Broward County All-Stars: Tone C

Written by D. Francis

Broward County All-Stars: Tone CAntonio Simpson better known to the public as “Tone C.” is not the typical rapper you encounter everyday. In fact he’s not a rapper at all; “Tone” is an all around entertainer with the determination and passion to compose good music, showcase his talent, put on incredible performances and put his city on the map as well. “Tone” began rapping at the age of 12 and started battling the same year. Living in East New York at the time he got the full feel and love for hip-hop first hand. After graduating from middle school, he migrated to Miramar, Fl where he further developed himself. Tone” attended Miramar High and quickly gained respect and created a buzz by battling other rappers at school. The South isn’t too big or familiar with the battling sense so that’s what put “Tone” in a good situation. He was making a name for himself, putting on a show for other students and administrators and embarrassing others at the same time. Throughout his four years at Miramar he battled over 100 times and only lost twice. After graduation “Tone” knew he had to elevate his game and knew that there was something bigger and better out there for him so he started turning those battle raps into verses and started getting serious and comfortable with the song writing and recording side. “Tone” knew battle-rappers don’t make enough money and rarely make good songs so he had to escape that phase. Born in Panama City, Panama “Tone” always noticed that he was already ahead of the competition and had an upper-hand over most artists. Not only does he have the ability to rap in English but he can also do it in Spanish which brands him as the next international superstar. With artists such as “Akon” and “Lil’ Wayne” transitioning into other genres of music there is legitimate room for “Tone” to take his slice of the cake in the Latino market. Even though “Tone” is compared to “Cassidy” for his punch lines and “Fabolous” for his swag, he is not influenced by either artist. His only influences include “Big-L” & fellow Panamanian Reggae artist “Danger Man”. Furthermore not too many artists have the work ethic that “Tone” has. Completing two classic mixtapes in a few months and the third one in progress shows how willing and hardworking he is. “Tone” has already worked with major artists such as “The Dunk Ryders”, “Brisco” and C-Ride, which shows that he could hold his own and hang with the big dawgs. Critics say that the “RAP GAME” is dying and if “Tone” isn’t let in, it’ll be dead for sure. Well at least on the English side……….

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