Broward County All-Stars: Dashius Clay

Written by D. Francis

Broward County All-Stars: Dashius ClayIntroducing Dashius Clay, a genre-jumping songwriter, singer, and producer out of Miami, FL. One listen to a Dashius Clay creation and you understand why "unique" is such a perfect word used to describe his sound. With a Latin background and a family full of musicians, Dashius was already exposed to various styles and variations of music. His teen years would be filled with nothing but months at a time of experimenting and perfecting his craft alongside many other talented artists. In 2006, he became 1/2 of the dynamic duo TRAX (C DASH/OTTEY) whom were awarded the 2008 “Hip-Hop Group of the Year” at the Status Quo Awards. TRAX had a highly-successful album called Radioheads they released shortly after, with hit single "S.O.S" leading off. 


In 2009, Dashius Clay broke out on his own to complete Dashomnia which promises to be one of the most cutting-edge albums of the year. Filled with a well-executed theme of keeping it up-tempo, Dashomnia is sure to not only tap into your soul but give you a great rhythm while at it. With only a couple of special appearances from Pretty Money, DJ Sarz, and Ottey, you are sure to get the full Dashius Clay experience from beginning to end. Although being highly sought after for his songwriting, his production has become just as popular and desired. Many say Dashius is the true definition of an “Artists Artist”. 


As a music graduate from the School of Audio Engineering in Miami, Dashius has been able to take his passion to every creative level imagined. Being a native of Colombia has given him a clear advantage of having a worldlier ear for music as well. He has taken the head-producer slot for new Dominican-sensation Mohiganga with their F.A.M.E LP, as well as many other up and coming artists. The year of 2009, promises to be great for Dashius Clay and his newly formed 1 Life Entertainment imprint.


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