

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