P. Dot And The Back Pack Clik

Written by DAWNdada

P Dot and the Back Pack Clik Nine5Four The Magazine Featured ArtistUnder the hot Florida sun lies a new breed of artists being developed by a home grown label, The G Inc. P Dot & The Backpack Clik whose members include P. Dot Hot, D. Gibbs, & Heartbreaker, have shaken the foundations of the quiet city of North Miami. The Backpack Clik has steadily taken over airwaves across the country after locking down their hometown station, Power 96 with their hit single “Friends Wit Benefits.” The track has become a new modern day chant in schools and relationships across the country, Friends with Benefits...

P. Dot, age 20, kicks off the group. Industry giants are already comparing him to T-Pain and Akon because of his catchy hooks and unique raspy delivery. He has teamed up with long time friends D. Gibbs and Heartbreaker to form this group. D. Gibbs, age 18 is the youngest face of the Backpack Clik, he is the school-boy and the most talkative of the three. While Heartbreaker, age 19 who is originally from France is the flashy and quiet one of the crew, he is known as the Prince of France.

P. Dot & The B.P.C. have been captivating audiences around South Florida and Texas with their live performances. “Whenever these kids step into a club to perform the women are going crazy over them” says their manager, J. Got Beats. “Women are always quick to ask for an autograph or to snap a picture wearing one of their now famous backpacks, “The guys wear those things everywhere, on a visit to Hooters or to use the bathroom it’s always on their backs” adds J.

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