Broward County All-Stars: Stichiz

Written by D. Francis

Nine5Four The Magazine Broward County All-Stars: StichizBorn in Ottawa, Canada, raised in Broward County-Coconut Creek, Florida. This 22 year old Canadian bacon of Haitian decent adds the seasoning needed to the Hip-Hop culture and industry with power. At the age of 9 this vivacious young lady took over the mic like a young female tongue twisting speed monster. Now she’s tongue twisting, flipping and mixing Hip-Hop lyrics in English, Creole, French, and Reggae, leaving her audience in a mouth dropping AHHHH, begging for an “Encore”. STICHIZ- her look is sexy, smart, and stylish. Her tactic and strategy is very diverse, from the ability to give you the energy needed to jump up and break dance, to just kicking it back in a zone of mediation and heart felt emotion.  

The public relation, motivating, and leadership skills rooted in Renee-Bianca Casseus (Stichiz) are incontestable; just ask NAACP Florida State Conference Secretary and Ft. Lauderdale Youth Council Advisor Gwen Watson, who’s really representing the youth of the south. As a student Junior at Florida Atlantic University double majoring in Communication Arts/Political Science and a minor in Commercial Music, she is infamous for her character and leadership, how?...Humm let’s see…by being a Florida Atlantic University “Welcome” Orientation Leader to the freshman class, past president of the Black Student Union (St.Thomas Univeristy), Captain and founder of the SOO D.I.V.I.N.E. Step Team, Promotions Director and personality for Owl Radio, Youth Board Member of the Broward Martian Luther King Celebration Committee, Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity member, Political Action Chair for the Ft. Lauderdale NAACP Youth Council, CEO of Draztik Meazures Entertainment and NAACP Florida State Conference Youth & College Division President and much, much more… that’s how. Stichiz does it all. Her humble, positive attitude attracts and attaches everyone to her, if you ever get a chance to meet Ms. Casseus you can expect to be greeted like you’ve made her day, never will she ever forget your name and she is blessed to have met you. 

On various occasions many will approach her and say, “I saw you on T.V. you host Video Mix on Tuesdays and Krib TV on Wednesday” or “weren’t you in the Sun-Sentinel, The Westside Gazette, and or the Miami Herald, and even on the News? Or don’t you host “Open Mic” shows on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights? (yes she is a fierce VJ)” But please don’t be fooled by this female artist who may appear to be innocent. Stichiz, is a natural born hustler, there is no job too big or too small- just give her the word and you can consider it a done deal! It seems that we have our very own Hip-Hop congresswoman in the making, and many will vouch for her. Community involvement by day entertainer by day, honorable scholar by day, step team captain, and peer mentor by day, loved and respected by day and all of the above by night. It’s no wonder they call her Stichiz, just take the best qualities from the special people in your life, put all these qualities in a bag, stich these qualities into a person and last but not least you’ve just been introduced to Renee-Bianca Casseus a.k.a. Stichiz. 

Bio Written by, Lady Lace - Personal Manager 

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