Unsigned Hype Track Review: Miraj

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Name: Miraj
Genre: R&B
Location: Miami, Florida
Country: United States
Web Address: http://www.myspace.com/miraj305
Song: On My Face

Whoa…. Where did this guy come from? I have to admit, my first impressions of this guy when I saw his picture was like “here we go again” but this track “Put it on my face” is quite simply HOT HOT HOT!! There is just so much potential for this young singer. The track is very addictive. From the intro to the outro, Miraj manages to get you involved in the track. I have to admit; I went above my job duties and put this track on a slow jam CD, because this joint is just that hot. I had to see if this was a fluke, a one hit type deal. NOPE! He has a remix to the song called the baby maker version. My jaw dropped. This song was just as good if not better than the original. A lot of remixes don’t surpass the original but this track is something that needs to be on the radio. Miraj has a great voice and his skill for writing is very apparent. I just want to know how come I never heard of this guy before now. Miraj is definitely a name to keep an eye out for.

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