Sir J

Written by D. Francis
Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned Review

Sir J
Rap/Hip Hop/ R&B
West Palm Beach,
Rivera, Florida
United States

Track Reviewed: “Steelo”
Track Score: 4.5/5.0

SWAGAREFFIC hahaha... Thats pretty much all thats needed to be said about this track. Sir J has a smooth flow with some serious punchlines for those that can keep up. “See I snatch em like doritos, snatch em like i’m debo, snatch em like a repo then I smash em like i’m Kimbo” lol... Thats Clever... Its obvious he puts his words together methodically... Definitely someone to keep an eye out for. He has a few other tracks on his myspace that is worth checking out “Confessions”, “Yey”, and “Money Talks”.

Sir J is a definite contender coming out of 561! Don’t SLEEP on this guy.


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