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How many of you out there think you got SWAG? Everyone I’m sure, right! Ok, but is it “ON FULL”? Well we found a young lady representing Broward County and all of South Florida that is looking to make sure the music industry and the fellas know that the ladies got Swag too. Her name is TRANEA and she’s a new R&B/Hip Hop/Pop artist on the scene with a vocal game out of this world. The streets are buzzing about her new female anthem “SWAGG ON FULL” single that the ladies just can get enough of. And the fellas can’t help but give her props as well. The track is a club banga for sure and the rest of her debut album is filled with soon-to-be HITS. So radio and club DJ’s everywhere, you might want to get at her to spin this joint. Her friendly demeanor, sexy swag, top model looks, energetic performances capped off by her sensually melodic voice makes her an unsigned artist that no A&R can overlook. We are proud of the fact that we got the opportunity to bring you her FIRST ever exclusive interview. This girl can flat out SANG yawl, so show her your support when the new CD drops! Just remember where you heard about her first.

Thank you for speaking with us today Tranea.

[TRANEA] - You’re welcome and thank you for having me.

Tell me a little about where you grew up and what your childhood was like.

[TRANEA] - Well for the majority of my life, I grew up in two places. I lived in Deerfield Beach, FL from Pre-K to 3rd grade. My father had a job offer in Boynton Beach, FL and we move there. My childhood was absolutely amazing! I had a lot of friends and I was involved in a lot of sports. The neighbors where nice and the environment was peaceful.

When did you know that you wanted to be a singer?

[TRANEA] - Every since I was 3 years old singing in the church choir. I just new I wanted to be singer.

Who were your influences?

[TRANEA] - Destiny Childs, 702 , Blaque, Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson, Monica, The Temptations, Usher Raymond, Luther Vandroos…these where my favorites.

Have you had any formal vocal training? If so, who with and how has it benefited you?

[TRANEA] - Oh I had plenty! I had vocal training of course in the church and I took vocal lessons at a Performing Arts school in Miami. I furthered my voice training as I entered collage. I was on scholarship at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) singing in the concert choir under the direction of none other than a great mentor and teacher in the music department, music director Mr. Mark Butler. His method of teaching was amazing as he taught me how to use the right pronunciations on words and what vowels to use along with breathing exercises and timing etc. All types of methods that I defiantly need to use in order to be successful in my career.

Is it true that you tried out for American Idol back in 2006? What was that like for you as a 17 year old at the time?

[TRANEA] - Aw man, it’s was a long process but well worth the experience.

I am told that your performance at the Mango Festival in Deerfield Beach, FL back in 2007 went over so well that the organizers requested that you come back the next day to open for some big names. Talk to me a little about how that went down.

[TRANEA] – Yes, that was super fun! I was kind of nervous because I had never been in front of a crowd so big. But as soon and that music came on, the nervousness went away and I became a star! I was shining the whole time I was on the stage. It was VERY cool to share the stage at such a young age with famed industry heavyweights Angela Winbush, The Stylistics, Donnie McClurkin and Charlie “Last Name” Wilson. Truly a great experience!

You have a beautiful voice that’s very different than what is heard on the radio today. Is there anyone you would compare your voice to in the industry?

[TRANEA] - Not at all. My voice is one of a kind and I thank god for that.

In your own words then, what separates you from the other female artists out there trying to make it like you or already in the business?

[TRANEA] - My personality, style and most defiantly my “SWAGGER”, because it is like no other! You’ll see…just stay tune!! Lol.

You have a debut CD dropping soon entitled “SWAGG ON FULL” (which is also the lead single from the disc). This song is creating quite a buzz for you right now in the streets. What moved you to make a song like this and why?

[TRANEA] - I wanted to create something for the ladies, like a ladies anthem. You always hear the fellas talking about their swag, so I wanted to let the ladies know that we got swag too and we need to keep it “ON FULL” for the fellas to check us out!

For those that don’t know, you were apart of our widely popular “Broward County All-Stars” issue back in January of this year. Your song debuted at the concert/release party and your performance had the place going nuts (I think they even threw money on the stage at you). What was that experience like for you?

[TRANEA] – Lol! That was a fun and scary performance! I honestly didn’t no what they were throwing on stage. Not until I paid close attention did I realize what they were throwing…actual MONEY! But none the less, I did what I had to do as a performer. The energy from my fans was great and I love them all for that! I had a BLAST that night and thank you guys for allowing me to be apart of that great event.

