Broward County All-Stars: Jay Burna

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Broward County All-Stars: Jay Burna.. “ Im the heart of the city” quotes the 19 year old rapper. Hailing from the streets of Inglewood, California, Jude “Jay Burna” Francois calls himself “The Beast,” who’s hungry for the music industry. Spending majority of his time in the studio, Jay Burna refers to the booth as his confession room and his audience as his priest.”My music is a journey through my life, where i cater to every soul, not just the hood, Jay Burna uses his expressive lyrics to clearly paint the vivid pictures of his troubled childhood and overcoming, the deaths of his best friend and grandmother. With almost nothing or no one else to turn to, he began to pursue his rap career. His music defines him; bold, genuine, and talented, his music and vocals none like others, Jay Burna, calls his music, “music that makes sense”.”People say I’m weird, I say they’re to use to normal”. His diversity in flows also allows him to bless us with club bangers and love songs for the ladies, his aggressiveness, passion, and energy are reasons why he would be a great aspect to any label. Burna has lived up to his name as the Broward County Beast, murdering, performances, freestlyes, and tracks! His mixtape “Im A Beast” is only a preview of great music to come. Dont be fooled by Burna’s signature (Im Gone), because he presence will be felt for a long time. Now residing in Ft. Lauderdale, his new home, Jay Burna has great plans for his city, “I’m ready to put Lauderdale on the map!!!”

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