Adohrspirit Numerology: Sandra Bullock America’s Sweetheart

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Sandra Bullock has been considered one of America’s sweethearts. She has earned this title as a result of her films grossing over $3.1 billion worldwide and her total domestic gross stands at $1.7 billion, placing her among the top 100 stars at the Box Office. Through her many film roles and entrepreneur ventures; she has reached a level of success that most people only dream of. And with her win of the Academy Award for Best Actress, her career was headed to unimaginable heights. Unfortunately her life took a dramatic turn when reports of her husband’s infidelity were released.

Naturally as a numerologist I wanted to look at her numerology blueprint to see what current cycles are being triggered in her life.

First let’s look at the numbers that reveal her natural talents, the way others see her, and the path her life will take in this lifetime. Those numbers are derived from her date of birth which is 7/26/1964.

Sandra’s birthday number breaks down to the number 26/8. This combination of 2 & 6 may give her the tendency to depend heavily on members of the opposite sex. The number 2 is a number that is dependent on others and so does the number 6. The number 26 breaks down to the over achieving and ambitious number 8. This number represents wealth and abundance, as well as excellence and power. With the number 8 she many face many difficulties and much opposition in her life. But, this number also has the potential for complete reversals of fortune. Because of her strength, ability to problem-solve, and relentless dedication to work, she will find that she has an unusual ability to overcome obstacles. Her life path number is 35/8. 3 is the number of expression and sensitivity, 5 is freedom and discipline, and 8 is abundance and power. So, as a 35/8 life path she is here to work through issues of emotional honesty, independence, and power, manifesting abundance, authority, and freedom achieved through discipline and experience.

Now let’s look at the current cycles that are present in her life. First of all, we are all experiencing a universal personal year of 3. In March when the reports of her husband’s infidelity were release, Sandra was in a personal month of 12/3. The number 12 is considered the victim number. The number 12 breaks down to the number 3, which directly triggers the universal personal year of 3, which is all about drama, emotions, and self expression. Additionally, she is in a personal year of 9. In a personal year of 9 she will experience completion, success, and good fortune. The personal year of 9 is a time of fulfillment of desires. It is also a time of organizing your life, and releasing the people and things in your life that no longer service you.

My advice to Sandra would be to connect to the loving, caring and forgiving vibration of the 9 personal year so that she can release the situation in love and light so that she can begin the healing process and move on to the next phase of her glorious life.

“Eventually, everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson

Love, Light, and Blessings


If you are interested in learning more about your own personal numerology blueprint, please visit my website at Send me your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will randomly answer them and post it here in my following month’s column.

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