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In a world where everyone has dreams, goals, aspirations, hopes, or whatever else you want to call it, very few step up to the plate and take what they want. Well not this Actress/Model/Business Owner/Promoter. Who is she?

Lauran Reid, a Brooklyn native now residing in Texas is “livin’ la Vida Loca” all over the nation.


So how does one manage such a hectic lifestyle?
“Time management is crucial in this business because you’re not on your own schedule...you’re on the schedule of producers, directors, agents, and whomever else you’re working with...I still do find it hard to have time for work and play...that’s why I pick projects where I will be able to request for time off and have a chance to get downtime...because no matter how demanding work is, you always wanna maintain sanity by having downtime...so many stars go into overload because they don’t allow themselves that “me” time ya know?”

Lauran’s simplistic jump into the spotlight came at age 17 when she entered a contest for Clearasil, which she surprisingly won. She entered into a contract with Clearasil and did print and television ads for the company. The door of opportunity had been opened for this young lady. Soon after the contract with Clearasil had expired; Lauran signed with an agent in L.A. and began to work on her modeling portfolio. A few appearances on Boston Public and Resurrection Blvd add to this unique models resume.


With the focus now back on her modeling career, Lauran is set to model for an upcoming Marc Ecko line spring ’07. That must be real exciting for you. What is it like to know that you are going to be a face for a very popular clothing line?
“The deal with Marc Ecko is very exciting. This could be like my springboard to bigger things. I was very honored when the agency called and wanted me to do it. I’ve always loved Marc Ecko, he’s very cutting edge with his label for men and women. I expect that the ads will appear in different magazines and it will be so weird for me to see myself. Most of the models always look so made up and overdone. When the agency talked to my agent, they said they wanted me because I was just a natural, girl-next-door kinda pretty. So I’m totally honored”.


So you have some acting skills. You are wrapping up two Indie films, one of which is being pitched to major film studios. That’s real exciting. What is the movie about and what is your character in this film?
“The movie I’m doing now is called “Switched”. It’s about this woman who is successful in every aspect of her life, except her love life. So she seeks out a potential mate thru an online site. The man she meets is the typical player and he’s been playing games with women, along with his twin brother. The problems arise when the other twin falls for the woman and he no longer wants to play the game. It’s real interesting, funny, and I think it’s a situation many people could relate to (with the popularity of online dating). It’s being pitched to Lion’s Gate Films and Dimension Films. My character in the movie is the best friend, pretty much the voice of reason, telling Courtney (the main character) that homeboy’s up to no good. But meanwhile I have a really great relationship and it causes friction at times between my character and Courtney”

So we have a model and an actor, but Lauran does not stop there. She is also a mentor to those who need some guidance and help in the industry of music, modeling, and acting. The promotions company she is involved with, Top Shelf, is strictly an artistic development company. They have people who are trained in media relations, A&R, publicity, performance, and professional etiquette. The main mission of the company is to make artist understand that it’s more than having a pretty face or a nice voice or all the superficial things. The company aims to groom an artist to be the consummate performer...meaning he/she will shine on stage as well as on a personal level. “The worst thing an artist can do to his/her career is to not know how to conduct an interview or know how to use discretion when dealing with the media."

Lauran is also associated with a second company based out of L.A. and Miami. The company is a sports entertainment company ran by Mike Rossi. The overall goal of the company is to take up and coming athletes and prepare them for being drafted, scouted, and possibly picked up by the NBA or international teams. “We work with athletes in all sports and as we get more exposure, we hope to pick up a more diversified clientele”.


So what is Lauran’s Primary objective?
My primary purpose for doing what I do is to let people know that anybody can make it in the industry. It just takes a lot of know-how and grind time. People have these false hopes of “oh if I hook up with such and such, then I’ll blow up”. 9/10, your demo gets lost in a bunch. When it comes to getting signed (whether it’s singing, rapping, modeling, acting, whatever), a company wants the complete package...great performer, great studio skills, and very professional in conducting business.


So how can our readers get a hold of you if they have any questions?
If people wanna contact me, they do it here or via email atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?
Top Shelf and Ballin Up! are both looking for new talent to sign. Check them out.

Are you an over achiever? Do you have what it takes to be in the spotlight? Email the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be considered.
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