Broward County All-Stars: Paul Lewis

Written by DAWNdada

Broward County All-Stars: Paul LewisPaul Lewis
By: DAWNdada

Paul not Paul! Mwa-Ha-Ha! Thank Paul for sitting down with your girl. I am excited about this interview. Well, scared and excited.
You should be scared I am a very intimidating person.

This I know!
So, Paul Lewis Werner is it still your plan to out interview J-MOK and Ooge?
I don't know if they can be outdone. They seem to have perfected the craft of the hilarious interview. I mean, they are much more clever than I am. The only thing I successfully talk about normally is abortions and hip-hop.... in that order.... but I'll try to make you and them proud.

HA! Can’t wait! What is your rap name?
Paul Lewis! I don't wanna hide behind a fake name and become a character, I feel like I should be myself and part of that is going by my real name.

Where did u get Feed Paul Lewis from (Twitter @FeedPaulLewis) or better yet... how did u come up with the concept?
LOL cause I'm so skinny… I look like I need to be fed. From since I was real little people would always ask me "Are your parents feeding you???" you know trying to be funny like I hadn't heard that a million times and like it was cute and it wouldn't f*ck with my self esteem or anything. So I chose to embrace it… There is a fire inside me and people keep fueling/feeding the fire… But yeah... F*ck all the people who asked if my parents were feeding me… that shit wasn't funny!
Hahaha. Actually I take that back, it kinda is looking at it from an outsiders perspective.

Glad I asked. Paul not Paul is a confusing name! Explain.
Well its actually quite simple, My name is Paul and Numonics is Not Paul. I have such a huge ego I needed my name in there twice. It was suppose to be Paul Lewis and Jon Numonics but we figured this would be catchier.
Ahh, so basically you’re in a boy band duo?
hahaha....yup, that’s why I'm trying to get Monique to teach me how to dance. Apparently my "moves" are holding the band back

Good Luck! Obviously Numonics is your rap partner. Do you rap solo as well?
Numonics is the "super producer"... I'm the rapper... So basically he has all the talent and I just have a loud mouth. But yeah I do work with other producers. There’s a strong team of artists who I work with and affiliate myself with. Honestly though rapping was always kinda my fall back plan... my dream was to become an Olympic speed walker but unfortunately I missed out on the trials this past Olympics and now they are saying I'm to old... so I guess rap legend/sex symbol won't be a bad fall back option.

Um, uh, soooo What genre do you consider your music, Rap/Sex legend?
hmmm I don't really know...I don't really think about labels because I was always labeled something when I was growing up. I kind of want to create my own genre.
Everyone says "my own genre" be original PAUL!
I guess I would consider myself straight up hip-hop. Not like these mother f*ckers coming out talking about their cars and money and shit... its a f*cking recession... I'm f*cking Hip Hop and I love hip hop.... like the greatest compliment I could ever get is for someone to kill themselves to my music... and hopefully some of these wack assholes will hear my shit and do it... you know kill themselves.
LOL. sorry....I get a little carried away at times
WOW! OK so deadly Hip-Hop. I actually really like your style of rapping. There are not too many artists like you left out there. You have a great image too. It’s hard to make it in this industry with out selling out. How do you stay so strong in your Hip-Hop values? Thanks!!! I'm able to maintain my values cause I'm broke haha, and I stay honest to myself. The thing is I never got into rap for money or women like a lot of rappers do. I got in it as an outlet for my frustrations. Unfortunately right now music in general is so f*cking frustrating. Cause every year I say, ok this is the year that lyrics and concepts are coming back. And there are some cats that are doing that. But the great shit is not getting any exposure. So we are continually being fed mind numbing, dumbed down lyrics. It’s f*cking pathetic....

 #FACT!!!! Your lyrics are witty unpredictable! When did you start flowing.?
I started writing and rapping at 9 when my grandmother was dying of cancer. Every single time people would tell me I wasn't suppose to be rapping cause I was Jewish or white was just motivation for me to get better. Damn, you got me getting sentimental and shit hahaha.

Tragedies and difficult situations tend to bring out our inner talents.
Wait! Pause! You’re White & Jewish? Umm yeaaa so this interview is over now... LOL! Just Playing. If my future husband Eminem, &/or Asher Roth taught us anything it’s that race, nationality, etc don't make you better or worse.
As a Jewish, white rapper what struggles have you in-countered?
Hahaha Acceptance is my biggest struggle. I don't dress like your stereotypical rapper. A lot of people think you have to carry yourself a certain way to be a rapper, you know be a thug or act like your bigger than everyone else, essentially acting the part of a douche bag. Your also "suppose" to talk a certain way. Most these rappers aren't keeping it real and feel they have to put on a certain act to get or sell records. But yeah no matter if you’re White, Black, Jewish, Muslim, Alien, Centaur, Cyclops its just hard to get people to believe in you. That’s the toughest thing any musician has to accomplish, get people to believe in you.

