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Written by C. Baby

Nine5Four The Magazine DJ Feature Poz n Nick BBy C-Baby - When it comes to making a hot mixtape, Popz and Nick B definitely know how to up the ante. Not only do they have an insane curiosity for music, their need to be the best in the game separates them from the competition. Both Nick B (23) and Popz (22) are Broward County natives who met at the age of 16. They decided to take their similar love for music and run far with it. Now with 100 mixtapes in the game and over a million online downloads they are just getting started. They recently put out a new series of mixtapes named Deadly Combination and each one is more impressive than the last. It’s obvious that these guys are going for a different sound. Having already worked with artists such as: Brisco, Billy Blue, Ice Berg, Triple C’s, Cam’Ron, and Jadakiss to name a few, Popz and Nick wanted a bit of a change and started to put their attention on new sounds from different regions, and started to bring focus to up and coming artists. Each of their mixtapes features at least one new artist. Being in the game for four years their looking forward to a new management deal and a huge show in Trinidad. This is just the beginning for them.

Why did you choose to become Mixtape Dj’s?
N-We have such a love for rap/hip-hop music that we wanted to be able to provide that to the people. We know how we would want a song to sound, and what we consider ‘good music”. So we figured if we could produce that sound that people love, and love to listen to.

What’s the difference between a regular Dj and a mixtape Dj?
N-Regular Dj’s spin records in clubs or events, and they can play some shit from 10 years ago if they wanted to. Everytging a mixtape dj does have to be current. It’s like a competition even.” “Who has the hottest newest shit?”

What separates you guys from all the other mixtape djs out there?
N- “We don’t have a repetitive sound. And we’re not only local. We went regional!”
P-“We don’t sound like “sons” of anybody! Most local djs sound like mini versions of other djs. It’s like a replica. You can’t listen to any of our mixtapes and say we sound like anyone.”

How would you describe what you’re doing to the people?
N-“We’re trying to assure them that we will always have the hottest, newest shit on our mixtapes. We’re gona be heard anywhere, and everywhere.”
P-“We do the opposite of what the games pushes you towards. Were trying to give people a new sound and we doing that by putting a lot of attention on new artists. We help push me.”

So, what exactly do you look for in an artist or song when you’re putting your mix tapes together?
P-“We just look for good music. Whether you’re known in the game or on the come-up. If you’re good, you’re good. If you’re bad, you’re bad. We don’t care if you’re famous or not. Every one of our Deadly Combination mixtape features at least one up and coming artist. We just wana give people good music man…It’s what we promote.”

What’s the reason for the name of your new mixtape series, “Deadly Combination”?
P-It’s basically saying that the combination of the two of us and all the good music we bring in from all different regions is just…deadly.”

What have you learned in the mixtape game so far?
N-“I defiantly learned to stay focused, and to always stay grinding. We never let any type of discouragement keep us down. And we learned to make each mixtape better then the last. Gotta keep people coming back.”
P-“You can never slow down in this game.”

What projects are you guys working on right now?
N-“We’ve been working with Gunplay of Triple C’s for the last month. New mixtape is dropin Memorial Day weekend.”

What can we expect from Popz n Nick B in the future?
P-“We’re supposed to be taking part of a HUGE show in Trinidad in August. So look out for that.”

If our readers wanted to hear some of your work, where could they find your music?
P-“Well you can find our music on DatPiff.com, ThatCrack.com, or you can just Google us. We got a MySpace too, our URL is /Popznnickb. You can also check us out on Ice Berg’s Billion Ways To Hate, and Stack Bundlez’ My Life is Still Like a Movie one and two. R.I.P.Stack Bundlez! We’re actually also working with his younger brother, Young Stackz.”

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