Lady Loe

Written by Randall Jones

Lady Loe Nine5Four The Magazine Featured ArtistFrom Washington, DC by way of the hip hop streetz of Brooklyn, NY, comes a female rap artist looking to change the game. She’s got the swagga and flow to hang with some of the big BOYS in the industry. And the ladies are going to have to make room for her as well. Her lyrics cover a wide variety of topics that anyone can pick one to relate to. When you listen to her music you get that old school NYC flava but make no mistake about it, she is definitely the future of the funk. The streetz are feeling her vibe and she gains new fans wherever she rips the mic. She has already shared the stage with some notables in the game and has received nothing but mad love about her skillz. All you major and indie labels need to check out this unsigned talent because it’s only a matter of time before someone scoops her up. Don’t miss out on the chance to sign this female rap phenom that goes

by the name of “Lady Loe”.

Brooklyn is in the house!!! What’s good Lady Loe?

Yes… Brooklyn stand up!! I’m cool wit it, PIMP… (laughing)

Tell me about running the streets of Brooklyn and Queens when you were coming up.

It was rough, but my moms and pops made it as comfortable and secure as 2 parents could. I lived in BK til I was about 5, then we moved to Laurelton, Queens (226 Street STAND UP!!). It was an adjustment cause Queens was more quiet than BK, but I survived!!

When did the rap bug bite you?

Man, it bit while I was in Queens. I listened to rap music and R&B and started dibbling in it a little until my friends was like, “yo son, you should think about rapping for real”.

Being from NYC, I know you had the TRUE legends of the rap game to look up to when you started out. Who influenced you most?

It’s not one particular person or group… I was influenced by my neighborhood rappers initially, like LL Cool J, Run DMC, NAS, Tribe Called Quest, etc… Then I ventured out in search of a producer to lay tracks for me to launch my career.

You now call Washington, D.C. home, why the move?

I initially came to visit my girlfriend who was going to school at The University of the District of Columbia (UDC). I was like, “Yo, what do y’all do down here in DC for fun?” She said I could go to UDC and play basketball. So I went for a pick-up game, and was killin’ cats… They were asking me am I the new recruit for the women’s basketball team… I was like “nah, I’m here visiting from New York…” So during like my 4th game, cause my team kept winning, the women’s coach came out and ask to talk to me… At that point, she offered me a full scholarship… I accepted and the rest was history!!

Lady Loe Nine5Four The Magazine Featured ArtistNow, when you contacted us about being featured, you made it very clear that you are an openly gay female rap artist. Why did you feel that was important to share with us?

Because I like to rap about life experiences and that includes many parts of my life with women. In my earlier songs I would substitute “man” for “woman” just to eliminate controversy. But as I got older, I had more to say and wanted to say it without the substitution. A relationship is a relationship no matter what your preference may be. You still have problems and issues to resolve and I want to talk about how certain things affected me and matured me simultaneously.

Has this submission helped or hurt your career at this point?

It has helped me a lot because I can finally be “ME” and have received much support, not only from the heterosexual (straight) population, but the LBGT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender) population as well.

I applaud you for being open and secure in your preference but I think it will be your incredible talent that speaks volumes to the listeners. How do you respond to that assessment?

That’s correct, but when they hear lyrics speaking of me loving women or adversities I faced being in a homosexual relationship, people begin to wonder so I just kill the anticipation and give it to you straight from the horse’s mouth!!

Talk to me about your 2006 freshman album “On Da Down Loe” and the response from the streetz you’ve received.

Man, they were loving it… I sold, out the trunk of my car, about 500 units… It may not seem like a lot, but doing it by myself was quite exhausting, but my strength came from my fans that requested it and turned their friends on to it. So it became a word of mouth thing which was fantastic!!

The track “Daddy’s Love” really stood out to me. Please elaborate on this very introspective song and why you wrote it.

Man, my Dad has been there for me through thick and thin. He taught me how a man should treat a woman with love, respect, and admiration! Growing up, he and my moms had some troubling times, but they stuck it out and remain together to this day (50 years). That is my anthem to not just fathers, but DADDY’s!! It takes a real man to be a DADDY!!

How did you get chosen to write the theme song for the DC DIVAS all women full contact football team?

We all play flag football during the DIVAS off season and one day I was at my friend Monica Livingston’s house, who was the infamous running back for the DIVAS, and she played a song that she and some of the DIVAS created for their team. Man, that joint sounded so tired that it made me laugh my azz off. Monica then asked me to create a song for their team which I did. The team named the song “60 Minutes of Hell!” My friend Herb, who is the team’s photographer and videographer, asked if he could do a video for “60 Minutes of Hell,” and I was excited to see the outcome. We filmed the entire video in my producer’s, Koolaid, studio. Herb creatively added clips of the team’s games, which included monstrous hits and tackles from players I mentioned in the song. In 2006, the video received The Videographer Awards for “AWARD OF DISTINCTION” which remains in my trophy case today!! They’ve been requesting another song from me, so now that I have my own studio equipment, it’s about that time!!

Lady Loe Nine5Four The Magazine Featured ArtistYou also created a radio intro for Olivia Fox of D.C.’s WKYS 93.9 FM radio night show “Out The Box”. How did that opportunity come about?

