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Nine5Four The Magazine February 2010 Lady TDJ Lady T! My chica... thanks for sitting and giving me your time.
Thank you mamas! I appreciate the interview =)

I am excited because you have been doing your thing up in Orlando, NYC, World Wide Web, and more. So Miss Lady T lets get some basic questions out of the way then we can get into the juicy stuff!
Aww thanks I’m excited to be a part of your magazine! ‘

NAME: Tiffany AKA Lady T

AGE: 27 (shhh, lol)

LOCATION: Born & Raised in New York but currently posted in Orlando, FL NATIONALITY: I’m Dominican and Italian (Sicilian)

Ok Miss Lady T, now that we got the basics out the way... How did you get into the field of Radio?
I’ve been in entertainment since the age of once it was time to pick a major in college I knew Broadcasting: Radio/ TV was my best fit. I looked for a school with a college radio station, became an On- Air Personality & DJ for the station and also landed the job of Hip Hop Music Director. That’s where my Radio career began.

WOW! That’s amazing! BUT Hold Up... lets back track a second... age 4? What scene of entertainment were you in as a child?
LOL Yea… Mom had me started early!

I’ve always been a ham for the camera. At 4 years old I began dance school. I danced Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop and all that good stuff for about 15 yrs. I also won multiple beauty pageants and talent competitions growing up. Acting school and more ... ahh girl I always stayed super busy!

Sounds like it! Your mom obviously knew then, what we know now... you’re a STAR
Where did you initiate your radio career
Thank you girl... My mom is a major part of my life and helped me follow my dreams! I would say my radio career jumped off at Long Island University.

LIU!!! So from LIU you then got a job at Hot 97, correct?
Well from the LIU college station, they recruited me to be the Technical Director for the News Director of LIU’s public station. Then from there I interned for WBLS 107.5 in NYC. Soon after that I graduated from college and then got hired at HOT97!

You definitely worked your way up to the top! From Hot 97, what led you to Orlando??
I was looking to take my career to the next level and the Promotion and Programming Directors here at Power95.3 in Orlando invited me to be a part of their team. After some tough decision making, I packed everything up & took the long trip down to FL!

Do you feel you made the right decision?
Absolutely. I am very grateful for all the opportunities that have come to me. Coming to Orlando definitely has helped me grow as a media personality and as a person in general.

NYC to Orlando is a “culture shock”. I remember when I made the move from NY to FL it was rough! You definitely adapted and have taking over the Orlando scene. How long have you been posted in O-Town?
Wow it’s almost going on 4yrs!

A few issues back we did a DJ Issue and included your family: DJ Prostyle, DJ Nice, Boricua Jimmy & J. Jerkins. Banks & I made a visit & had the honor of seeing you & your team in action. It’s obvious that the TeamSkeam, & All-Pro families really truly value & love you! How did you link up with them?
Awww that’s my fam right there! DJ Prostyle is the big brother I never had. Me and Pro do a lot of work together and I do a lot of work for the team...

So, becoming a part of AllPro happened just like that. They are all my family. At the same time me and my partner in crime, DJ eLamentz, put out tons of mix tapes together so from that and having other DJs in AllPro we started the AllPro DJs. TeamSkeam is also affiliated w/ AllPro… that’s fam right there!

That’s Love!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
The people! I love talking to and entertaining people. There are so many different people in this world and TV and Radio is my way to reach them.

Who has been your favorite guest to date?
LOL I know what you mean, but it sounds like your asking if I date my guests! LMAO!

HA HA HA! Right! It does! I meant, who has been your favorite guest so far? 
I know!! I was just messing with ya! 

I would have to say Jadakiss because he has been in my Top 3 favorite rappers list forever... So, when I had the chance to not only meet with him, but also interview him it was legendary to me. Also Chris Brown because I was one of his very 1st interviews ever! Right before and after “Run It” came out. He was such a lil kid back then running around the studio. LOL

Those must have been amazing experiences. Now share with my loyal readers the most embarrassing or funniest experiences you have had so far?
When I first started DJ Prostyle used to stand behind my chair while I was on-air and would shake the chair and yell things to throw me off. LOL Imagine how that sounds on the radio! People were probably like “what the hell is she doing up there” lol... Embarrassing. The guys always used to mess with me, but I get them back!!!

Initiation!! Are there any other areas of the music industry or entertainment industry you have or would like to show your talents in?
Well acting is something I would like to get more into. As a child and teenager I dabbled into it with some school plays and acting school. I would definitely like to expand my acting skills to a bigger level. You can actually catch me in the 2010 film, “Just Another Day,” starring Wood Harris, Ja Rule & more! I will be playing myself on the radio… that will be my very 1st movie! I’m super excited and so thankful!

DOPE! Congrats mama! I will definitely make sure to catch that.
You are also the brains behind the website. What made you start such an amazing site??
Thank u so much!! Yes I am! is my 411 site on your favorite celebrities, with stories, exclusive pics, videos, music, gossip and more! As I said early I love people... So, therefore, I love celebrity gossip and news! People always ask me stuff about celebrities so when I hear something exclusive or even if it’s gossip I make sure you hear about as early as possible! That way they now have something to talk about at work.

Thanks for that! I truly love the site. As soon as I hear any celebrity related gossip or rumor I check your site to see if it is relevant!
What’s your personal take on the industry these days?
I think a lot has changed over the years but change is good... Gotta keep everything fresh. The music industry can be shady, just gotta know your business.

Other than that the Hip Hop industry in flourishing... Hip Hop is everywhere now.

Very True! So Chica, you’re taking over Radio, Big Screens, Websites, Mix-Tapes, you’re All-Pro’s 1st lady, and so much more…
Are you living your dream?
Yes, currently I AM living my dream! I am soooooo thankful that God has given me this opportunity to use my talents and have my dream job, I really am... I wouldn’t change it for anything. This is not it though! I am far from finished...

I plan to keep going going going!!

Well we look forward to seeing your future successes and where exactly do you hope to see yourself in the future?
In the future I hope to expand on everything I am already doing now and more. Hopefully very soon own my own radio station. I would like to open up a non-profit organization helping others.

Sounds great! Where can your fans, our loyal readers and future stalkers check out your successes and creative works?
Your crazy, DAWNdada. I love and appreciate all my fans and supporters. They can follow me:

Check out my myspace:

Check out my videos and interviews on

Also you can always get the 411 on ya fav celebs at

Perfecto! Thanks so much mama! I had fun, you’re an amazing chica! Wishing you Lots of Love, Luck & Blessings. Do you have any Shout Outs?
Thank you DAWNdada for the great interview, I had fun too! Also thanks to Nine5Four Magazine for the opportunity.

Shout out to my AllPro fam, Moms & Dad and everyone who shows that support. Thank you to all my listeners and readers without you I wouldn’t be here. Much love! xoxo

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