AdohrSpirit: And The SAINTS Came Marching In

Written by AdohrSpirit


The New Orleans Saints won this year’s Super Bowl. As I watched all of the events leading up to the game, I realized that a large portion of the country wanted them to win. The city has been through so much since the devastation of hurricane Katrina. For a moment in time, I felt that the county was tapped into the collective consciousness and somehow had a knowing that their time hand come. And because of that, we were able to see fate and destiny in action.

Fate and Destiny is represented by two numbers in Numerology; the numbers 4 and 8. They are known as the “Numbers of Karma” and hard luck seems to pursue those whose lives are dominated by the 4 and 8. Under the Law of Magnetic Attraction, the number 4 and 8 seem to be irresistibly drawn together in all kinds of relationships. As I look at the history of The Saints, these numbers appear over and over again.

The Saints was the brainchild of a local sports entrepreneur by the name of Dave Dixon. The team was secretly born in a backroom deal brought about by Congressman Hale Boggs and NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. Amazingly, both Hale Boggs and Pete Rozelle names break down to the number 4. Dave Dixon’s name breaks down to the number 8.

In 1966 the NFL officially awarded the city of New Orleans an NFL franchise. The year 1966 breaks down to the number 4. Named for the great jazz song most identified with New Orleans, “When the Saints Go Marching In”, this song breaks down to the number 4. The name “The Saints” breaks down to the number 4 as well.

I also realized that the franchise was created 44 years ago and 44 breaks down to the number 8. This year The Saints played in Super Bowl 44, which breaks down to the number 8. Saints coach Sean Payton’s name breaks down to the number 4 and Tracy Porter, who made the key interception and touchdown to ice the game for the Saints, name breaks down to the number 8. Finally, The Saints won the game by scoring 31 points which breaks down to the number 4.

As we can see, the vibration of the number 4 and 8 plays a very important role in the history of this team. I think it is the power and strength of this vibration that has taken them this far. Because of the powerful energy of the number 4 and 8, The Saints had to learn through many difficult experiences.

I feel that the Karmic lesson of the 4 and 8 for The Saints was the ability to learn through their difficulty, build stability as a team, demonstrate patience and understand their responsibility to each other and to the community. And all of these ingredients combined together produced the first NFL Championship for the team and the city.

Congratulations to The Saints!

Love, Light, and Blessings


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