We believe in you, Paul! I would ask what you think of the direction the industry is going in, but I am scared I won’t be able to print your answer. LOL. So I am going to ask: How do you plan on changing the industry?
Change the industry?? Wow ummm let me think
You have a strong OPINION of the current status... so how would you change it, Paulbama?
I wanna do songs about feminine hygiene products, Songs about urinary tract infections, Songs about how it should be mandatory for a person pregnant under the age 18 to have to get an abortion, I wanna do songs about how I wear fake sneakers but its ok cause the hoes don't know...
haha just kidding
Shit Dawn do you remember how rap used to be though???

YES, I do and I miss it!
It used to be intimidating, we used to push limits, and we used to talk about politics... We used to talk about shit that was wrong... now what WE talk about is wrong.
So the way to change the culture to something positive for hip-hop again is for me and artists that have an intelligent message... f*ck just a witty or original message, to win over the 12-30 year old market. I mean Gucci Mane is suppose to be the next hot rapper??? I hope he makes his money... but YO, He's F*CKING TRASH, and artists like that will continually be the ones that get pushed until we change the demand. The Youth needs a voice, cause right now they are getting screwed over... no one is speaking for them..., which is why a lot of them are turning away from hip-hop!

Well then, glad I didn’t ask the latter. I think your answer went from questioning your thought, to hating Gucci Mane, to a speech for Hip-Hop Presidency.
 HaHaHa ask me anything!
 I'm an open book

More like an open novel. LOL.
I think that artists like you, The One Chadio & Ooge are a beautiful reflection of what Hip Hop once was and could be again. I am team Hip Hop and I appreciate and value your style.
Thanks DAWNdada... that means a lot!
So Paul, tell my loyal readers about your single "Witty Unpredictable"!
Well, Numonics hit me with this beat one night....and I couldn't stop listening to it. This alliterative flow popped into my head at first and boom I penned "Witty Unpredictable" which is a battle track and me letting people know, hey if you already knew me “I'm back” and if you didn't, well “I'm here mother f*cker, you better hide your girlfriends before they either get dicked down or punched in the ovaries”... well maybe not to that extreme but, I like to think it sends that type of message. Then later on we got M-Phazes who is probably the next producer to blow up big to do the remix. He just did a few tracks on Amerie's new album. You can get the single on I-tunes... you can just type in and boom... you can go to and listen to the M-phazes remix for free. The second verse is a diss... if you listen to the words it’s easy to see who it is... I didn't really disguise it well hahaha
You’re not the “discreet” type that’s for sure. HA! Your track is DOPE! Is this your 1st single?
It's my first national released single which is a big deal to me... it means I went from a wannabe local guy…to a wannabe guy who you can somehow find my shit anywhere in the world via I-Tunes hahaha!
LOL well congrats! What’s the name of the anticipated album?
“Blame It On The Jews”.

You would! Well that’s actually perfect, because since the day I met you I been blaming you for all the wrong that goes on in my life!
Who are some producers you would like to work with in on this album?
Yup!!! Well this album is going to be strictly with Numonics, since it’s a Paul Not Paul album...
So, there are no collaborations for “Paul no Paul”?
Now for my Paul Lewis album which I'm probably calling suicide music... shit I'm probably gonna try and work with Mike Beatz, Diabeaties - who consist of Jon The Barber, 13, and DJ Entice - Bonus Beats....
But as for collaborations... It’s all about the moment....

This is a moment! So… am I in? We can do a dope duo!
You’re in!!!!!!!

You know who I always wanted to do a collaboration with?
Eddie Murphy... I'm sure that would help my music career!
WOW! Ok Dope!
Well Paul lets get personal!
How has your family helped influence or support your music career?
Well my mom is a singer, my father is a guitarist, my cousin is a bass player… So I was raised around all musicians. Which means my family is fucking nuts. My pops bumps my shit out of his whip... without me being there. My mom recites my lyrics to her friends and forces them to listen to it. So as far as family support somehow I've been extremely lucky by receiving more than most people could even wish for. Other than that I have my friends who are always there to boo me at my shows when I get too drunk on stage and start making fun of the pregnant bartender. Seriously... I don't wanna buy drinks from a pregnant bartender... it makes me feel like a scumbag.
You probably put her in that situation!
HaHaHa! I'll go on Maury and prove you wrong with that one!

HA! You "joke" a lot about abortions, pregnancies, sex, disease, morals, politics, religion, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, etc etc etc. Is that to intentionally get people mad?
Sometimes… my sense of humor is my sense of humor. With the Kanye West thing... yeah I was trying to get people pissed, cause you know what, Kanye makes great f*cking music and people are acting like he deserves to die because he tried the hell out of a watered down pop-country singer... COME ON... People are sometimes so up tight about everything you gotta f*ck with them, like if I say there is no god, or if I say god is a giant cockroach, I am immediately their enemy why is that???

