Valeria Orsini

Written by D. Francis



Nine5Four Magazine: Hi Valeria... How are you doing today?

Valeria Orsini: I’m doing great, can’t complain... very Blessed

Nine5Four Magazine: That’s always great to hear. So Valeria, let’s get the basics out of the way. What is your age, nationality, measurements, birthday, and relationship status?

Valeria Orsini: I’m 20yr old, young but don’t let the age or big brown doll eyes fool you... I’m a Bad SOB lol....I’m super mixed my mom is German Colombian and my dad is Rican and Italian.... 34-24-34.... I’m a Capricorn jan.19th.... and I’m single baby!!

Nine5Four Magazine: Lol... I know a lot of guys will definitely be happy to read that lol. So in your honest opinion, what do you think has helped make you the model that you are today?

Valeria Orsini: wow that a good question, I would say it’s definitely a package. You have to have the personality, not shy, a go getter, and a smart bitch over all.... you won’t catch me getting ducked by anyone...and not letting the little fame or money get to your head... I’m a regular girl with amazing friends and family... I just clean up nice and have some talent.

Nine5Four Magazine: Interesting choice of words and response. So you look at yourself as the total package. There’s nothing wrong with having some self confidence. Lol So Valeria, how long have you been modeling and where are you expecting this modeling thing to take you?

Valeria Orsini: I’m definitely confident in myself and my ability...If I can’t trust in myself who can I trust in?..... I’ve been modeling about 1yr 1/2 and I think it can and will take me as far as I want to go... anyone can be anything you just have to be hungry and I’m STARVING.

Nine5Four Magazine: Lol.... Well you don’t look hungry in your pictures lol... Just playing... I know what you mean. So how did Valeria get into modeling to begin with? And who are some of your influences in the industry?

Valeria Orsini: Well, I had a friend photographer that approached me and offered me a shoot, and I was not sure if that was my thing and if I would even be good at it... so one day we shot and it was okay lol definitely not the Valeria you see now...but practiced and kept shooting and its led me here..... I would have to say someone I look up to is like a Tyra or Heidi... they have turned their beauty into a business and showed they have brains and have make millions.

Nine5Four Magazine: Very interesting... And look at you know. FIERCE lol... So tell us, who are some of the people you have worked with and besides Nine5Four Photography, what has been your favorite shoot?

Valeria Orsini: Ummm... I love Mike Montoya, Sito from “Go Cover Girls”, Albert Ortega, just to name a few of the amazing people I’ve met in this business... My favorite would have to be one I just shot with “Go cover girls” it for a calendar for Latin Mix... I was a told badass, wearing black leather and almost kind of bondage style... you’ll have to pick it up to see it.

Nine5Four Magazine: Ooowee sounds hot. I definitely want to see that. So what is next for Valeria?

Valeria Orsini: Working with!!... Which is the most amazing website, it’s like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and American Idol had a baby and its’s going to be huge!

Nine5Four Magazine: Lol... Is that so... I will definitely have to check into that one for sure. So what do you like to do for fun besides modeling?

Valeria Orsini: Since I’m a Miami girl of course Party a little and just enjoy whatever time I have with my family....I also love horseback riding and working out.

Nine5Four Magazine: Ahh so that’s how you keep in such great shape. So what does Valeria like to sleep in?

Valeria Orsini: o0o0o lala.... sexy question..... Meowww!!... I could say naked but to be honest I like sleeping in boy shorts, tank top optional.

Nine5Four Magazine: lol... Yea you are a bad girl... Lol... So tell us Valeria, what is the first thing you notice about a guy and what are some of your turn-ons and offs?

Valeria Orsini: lol yes I ammmm..... I notice swag.... I’m not really so into the pretty boy thing... I like guy that looks and acts like a man... I like the touch of a real man...... I hate rude guys or smooth talkers, the way to a woman’s heart is through her ears but I can call bullshit a mile away...... and I loveee a funny guy with a nice smile.

Nine5Four Magazine: Hmmm... Not too picky... lol... That eliminates about 90 percent of my male reader’s lol... So what type of girl is Valeria off the camera?

Valeria Orsini: haha.... off camera I’m still sexy, fun, and down to earth. I’m super into my family.....

Nine5Four Magazine: So a family girl... That is a great attribute... So what are your plans outside of the whole modeling thing? What would you like to accomplish in let’s say 5 to 10 years?

Valeria Orsini: Finish School... I’m studying occupational therapy..... And find my soul mate and father of my future children.... and just be the most amazing mother, wife, and bread winner.

Nine5Four Magazine: Oh you bake bread? What types? Lol... Interesting goals in mind and I am pretty sure you will make some lucky dude a happy one... What advice would you give a new model trying to get into the game?

Valeria Orsini: Advice I would give is, don’t ever become satisfied with the ordinary... keep being hungry and keep moving.... not everything is going to be perfect and there will be disappointments but it’s all to prepare you for the future at the top.

Nine5Four Magazine: Good advice... Do you have anything else you would like to share with us today?

Valeria Orsini: Yes, for Booking or information you can find me on ModelMayhem Valeria_Orsini #1409521, Website coming soon thank you xoxo.

Nine5Four Magazine: Thanks Valeria... Do you have any shout outs?

Valeria Orsini: Just a huge thank you to my Mom, Marlene Duarte for being my Rock.

Nine5Four Magazine: Thanks for your time Valeria... I know you are a busy person and I appreciate you taking the time out to talk with us and share your insight on the industry. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing you doing big things...

Valeria Orsini: No thank you for having me and seeing me fit for Nine5Four The Magazine xoxo Valeria

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