Broward County All-Stars: Lil One

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Broward County All-Stars: Lil oneHello world, here’s a story on my favorite rapper Lil One Mf aka The Prince Of Hip Hop, Mr. 365 yeah all dat whatever you wanna call. He’s one half of the hottest group you’ll ever hear Unsivilized. Oh yeah remember the name, what up nicess?. Now where was I oh yea Lil One started rapping at the age of 13. He says his inspiration was his mother seeing what they went thru, you know the struggle. Now some of his influences include Jay-Z, Outkast...etc. There’s a few more to name but you know all them dudes bring something different to Hip Hop and thats what Lil One state his all about. Well to let you know a little about Lil One Mf, He has dropped 4 group mixtapes, a solo and he is currently working on Unsivilized untitled album no name for it yet. Their latest project “Head 2 Da Sky” has heads buzzing all over the southeast region. This 16 track mixtape is a classic. It features the hit single “Whippin Da Bass” Featuring Miami’s own superstar Rapper Rick Ross. It also features a 60 minutes DVD of Unsivilized in the studio, performances, clubs, streets and you know just all over the place it’s real crazy. Lil One states to me “Man we got a couple offers on the table but I ain’t saying nothing sleepin on us if you want we’ll become your worst nightmare lol.” Lil One is known for his lyrical hustle boy raps and versatile flows he abuses tracks . Even a grown man relates to him. He also wants you to know, “I’m into the fashion game, I never wear the same thing twice so get ya shoe game up.” For info, booking, shows and any business matters concerning Lil One Mf Contact 954.817.7596

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