I met Olivia through a mutual friend and invited her to dinner so we could discuss the industry. While at the dinner table, she had a disc player and listened to my CD. She was feelin’ it and stated that she wanted me to do her intro when she moves to her new radio station in Tampa, FL. She said that she was leaving “The Russ Parr morning show with Olivia Fox” (WKYS 93.9), and was offered her own morning show in Tampa Florida (95.7 The Beat) and wanted me to do the intro. When she received my intro approximately 1 week later after settling in Tampa, she lost her mind and said my shyt was so HOT. She played my intro every morning during her show until she was replaced by the syndicated Steve Harvey morning show. She then returned to DC’s WKYS with “Out The Box” in her late evening show requesting me to send her another smash hit. Unfortunately, by the time I completed the new intro, she already had someone from NY to do the intro but after hearing mine, she was going to replace his with mine, but she was offered to go to another radio station before any of that had chance to happen.

I understand that you were the opening act for some big names. Who were they?

“Slick Rick” The Ruler, “Monifah”, “Project Pat” of Three 6 Mofia, and “Babs” from making the band also signed to Bad Boy Entertainment.

You’ve created a huge fan base in the D.C. area, what type of numbers turn out to hear Lady Loe rip the mic and stage?

I performed at venues that had over 300 in attendance. I travel with a select few (maybe 1-2 people) in my entourage. I love when I get to a venue to perform and don’t know anybody, but by time I leave I have hundreds of fans!!

I’ve read some impressive critiques about your music from various media outlets. But, I want to know what YOU feel separates you from the rest of the competition?

I feel my lyrics and the delivery of the songs separates me. I don’t just write about anything, I like to write about stories (Daddy Love, Beautiful Black Woman, etc.) that affect the lives of people feeling connected to my songs and feeling as if I was writing about their stories.

Now let’s move on to your sophomore album entitled “RAW”. How is this album better than your first?

I’m more mature, experienced much more in the music industry and had a lot to get off my chest… You got to listen to some tracks from “On Da Down LOE” and “RAW” to feel what I’m saying right now!! My graphics guy, Ronlee, is the BEST!! He created the cover to “RAW” and has assisted me on many other projects. You can check out more of his work on his myspace page at .

Who is the producer?

My producer is named Bruce “Koolaid” Gardner, and has been producing hip-hop/R&B for approximately 20 years. He is so crazy cool and talented. He actually produced both of my CD’s “On Da Down LOE” and “RAW”. He is the featured singer on many of my trax and has his own CD out and in stores. You’re going to definitely love what you hear!! For more information on Koolaid, visit his page:

I like the track “Man Up” because it displays your diversity and creativeness. You have that “Mystikal” James Brown type soul flow he created with a hint of old school “MC Lyte”. Is that what you were trying to achieve with this song?

Nah… I was angry when writing the song and when I got into the booth that’s how it came out!! I have always been compared to MC Lyte because of my voice tone, similar style, and both of us being from New York. It’s a hell of a compliment, but I don’t try to imitate her style in any shape or form. I just give mad love and respect to one of the world’s greatest female rap pioneers!

Has your music received any radio play?

Yes… I did a performance in Erie, PA and received many spins on Erie’s radio station WERG 90.5 FM for “Raw”, “Man-Up” and “Beautiful Black Woman”, many weeks prior to my performance and long after. I also did an interview on Baltimore’s Radio One WOLB 1010 AM and they played my song “Beautiful Black Woman”. I called WHUR 96.3 FM in DC because they were talking about not having any songs to play for the upcoming Father’s Day celebration. So I called and played my song “Daddy’s Love” over the phone and they loved it. But, unfortunately, they couldn’t play the song because their station doesn’t play rap or hip-hop songs.

What about major record label interest? Has anyone reached out to you?

No, but came very close. I was with this online site called that received requests from major and independent labels looking for unsigned talent. I submitted my music to a label that was interested in a male/female rap artist. Out of thousands of submissions, I received a call, a few weeks later, stating that I was in the top 5 and the interested label was Interscope Records. The Tonos representative asked me to forward more music to her per the label’s request. About 2 weeks after sending more music to her via postal, Tonos experienced financial hardship and closed their website. So, Interscope Records never had any of my information to contact me… DANG!! But the show must go on!! Hopefully one day, a major or indie label will hear of me and express interest in signing me. Maybe my feature on Nine5Four The Magazine will grab some A&R’s attention!! (laughing)…

If you had to choose, which track would you want A&R’s to listen to that will convince them of your apparent talent?

Wow, that would be difficult because certain songs produce different reactions. And it’s about the mood that the A&R is in at the time of listen. But, I guess I would pick “Raw” because of my Jamaican flow in the 2nd verse, “Beautiful Black Woman” for its positive content, and “Daddy’s Love” because there are not many songs about our positive black men trying to do right by their children. I might add “Drinks on da house” because that was the song which sparked interest from Interscope Records.

What else can we expect from Lady Loe in 2008?

Better music, collaborations with signed artists, more performances, tours, and mixtape features.

How can the readers/fans find out more about you and your music?

They can always visit my page at, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it....

Before we wrap, do you have any shout outs you would like to drop at this time?

Oh, yes most definitely! Shout out to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who makes all things possible. Shout out to my best friend P.J., my girlfriend Nikki, my parents Shirley and Robert Lynch, my brothers Howard and Robert Jr., my son Steve and godson Seyvon... Shout out to the entire New York, DC, MD, VA regions… ONE

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