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Nine5Four The Magazine Featured DJ: DJ RPSBy: DAWNdada - After Superstar DJ RPS blessed the airways & club scenes in Miami, FL he took his talents across the states and is now ripping the scenes on the Sin City. I've had the honor of knowing DJ RPS for over 5 years and he is truly a SUPERSTAR DJ. Check out the dope interview he gave me…

DJ RRRRRRRPS thank you for giving me some of your busy time!
No problem gurl. For Ms. Dawn DADA..... Anything!

Oh man, your gonna make me blush! What does RPS stand for & how did you get the name?
It actually are my real intials. My name is Roberto Prieto-Solis. When I was growing up (my dads name is Rolando Prieto-Solis) my dad use to put his initials on all his tools & vhs tapes etc...... So when I was 12 & got my 1st gear is was really a no brainer to use the imprinted name in my brain & totally original DJ R.P.S.

How long have you been DJing?
Over 20 years now! I know, I know. But I look so young. LOL thats because I started drinking at a late age!

WHAAAAT? You barely look 20! How did you get into the field?
I used to listen to the Power 96 DJs back in the day & I used to mix songs in my head while I was listening to the radio & would always tell myself «I can mix this ish!» So I started toying around with a record player & a tape deck & before you know it I was mixing. I also listen to a lot of DJ Laz & Felix Sama mixes.

WOW, so you were basically self taught, that’s dope! Where did you start?
My 1st real gig was at the legendary Union Bar on South Beach when I was a Senior in High School. Before the clubs I was doing mobile parties since I got my 1st equipment when I was 12.

What clubs have you rocked?
You name it I have DJ'd there. Anywhere from the Florida keys to Gainsville in Florida, Aruba, Las Vegas, New York & my sights are now set on Cali then Asia!!!!!!!!!!

Asia would be lucky! You have conquered & rocked Miami for years and now your rocking Las Vegas. What took you to the Sin City?
It's honestly the Hottest club scene other then South Beach & it was time for a change, but I still rock Miami baby! I get down here atleast once a month to do guest appearances. Check out where I am going to be next

So, Do you consider yourself a Vinyl, CDs or Serato DJ & why?
Well I am all 3! I started with vinyl, then went to cd's & now serato. I prefer the vinyl records to use serato but really do not have a problem using the cdj's.

Which DJ(s) inspired you?
WOW! A lot of dj's. DJ Laz, Felix Sama, Jealous  J, DJ Majic Mike, DJ Gor-D, DJ Danny D, DJ Noiz & Sinister Posse DJ's & the list really goes on & on.

Who is your all time favorite Artist?
The one the only M.J. & Miley Cirus! LMAO nah just playing. M.J. for sure!

I knew you were a secret Hannah Montana fan. LOL. You already know I am a DJ lover! To be a DJ is an art! A lot of veteran DJs have been complaining that anyone who owns a Mac & Serato thinks they are a DJ these days. What’s your opinion?
That is true. Back in the day when 12' vinyl records were the industry standard not just anybody can go drop $3000 + & days upon days upon days of searching for records at record stores all over the place. Especially when you also need a place to store all your crates of records (which parents hate!!!!) it just became a mission if you did not have the passion & the love that it took to become a DJ! Now a days all you need is a buddy who «thinks he is a DJ» to let you copy his music & go buy serato or whatever other program you think makes you a DJ. But you cannot only blame them. These club owners really took advantage of these rookie DJ's & paying them like $100 to $200 per night which for a REAL DJ is ridiculous!!!!! I'm just saying! I am not complaining just saying it like it is. If you don't like it then turn the page BITCH! 

LOL. WOW! HA! I have the same beliefs though. As a DJ do you feel you helped in “breaking” any of the established artists in the game?
Hell yeah! Ain't no other mixers support Pitbull like we did. DJ Def, DJ Zog, DJ Laz & myself hooked his ass up and he shows mad respect to all of us cause we respect his as just the same. We also broke Flo-rida & now that Smokey record «What them girls like» we used to play that over a year ago!

Very true. I remember when I worked for the label, I would come to your booth giving you my artists newest music & you always showed LOVE! What’s the best way for artists to get their music to you?
By email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What’s your opinion of the current music being released in the industry?
I like that housey feel the commercial shit is getting. I remember when I used to play «Sexy Back» & people in the clubs used to come up to me & complain & say why was I playing gay house. I also like the Enur - Calabria tribalish sound. I am attracted to the island feel of music. A lot of bongo's & blowing instruments.

Nine5Four Magazine is a big supporter of Unsigned Talents. What’s your opinion of the Unsigned music you have been receiving?
Seriously for the most part it is garbage. I mean no disrespect. But when you come up to me & ask me what I think about your record & it is wack then I am going to tell you that your record is wack. I say maybe 3% of the shit I get is playable. It's just that now a days everybody with a computer & a beat machine is a rapper. Just like so called DJ's who buy serato & a laptop. LOL!

I respect your honesty, and I can only hope the artists do too! What do you do when your not DJing?
Hang with my beautiful family!

Ding Ding Ding, RIGHT answer! LOL Any Embarrassing, Ironic, or Hilarious stories from behind the turntables?
Yeah! I was djing at Banana Joes in coconut grove & the bathroom backed up & the people in the club had water up to there ankles. So I had to get my stand up comedian on & believe it or not the peep's stayed & we had a hell of a PARTY! Hey when there is a badass DJ in the building people will dance in shit all night to party!!!!!!!! lmao!

HAHAHA You really are the SH*T! LOL!Any Shot Outs?
Yeah to my DJ RPS groupies out here in South Florida. I know you miss me but all you have to do is goto & come check me out once a month when I am in-town. To my fam for always supporting my dreams & to Grandpa Rolando Prieto-Solis who is the man who gave me the money to purchase my 1st equipment. YOU are the man. R.I.P.

Thanks RPS my dear for an awesome interview.  I’ll have to come listen to you rock in Las Vegas soon.
Anytime dear & NO thank you for this opportunity to share my story & passion with  the world! Hurry your ass up & come to the Disneyland for adults! Vegas is truly the city that never sleeps. Ask any New Yorker that has been here!

Will do! Thanks again. See you soon.


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