I understand that well known singer/songwriter/choreographer out of FLA/LA/ATL, Miraj “The R&B Beast”, came up with the choreography for your performance. What was it like working with such a well respected artist and performer this soon in your career?

[TRANEA] - It was GREAT! I was truly blessed with the opportunity to work with such an amazing choreographer an artist. Miraj is truly what his name says, “The R&B Beast”! Thank you Miraj, but we got more work to do!!

Ok, back to the CD. What else do the listeners have to look forward to from your debut CD?

[TRANEA] - I can’t say… it’s a surprise! Just buckle up and get ready for a ride you won’t forget!!

I’ve heard the whole CD and I’ll cosign for it right now by saying that it is a must have…real talk! I enjoyed each track but I think “NEVA HOLD BACK” is going to be a sleeper HIT for you. Which track would you say is your favorite and why?

[TRANEA] - I love my entire album, but my favorite track is “How Deep”. I put all my thoughts and feelings into this track. And honestly, I think this song is what every woman wants to know from a man who has been hurt and still has his guard up.

You’re not just a beautiful voice but a song writer as well. How much of this project did you write?

[TRANEA] – Well, about fifty percent. Song writing is a passion of mine that I’m getting better and better at. I co-wrote this album with my producer J-Sharp and I think we did a great job! I hope the fans will agree.

Let’s talk about this super producer out of Boynton Beach, FL that helped you create this awesome CD. How did you hookup with J-Sharp and how was the vibe between the two of you during the process?

[TRANEA] - All I can say is J sharp is an outstanding producer. Whenever we get in the studio, we make guaranteed HITS! Our connection on music is absolutely remarkable. One time for my dude J-Sharp!

It’s obvious to me that you are already primed for a spot in the music business. Do you have a preference in signing with a MAJOR record label or would you go with an INDIE label that may offer you more control of your career and music?

[TRANEA] - It doesn’t really matter to me. I just want to get out there and be heard…you know. I want to share my beautiful gift with the world.

You are currently a full time student at FAMU majoring in Pre-Med. Has it been difficult for you to juggle your education & career thus far and how will you manage both going forward?

[TRANEA] - Truth be told, I don’t know. It has always been my dream to become a famous singer. And I believe it’s an absolute must that I get my degree. I am sure I will find some way to have the best of both worlds. I know it will be hard but nothing comes easy in life.

What other talents do you poses?

[TRANEA] - Well I can play the French horn, trombone, melophone and now I am learning how to play the piano.

Where do you want your singing talent to take you in the next 5 years?

[TRANEA] - To the top of the charts! I want all of my albums to go platinum! Hopefully I will get an opportunity to travel around the world and really experience LIFE. I would then like to focus on a charity or cause that I can help bring awareness to and do my part to give back.

Who would you most like to collaborate on a song with and why?

[TRANEA] –, Piles, Usher, Keshia Coles, Monica, Tyrese, Joe, Nikki Manij etc. They are all great artist that I would love the opportunity to make great music with each of them.

Is there anything else that you have going on that you would like to promote at this time?

[TRANEA] - I would like my fans and readers to check out a group of young boys by the name of the “Sabal Palm Temptations” on Google or Youtube. They dance and perform old school songs for people around the world. They attend Sabal Palm Elementary School in Tallahassee, FL and they are AMAZING!! Also, I need everyone to go to (or my Myspace home page) and vote for my song “I LIKE” that I entered into the “Toyota Music Rock the Space 2” contest. Just search my name “TRANEA” and click the button on the tape recorder that says “VOTE”. The winner receives a contract with Myspace Records. So spread the word, I need your help!! Thank you in advance!!

How can the readers contact you and sample/buy your music?

[TRANEA] – They can sample my music and hit me up on Myspace at ; Twitter at and Facebook at . For bookings and business related matters, contact my manger Mrs.Vonda Carson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / (954) 305-3300 or R. Jones Consulting, Inc. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / (561) 704-3775. Look for my debut CD that will be available on CD Baby and iTunes. I would really appreciate your support!!!

Before we end, on behalf of our entire staff and readers, I would like to wish you a HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!! What are you hoping to receive on your very special day?

[TRANEA] – Thank you so much! I’m not looking for much, just recognition and spending time with family and friends.

We know success is right around the corner for you Tranea because your talent is so obvious. We wish you the best of luck in all that you do! Any final words or shout outs you would like to leave us with?

[TRANEA] – I would like to say to all my friends and fans, thank yawl for the support and God Bless! I also would like to thank everyone on my team that worked on this project (my management team, producer, choreographer, photographer, web designer, dancers, hair dressers and supporters)…Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart!!

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