Do you truly feel and believe in the things you "joke" about or say regarding these issues?
A lot of the things: YES!! I am very Pro-Choice… Now I may say that there were some people who deserved to be abortions, most the time I don't mean that. Politics, yes, I wish that Rush Limbaugh would die of an overdose from the pain pills he probably still takes with God, I joke about, because you can be devout in your faith, but that doesn't give you the right to tell other people they are wrong for theirs. I have my biggest problem with religion and its not the aspect of it, its the nutballs that come with it. However our society does need to loosen up as a whole, we are too sensitive!

I think you cross that line each time you open your mouth, or do something. BUT that’s ok because that makes you who you are.  I might not have the same beliefs as you, Paul. I do respect your beliefs and the fact that you stand strong by them.
Thank you! That means a lot!!!!!! I try to judge people by their character and not by what they believe in if that makes any sense! LOL!
Its not about learning what not to say....Its about learning when to say something and how loud to say it to get the right reaction out the f*ckers.

When I 1st started following you on Twitter @FeedPaulLewis I lost 52 followers, but it didn’t matter because you kept me laughing all day. this is a dual question (1) when do you work? LOL (2) where do these random tweets come from?
I work 9-5 Monday-Friday. Yeah I know normally rapper is slang for unemployed, but nope! I'm bucking that stereotype! I have a job!
The random tweets just come from off the top of my head… like, I may be sitting there thinking, what if you have a lot of unprotected sex with a girls whose vagina smells a little fishy? Will that make you urine smell like tuna fish? And/Or Why are you having unprotected sex with a girl with fishy va-jay-jay anyhow? Honestly the randomness is probably from my need to be on medication but I'll find you all the followers I lost for you and get them back for you…even if I have to die trying.

HAHAHA! No worries. You make up for it with LOLs!
Where besides Twitter @FeedPaulLewis can your loyal fans find you?
At the local abortion clinics with my lady friendsssss!

Ok Back to the personal questions... What’s your current relationship status?
I am single

OK!! So no sarcastic 5 page crazy response? LOL.
What type of girls do you usually go for, Paul Lewis?
I love a woman who I can talk to. You know hold that conversation where you don't want it to end. I'm not gonna lie, looks are important to me… but if I'm looking for a relationship she's gotta be the full package. Plus if a woman can sing or play an instrument or is some sort of artist its an immediate turn on for me.

Sounds like you know exactly what you want! 
Who do attribute your musical successes to?
The ladies… LOL! Naw… The team around me, they keep me motivated. If it wasn't for my friends, family and people I collaborate with, I would be nothing!

TRUE! Where do you hope to see yourself in 1 year?
In 1 year, with the way the economy is, I'll just be happy to have a place downtown and have a roof over my head… but hopefully I'll be wildly successful and have women constantly throwing themselves at me.

LOL, OK Paul It’s about that time, love!!! Any last words for your fans, haters and the N5F readers?
Yes… I'll finish this up with a quote that has helped inspire me throughout life that quote is "Only You can Prevent Forest Fires”… RIP Smokey The Bear you will be missed! Don't play with matches kids play with yourselves instead

OK Pauly any shot outs?
Yup… I wanna Give a Shot Out to All the Girls that wipe front to back!!!!! I Love ya'll, when you see me in the streets make some noise! hahaha

Ummmm! Hopefully that’s all the girls you know!
(Sighing) Any real shot outs, Paul Lewis?
Shit I wanna give a shot out to....Numonics, Banks, 13, Jon The Barber, Protoman, Bonus Man, Gaps, DJ Soco, DJ Entice, Mike B, Mike Beatz, Lex One, Dynas, Streets Buchanon, Cross, Saheed, KRSRunHeavyDMC aka Manny, Andrew, D-Money What Up, Threatz, Treaz, Yo Dianna my 2nd mother, The Benchwarmers, Melodik, CLik, MOnsters Ink, Cynic, The whole Flypaper team, Kon Evil, PJ, That girl that I spilled my drink on in the club, Luck, J-Flizz, Van, Cool Mike, Gnarly Charlie on coast 97.3 every Saturday totally 80's for the ladies.....shit theres so many..Everyone who's number is stored in my phone......yo anyone that I bad!!!!!! Give a shot out to Nine5Four Magazine!!!! No matter where I go my heart will always stay in Broward County! And last but not least you, miss DAWNdada!!!!

I think you forgot Soldier Boy & Chris Browns mom! Just saying! LOL, ahhhhh, Thanks Paul you were truly a fun interview... a little crazy but fun! Hope I don’t get fired & I remember to bleep out all your choice words. LOL! Lots of love to you my friend & I wish you lots of success! I hope you reach the ears of listeners nationally and you bring hip-hop back to the times where it made sense.

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