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The G Inc. Nine5Four The Magazine June 2008The G Inc is the culmination of all things music. Crossing the gamut, they have morphed into a conglomerate capable of handling various sectors within the music industry, including promotions, artist development, production and engineering. The label headed by Ata Gonzalez, Humberto Torres & Lu Diaz has rapidly established a huge presence around the globe. The G Inc is known for coordinating and hosting what is considered the “Largest Televised Salsa Event in the World,” watched in 59 countries by over 100 million viewers. This amazing team has been working on a lot more since their success with “El Mundial de la Salsa.”

With corporate offices conveniently located in a city known for its nightlife, fashion, real estate, and music, “The G Inc has become synonymous with Miami,” says Humberto Torres. Growing up in South Florida during the 80’s when promiscuity, drugs and racketeering were common, they quickly learned how to work in teams, and get things done. These visionaries possess the know how in order to run a successful music driven business. They have done so in other realms such as publishing and real estate with great acclaim and financial success.

Lu Diaz, founder with his brother Hugo of the Diaz Brothers Music Production are responsible for bringing to fame the Cuban rapper Pitbull and most recently exploded Casley onto the market. Lu oversees all aspects of music production and makes sure that the arsenal of hits just keeps coming. When asked about how he feels of his new label Lu explains, “It feels great to be a partner in such a strong label, this is my home, we are going to keep bringing you those household names like Pitbull, Casley, and most recently Qwote, that’s a promise.”

THe G Inc. and P-Dot and The Back Pack Clik Nine5Four The Magazine June 2008Currently under their brand, there are a handful of Hip Hop artists being developed and promoted. They have gained national attention with their most recent signing of Qwote to Jive Records. “I’m excited to see what the artist Qwote will develop into with Jive behind him” says Humberto Torres, he is quick to note that Jive only signs superstar potential. P Dot & The Backpack Clik are the next in line with their hit single “Friends wit Benefits.” The “Prince of Pop,” J Randall is astonishing audiences with his live performances as he delivers the future sound of Pop music, Yungen who has been recognized through out Florida, Texas and California as the next Chico to blow from the MIA, Gabriel Antonio, an extremely talented artist from Tampa who is about to drop his hit single and Lil Blaze, whose writing and delivery continues to impress many industry players. “These artists are currently the focus of our label and have all been handpicked for their individual abilities and target audiences,” says Gonzalez. With collaborations from artists including Pitbull, Trina, Flo-Rida, DJ Laz, Pleasure P from pretty Ricky and great iconic figures like KRS One, partnerships with Slip and Slide Records, production from the Diaz Brothers & Manny Got’dem. The G Inc team is clear on their mission and vision towards the future. When asked on the direction of the label, endeavors, artists and future plans, Berto, Lu & Ata seem to speak in absolute unison at all times. “We love Miami, we love its people, we love music and we love success. We know we can always attain the latter as long as we’re clear on what we are trying to do and never forget where we come from”.

***For additional information please visit or or you may contact The G Inc @ (954) 315-4756 and via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for bookings, media coverage, and interviews.

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