Abi Esmena

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine April 2010 Cover Model AbiImages by: D of Nine5Four Photography


Hi Abi, Thanks for taking the time to chat with me... I know how busy you are.. How is life treating you these days?

Life has been a wild ride these days. School, friends, fun, BABY... and trying to chase these dreams... But overall, WONDERFUL

Lol... Sounds like an emotional rollercoaster... how do you manage it all plus chase after dreams?

Ha, an emotional rollercoaster on steroids is what it is. It’s extremely hectic and exhausting at times, but you have to do what’s necessary to succeed so I suck it up and grind! haha

Hmm.. I do have to agree with you on that. Shut up, buckle up and grind! haha thats how I do it lol. So how did you get into modeling? Why be a model with all that you have going on life?

Modeling has kind of just happened I guess. I always wanted to be an actress so I needed photos for submissions which is how modeling came about. I’ve really just started out doing it but I absolutely love it! And even though I do have a lot on my plate at the moment, I came to the conclusion that we only have one life to live and if you don’t do everything you want to do, you’ll get to be 73 years old and regretting that you never tried. So, since I’m still young and in my prime, I’d like to DO IT ALL, modeling included! :-)

Interesting perspective. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

Tisk Tisk D! You never ask a lady her age! haha I’m just kidding. I’m 22 years young.

Lol.. Well I am known to break the rules from time to time depening on the situation lol.. So what are you looking to accomplish in the modeling industry?

Honestly, I’m not really sure what exactly I have planned for this modeling thing. But for the time being, I’d like to make BOMB photos with crazy, creative concepts, and I’d like to get PAIDDD! ha. I’d love to make extra income just taking pictures! You can’t beat that. Cuz like I said... acting is more my thing. Modeling is a stepping stone is how I see it, and if it turns into an even bigger success as time goes on, that’ll be icing on the cake!

I can dig that... So you say you are also in school right now... What are you studying?

I’m studying Electronic Media & Broadcasting AND Theatre.

What is Electronic media for those of us who don’t know?

Electronic media is all things having to do with today’s technology and using that platform as a way to spread media, etc.. My focus in EMB is broadcast journalism, but I’ve taken an interest in 3D web design/animation because it’s actually really tight!

So your a technological girl... hmmm... Thats interesting... That means you are somewhat smart. Nice! How did you come to choose that major?

Yea.. surprising as it may be, I was my HS valedictorian haha. But I chose this major because I had no idea what I actually wanted to do with my life. I planned on med school and after one semester realized that I loved the creative arts/theatre so I declared Theatre as my major but when you tell people you’re a theatre major, they assume you’re just a slacker wanting to goof off and get by, so I picked up a double doing what I’m naturally talented at... WRITING!

Ahhh... So you’re a writer... Do I hear Nine5Four staff writer position possibility? Lol. Thats so awesome... You seem to very ambitious. That is definitely a great trait to have in any profession you choose... What can we expect from you in the near future? any upcoming projects of interest?

HELLZ YESS I’ll write for you! I gotchu son! haha.. And thank you sir, in the words of the wise, “Motivation for me, is them telling me what I could not be..” HOVA (I know you’ll appreciate that! haha)... In the near future, I actually have a few shoots coming up; a few training videos for companies, as well as a commercial for a casino in Indiana.

Lol.. Look at the Hip-hop fan... So you just trying to do it BIG! lol and we’ll talk about that writting job later lol... So tell us, what has been the best part about being a model for you?

ha, you know, I do what I can.. The best part about being a model is just the entire experience really. I love the creative arts, so I just love to create and take part in the process. Plus, I love the people I get to work with and everyone I’ve had the pleasure to meet in the industry (cough cough, Nine5Four STAND UP! ha). AND I love being in front of the camera! haha.

Lol... Look at you name droppin... Hahaha... I am glad you have had some awesome experiences in the industry. Thats great. Do you have any advice for other up and coming models? Tips, tricks etc.?

Well, I’ve learned you’ve gotta be comfortable-- comfortable with yourself, comfortable with your look, comfortable with your photographer. If you’re comfortable, that’s when you get great pictures.

Yes. Thats my thing. Comfort is the key to awesome images. So if someone is looking to get in contact with you how would they accomplish that?

oh- and another tip... don’t buy random red slushies/chicken sandwiches/etc. from a man driving a cart in the hood... hahaha you silly... lol... When you see that dude... RUNNNN... lmao.. but to answer ur question: Say my name three times like Beetlejuice and I’m where ever you need me to be! lol, orrrr, you could just look me up on my Model Mayhem page, MM# 791323.

Lol.. Ebi, Ebi, Ebi....? Where you at? Haha... So do you have any final words or shot outs for readers, fans, etc.?

turn around D!! SURPRISE! lol that’d be crazy right? haha... But shout out to my boo, A.J. Stewart; my son, Tai. Chuck up the deuce to my friends and family and Nine5Four Mag of course!! And everyone else... keep an eye out on the little Asian Sensation, Abi-James Esmena! :-*

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