Boogee Blaze

Written by D. Francis
Nine5Four The Magazine August 2010 Featured Artist


Don’t get it twisted for a minute. S.O.C Records latest rapper Boogee “Da Blaze” is just that, hot. With almost ten years experience of blazing stages, lighting up tracks and laying it down for the home team Ft. Lauderdale. Known for his amazing voice and unique style he is making it clear the new sound he brings to the Hip Hop genre is his key to making waves in this industry.

With the completion of his debut album scheduled to be released this summer Boogee is ready to give his fans what they’ve been waiting for. Staying focused on his main goal which is more exposure he stays busy on the open mic circuit and doing opening acts for local promoters and Dj’s.

Rapping since the age of 20, Boogee formed a group called the FTL, a name he has tattooed on his shoulder. After the separation on his group he went on to pursue a solo career. Staying busy doing open mics and working late nights in the studio Boogee began developing his own style and new feel. His lucked changed when he met Ramon “Absoloot” Robinson and his father, owners of S.O.C Records. Auditioning for an open mic competition he was spotted on stage by the duo and they knew they were looking at the future.


How did you get into the rap game? I was always into rap from an early age and it just developed more in high school when I started writing my own lyrics. Sometimes I just sat in class just writing lyrics.


Where are you originally from? I was born in Colorado Springs Colorado but because both my parents were in the military, I traveled all over the country. That’s where my versatility comes from (laughs).


Where does your inspiration for music come from? I get inspiration from life in general. Everything around me inspires me to write, from the club to whatever might be going on in the streets.


Who are some of your influences? My mother who writes poetry and my daughter who has an innocen6t approach to music. Sometimes when I get a beat, I let her to listen to it; I’ll know it’s a winner when she starts bobbing her head. As far as artists, I’m into Jeezy, Trick Daddy, Lil Wayne etc.  


Who have you worked with in the game? I’ve done a couple of tracks with my boy absoloot; you know he’s a beast in the studio. I’ve also with turf talk and I’m currently working on getting Anthony Bless on a track, I hear he is killing it in my Miami.


To date, what is your favorite song? Hands down, that has to be “lose my mind” by Jeezy.


This game can be so stressful. How do you relax? I relax by doing what I love and that’s making new music and chilling with my daughter.


What project are you currently working on? I’m currently working on my debut album, “DA COMING” so far I don’t have a release date for the album but I do have my first single out “i’ma hold it down” other than that I’ve been doing a few shows and I recently just performed at Zo’s Summer Groove which was really exciting for me being in that type of atmosphere.


Where can people find your music? Well you can get the single right now on iTunes, and also; I’m pretty much all over the net (laughs).


What is the next step for Boogee? Well I’m pretty much just try get my name out there by doing shows and appearances I’m pretty much trying to be  a household name  like Coke or Pepsi (laughs).


What do you think it takes to make it in this game? It takes persistence in determination cause you gotta go hard fro whatever you want.


What motivates you to keep going? Like I said before it’s me trying to get my music out there for everyone to hear and ultimately me trying to be successful at this.


What is your idea of success? Pretty much me being a household name like I said before and having my music reach and connect with a bigger audience.


How would you describe your music style? Well I’m very versatile because I’ve been all over the country  so with me I know what’s popping in different hoods and different states so I like to mix it up.


What separates you from the other artists in the industry? I would have to say my style and the effort that I put in my music.


If you were given the opportunity to have a feature with anyone, who would it be and why?

Trick Daddy because he’s always been one of my favorites and he just always keeps it real.


What do you feel is the most important ingredient to being a successful artist? Definitely patience and persistence because no one makes it overnight, you have to put in the work if you want results.


Do you have any shot outs or last comments? Of course I gotta say what’s up to my boy Absoloot , I gotta say  what’s up to my cuz Calcutta and big bra what dey do. Ready set Go here I come, DA COMING.......coming real soon.

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